Working From Home With Your Computer,Take Care of Your Head!

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Are you having some symptoms of headaches and eye twitches and dizziness when you are sitting long hours in front of your computer? Well there is really great help for this. And an easy solution.

It is a company called Basic Reset and they make a product that is called Energy FX. It has a formula inside of it that energizes our own body natural energy. You know how we all have energy fields around us?

Like how Chinese acupuncture works to allow the Chi to fully flow easily? Well this product does the same thing. It strengthens our bio-energy to combat the emissions that we are not even aware we are dealing with from all of our devices. Even a hair dryer!

So as someone who has spent hours in front of my computer, I started realizing that I was having symptoms that were specific to a seizure disorder that I have. And since I had thought this was all under control, I was really surprised to find myself in a place that I thought was behind me.

I started realizing that as we sit in front of our computers, and devices we are literally being bombarded by emissions that are not truly in our best interest.

I really want all of us to take really great care of ourselves, as we are building our businesses. And why suffer needlessly?

I just adore what I do, and there was no way I would give up on this amazing adventure of creating this business. So I was recommended to look into this company called Basic Reset.

And what I found was amazing! The owner had been studying for years what made people sick and others unhealthy.He even studied cancer and found a way through supplementation how to cure his mother.

So he started working on options to keep us balanced from all the emissions of our devices. And he came up with this product called Energy FX.  Its just a metal tube that comes in pendant form that you can wear around your neck or  put in your pocket.

And I have to tell you, after weeks of wearing it, if by mistake I sit down at the computer without it, wow, I am in trouble.

I now just put it on first thing in the morning and just leave it on. I  feel so much better.

That does not mean we do not take breaks from the computer and do reasonable hours. It just means that we do not have to be prone to headaches, and seizure like symptoms. We just want great brain health too.

So for all of us who are working marathon hours in front of our devices. I truly and highly recommend this product so that we can operate in the best of health.

Let me know what you think please. And do take a moment to look at the options to work safely and easily,

If you want to look into this product and all the products they offer here is the link. 

I would not recommend a product without trying it first.  So please know this is truly working for me. I really hope you will look at it..

And as affiliate marketers, there is nothing more wonderful than discovering a product that can help others and then find out they can be affiliates. So this also offers the option to do this as another profit stream.

What do you think? Are you ready for a basic reset? And ready to take charge of your health and help others? If so go check out this company please.

Take care of you, there is only one of you, remember?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time!

8 thoughts on “Working From Home With Your Computer,Take Care of Your Head!

  1. Good to know about this, Ariel. There are many who are sensitized to the emissions that bombard our brains and bodies daily. I am so glad this works for you, and appreciate your passing on the recommendation.

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the post. I got new information on Energy FX. I got some new insights especially when I read about energy FX “It has a formula inside of it that energizes our own body natural energy”. Thanks again and wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

  3. Ariel,
    Working at a computer all day can certainly affect us and leave us with headaches and all kinds of ailments. I am glad you have found something that helps. It sounds like a very interesting product, I am curious about the science behind it. It seems fascinating to me.

  4. I’m afraid to count the number of hour per day I am in front of a computer. Yikes! Thank you, Ariel, for sharing the information about this product that has helped you so much. I’m definitely going to check out their range of products.


  5. Great article Ariel. I always love to hear about new health products. This one seems very interesting and should to all of us looking for better ways to stay healthy. I’ve not try it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Thanks for giving this information out.

  6. This sounds really interesting. I can’t say that I often get headaches, but I do get them on occasion. What has been more of a problem for me has been the occasional bout of dizziness, which I had always chalked up to not being active enough (which I should still consider, but that’s another story).

    This is definitely something that I should be looking into. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh wow, Ariel. Great article. This is an interesting gadget. I have never heard about it before. What is even nicer is that you are ‘test-driving it’ and are able to give positive feedback on its efficiency. I will have to take a look because I do spend a large part of my day on the computer.
    Thanks so much.

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