Workaholic? Or Workafrolic?

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workaholic or workafrolic

So are you a workaholic?

Or is it just that you love your work so much you are a “Workafrolic?”

Isn’t that  a great word?  I mean how many of us truly want to frolic at work? And doesn’t that make you want to grin? I mean frolic??

I was listening to a TEd talk where the presenter was discussing just this difference. And I know that I struggle with this daily. Am I really pushing myself way tooo hard. Or am I just loving what I am doing, or both?

And so here is what I started seeing and thinking about. Ready?

Workaholic, The definition is a person who compulsively works hard and long hours. I mean really long hours 12-15 hours per day, 5-7 days per week. That is loads of working, yes?

Hmm, does that sound familiar?
And I think there is an added component to this. Not only is this complusively driven but many times it might be absent of any joy. So that makes it driving hard and workling long hours. Does not make for a happy person no?
And for those of us who grew up in the days before technology took over, we can remember fathers that worked non stop. Possibly only visible at times during the weekend. For many men it was society’s way of definiing their own worth. And of course then an even stronger push at what is a work ethic.
workaholic or workafrolic
So if men defined themselves by their work, then it would make sense long hours away from the family added stress to the family. But also allowed the man to not have to deal with family issues because he was doing his job of being the provider. Well that came with a box didn’t it?
But in reality how many men were truly happy with their work? And did they want to be defined that way?
So now enter this age of technology..and we hear the word passion. What is your passion?
And if we are doing work that is full of passion, good passion, not stress passion, that leads us to Workafrolic.


  1. If you are a workaholic, there is no mechanism to stop you from overworking
  2. If you are a workaholic, you are finding yourself to be not as healthy recently
  3. If you are a workaholic, you are not sleeping well
  4. If you are not feeling fulfilled by what you are doing but keep doing it anyway
  5. You will start to develop stress dis-eases, like heart problems and high blood pressure. 
  6. You no longer have a social life
  7. All you know is the office. 
  8. You are probably not eating or drinking well. 

workaholic or workafrolic


Has someone said this to you recently? Are you aware of it?

The word in Japanese is “karoshi” Want to know the translation of that definition? Death by overwork.
Now can you see the epitat on your tombstone? Yeah she died of karoshi. Hmmm.
What does that say about the legacy you are leaving? Is that really how  we want to be seen? And then the bigger question. Is that truy how we want to see ourselves? Where is the heart in overworking?

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Workafrolic Benefits

So let’s look at this. What truly is the difference between workaholic and workafrolic? 

Workafrolic, means that while indeed you are working long hours, you are not in that stress mode. Instead we are loving our work and just getting totally lost in it just for the joy of it all.

And the thing is, when in the workafrolic mode, we are being fed. There are incredible benefits to this mode.

  1. We are more joyful
  2. we are happy to be at work
  3. office politics are not our thing
  4. we feel fulfilled by doing this work
  5. we feel that we are serving others in a way
  6. we are getting a great sense of accomplishment

So that means if we are in workafrolic mode, we are not pushing ourselves into dis-ease. But rather a joyful place.

But here is the rub, Please tell me what you think.

Both still work long hours, yes?

But does it feel like we are working per se, if we are truly loving what we do? So that means we no longer feel, arggh, I have to go to work.

And that changes our outlook, our health and our joy levels.

So what do you think? Do you fit either of these categories?


For me to be fully transparent. Here is where I am … I know that I have been totally kaoroshi at times. And also at times. completely and riduculously joy about my work. So do we vascilate between the two also?

I know as one having my own online businesss, I just adore my life. I cannot wait to get up and get close to my “puter. And because of the joy I feel I totally forget that I have been sitting communing with my machine for the last 6 hours. Now what do we call that???

Well here is my solution.

Compromise. Oh yeah, that word again. I need to compromise not doing long days, with loads of breaks in between and connecting with friends. That keeps me out of the dangerous workaholic space, yes?

What do you do to insure you are not workaholic but rather workafrolic?

I really want to hear, because I am having a dilemma knowing the difference at times. Because I am so in love at this moment. It is heady loving our work and our potential .

Ok. in honoring myself, I am not getting off this screen. And you take a break too…ok?

Oh and just in case you need some working suggestions, here are a few.

Workafrolics do this:

1 Frequent breaks every 45 minutes to an hour

2. Contact a friend during the work schedule.

3. Use a work schedule with a timer. And don’t ignore the timer!

4. Go for a walk at least 2x per day

5. Love your work and love your body, be aware of legs falling asleep and eyes not staying open!

6 Eat scheduled meals

7. Workafrolics have other hobbies. Not just work 


Make sense? Yeah.. Will we do it? I hope so. After all we can form the workaholics joy club.. anyone in?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,, living one heart-centric moment at a time 

3 thoughts on “Workaholic? Or Workafrolic?

  1. Hi Ariel,
    I so agree you, that loving what you are doing makes a huge difference in whether it feeds you or it feeds on you…
    Even so, there is a need for balance in my opinion. What feels like being fed can also be unhealthy…it can be something that is filling a need for approval, or significance, or self-worth in a way that makes it too necessary to be at it all the time, to the robbery of other aspects of life.
    Balance is the hardest thing for me to achieve…that’s probably true for many, in fact. To be in perfect balance for me is more of a goal than something I can maintain. I’m always teetering to one side or the other…can you relate to that? But the goal remains. When I’m in balance, for those few seconds, ahhhh…what harmony! You know what I mean, I’m sure!


  2. Hello well said! That harmony and balance truly needs to be found.Yes indeed I struggle with this too!
    May we all find that comfort balance and still frolic!
    In peace and gratitude,

  3. Great article, Ariel. Yes, great points and more importantly, great suggestions to ‘break that vicious cycle’ of work/overwork. We really need to be mindful of how we work and how we love ourselves too. Thanks for the gentle reminder and much success too.

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