What is The Most Useful WordPress Plugin for Your Site?

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WordPress Plugin

Getting your new website set up with WordPress can be really exciting. But to get it right you need to know what is the most useful WordPress plugin to install!

I know I can get lost with all the design options, getting my header images right, my about me page all set and all the little tweaks that just make a site look just “perrrrfect”.

But without the essential plugins – your site is going to be only a pretty picture and nothing else.

So here in this short post, I would like to show you the essential WordPress plugins you MUST have for your website.

Again, as with anything else, you do not want to have too many plugins, as this can slow down your site speed making the UX suffer.

For the newbies among us, yes there is a whole new affiliate jargon here that needs to be learned!! Mmmm…another idea for a post! OK so UX stands for User Experience!

Now, please note that each WordPress plugin that is recommended here is used as a FREE plugin.

Each one of them comes with an option to upgrade, that costs money – BUT you don’t HAVE to upgrade in order to use them.

I use only the FREE versions – and all is Great!

Without further ado here are the MOST NECESSARY WordPress plugins in order of importance!

#1 All In One SEO plugin

This is the first and foremost plugin for your site. With this plugin you set up all your sites intricate bits like Google Analytics code – so that Google can view your site and give you all the reports about it, I’d say that’s pretty important, right?

Also with this plugin, you have the option of setting up how you want your titles to show up on SERPs, such as these:

See if you can spot the difference – leave your answer in the comment section below 😉

wordpress plugin

Another important feature of the AIO plugin is that it opens up the Meta Title and Meta Description windows at the end of each of your posts & pages, this is where you need to get you keyword strong phrases in to get Google, Bing & Yahoo to notice you!

There are some more features that you may want to use, but all in all, these are the main 3 that anyone starting off (especially newbies) need to have covered.

Now you may have heard of YOAST plugin – which is AIO’s counterpart.  Some people swear by it, some others try it out and come back to AIO – it is up to you to decide.

Personally, I have not used YOAST, so I cannot attest to it. I am very happy with AIO and find it UF – User-Friendly.

There isn’t much that needs to be done to set this plugin up – just download and activate it!

When looking for the plugin in your WP area – this is the icon picture you should be looking for.


WordPress Plugin

#2 EWWW Image Optimizer

Now if you are serious about getting your site ranking, you will need to place pictures in your posts!

It is a well-known fact that the majority of people are visual, so having images in your post is an absolute must.

BUT! Images can often weight too much and thus can slow your site down tremendously.

That is why you need an Image Optimizer – which takes care of reducing your images’ weight and get your site UF!

There isn’t much that needs to be done to set this plugin up – just download and activate it!

Here is the icon you should be looking for when searching for this plugin:

WordPress Plugin

#3 WP Edit

Oh! This is one of my favorite plugins!

WP Edit is a little gem!  It is, as its name suggests, the plugin to get your post edited in the best way.

Its basic function is to give you buttons to add to your toolbar to be able to change font sizes, change font color, make indentations, and other word processing features.

But the one feature that is even greater is their “Extras” tab.

When I discovered this little tab my life became much simpler!

What do I mean by that? Well if you will look at the end of my post here you will see my signature – which is all pretty and all.

Having to look for that GIF each time I write a post can be bothersome especially as it does not save itself well into my files. Meaning I need to go and re-create it each time, you’d agree that this is quite bothersome, right? (Oh and BTW I haven’t found a way to save it in any other formats).

So now with this “Extras” tab, I am able to go and set my signature once – place whatever I want in it and that is it. At the end of the post, I will write the word “signoff” in square brackets [ …] and that is it.

Now the beauty of it is that if and when I want to change my signature to something else, all I need to do is change the Extras signature and ALL of my posts will be updated simultaneously.

You can imagine what a headache it would be to go to EACH post and change it manually right?

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress Plugin

#4 Google XML Sitemap

Well, you really can’t do without Google XML sitemap – not if you want Google Analytics to know that you exist!

This plugin is straightforward to install, activate and then go and copy the appropriate .xml link and past it in your submit section in Google Analytics.

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress plugin

#5 WP Socializer

Every self-respecting website must have a social media following – that is a modern day fact!

If you are not on Social Media (SM) then you basically don’t exist – well that is after being having a website.

People expect you to have a Facebook account, or be on LinkedIn or Instagram, not to mention Pinterest.  Having these in your traffic getting arsenal is a must if you want to succeed online.

There are numerous plugins that offer you their social media icons and links, the one that I have found adaptable to many WordPress themes and is easy to use and has many great design options is WP Socializer.

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress Plugin

#6 YouTube Plugin

Having a video on your posts raises your ranking ability by so much it is a must-have nowadays.

YouTube is fast becoming the second most searched media on the internet.

If you are not in it you are missing out BIG time!

But placing a video on your site can be quite space” consuming and can slow your site speed down which will be UX detrimental!

So with this little plugin, you get the best of both worlds. You can either place your own self-made videos or someone else’s Youtube video – all you need is the Youtube share link.

The great thing with this plugin, it makes it so that when a person watches the video on your website it counts as a viewing on your video view count (unlike LinkedIn) – which is also an important statistic you need.

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress Plugin


#7 Contact Form 7

OK, so you have a website and you have social media icons all setup, and you have all the whiz-bang plugins to promote your site…but how do your potential customers contact you?

You need to have a contact form, and the one that is very easy to use, used by most, and is suitable for most themes is Contact Form 7.

Easy to set up, no fuss! Not much else to say about it. Just get yourself contacted!

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress Plugin


#8 Squirrly SEO 2018

Now, if you are really serious about getting ranked for your website and want the best plugin to help you with this – Squirrly is it!

Just recently discovered by yours truly, it is an amazing little gem. Tells you everything you need to know about your article, once you’ve placed your keywords in the Squirrly window, it analyzes your post and tells you what is missing, what needs to be added, what needs to be taken off, what you have forgotten so to optimize your post for best ranking possible.

Now, can you do without it??????

I know I can’t!

The free version has its limitation as to how many accounts you can set it up to, no more than 2 websites and a limit as to how many posts per site per month – it is still worth it.

The full version which costs a monthly fee of $20 at the time of writing, is definitely worth it for the more established marketeer!

Here is how the logo of the plugin looks like:

WordPress Plugin



With all these plugins to install and utilize to make your website the best there is, it is important to remember UX – and that is Site Speed.

For this, I want to share with you a short video from my very special mentor Bo Tipton where he explains briefly what to do to check your site speed.

WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Orion - Money Making MomsOrion is a Work @ Home mom who loves blogging & helping others succeed online.  She truly believes and lives by the adage “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”.

Loves living a Laptop lifestyle which enables her to work whenever and wherever she wishes, enjoying time with her family, long walks by the beach, reading, yoga, meditating and doing arts & crafts. 

To read more of Orion’s blogs visit her site at www.Money-Making-Moms.com

8 thoughts on “What is The Most Useful WordPress Plugin for Your Site?

  1. Hi Orion,
    Nice list! I didn’t know about WP Edit and going to give that one a try!
    So the YouTube plug in will help site speed and UX! Did not know that one either.
    I agree on Squirrly…I am in process of going back through all my 50+ posts, one by one, and applying Squirrly analytics to each one, since Bo told our mastermind group about this one! I am loving the results.
    Thank you.

  2. I’ll start with your first suggested plug-in and that is All-In-One SEO. For me, that SEO plug-in is the easiest to use visually. I use many of the other plug-ins you mentioned. The two I want to try are WP Edit and the You Tube plug in. I believe these will be incredibly helpful and value to my posts.

    Thanks Orion, I really enjoyed this post.

    1. You are more than welcome Sue – glad to be of assistance!
      I am sure you will enjoy the WP Edit, personally, it made my life so much easier with the Extras, being able to put in a set signature
      without having to go and look for it each time!
      But all of these WordPress Plugins are gems – one by one.

      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  3. Excellent article, looks like It will become a book mark until I get to check them all out. I have some of these plugins, but the one that seems to be really doing the trick is pretty lnks . The All In One is also quite effective and spuirrly have only used

    1. Glad to be of help Xavier – yes please bookmark it, these are really so essential to any aspiring website builder!
      Wishin 4 Your $ucce$$

  4. Great article, Orion. You sure taught me a few things. I just love it when I learn new things each day. Did not know about the WP edit nor the YouTube one. I most definitely have to check these out. It will surely make my writing life easier.
    Thanks so much for taking the time.
    Much success.

  5. Hello Orion, get list of plugins. We are all concerned about how they might slow down the site. So I for one am cautious about adding any others.
    I can tell you that I changed from SEO to Yoast and i am seeing a huge difference in both understanding SEO better and the performance of my posts.
    And since I have added Squirrly wihich so ups our game so much it has been a win win situation. Grat artilcle and many thanks!

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