What ARE We Willing to Commit to Become Successful?

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Hmm…that is such an interesting question, isn’t it? I mean we all dream success, but what are we willing to commit to become successful? what are we willing


Did you know that there is a bit of blueprint to help us become successful? Well of course it has been studied to the tiniest detail.. the idea of what makes success.

For some of us though, we like actionable steps, yes?

After watching Brian Tracy’s Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire, I got this feelng that wow, we can all really do this.

And so I took some of the exercises he suggests and thought perhaps I could share them.

So you can see if you are also fully committed to success and becoming a millionaire. Or at least work towards that goal of success. NO matter what niche or work you do!

Exercise , what are we willing to commit? 

  1. Our time
  2. our resources
  3. our not seeing failure as anything but lessons learned
  4. all skills are learnable.. are we willing to commit to learning?
  5. willing to find a successful person and follow what they did,  then duplicate it

Two things we need to follow this path, ready?

  1. Sense of Control , willing to take full control and responsibility of our lives and actions
  2. Sense of Coherence, learning how things fit together and following the connected dots

what are we willing

Here is the exercise: 

Take out a sheet of paper, and write down 10 Goals.

Now out of these 10 goals which can you accomplish in a short period of time?

Which one truly impacts your life?

Now turn over the paper and write the list again. This time using that number one goal as your end game.

Now write down what you will do every day to make that goal happen. And if you can write down 20 things that you will do to get you there.

And then commit to those actions. If it helps, set a time limit. ONe month or 12 months. But every day you follow those goals.

According to Brian Tracy just doing this one thing completely changes your life. You know why?


what are we willing

Because we change our thinking. We change our ability. We see our self worth change. Wow, pretty powerful yes? 

Are you ready to make those changes? I did hear you say yes..right?

What do you think you can do in a short period of time? Double your income? Change the way you are thinking? Become more responsible to your own goals?

We are all self employed. Yup, even if we work for another. 

Interesting thought.. does it make sense to you? Well this is how Mr Tracy describes it. No matter how or what we do, we are all self employed because of our level of responsiblity. Hmm!

So even if we work for another our level of commitment to that position shows our level of being self employed because ultimately if we are not working for ourselves. We are losing ourselves. We are commiting to not being a success.

Not the way we want to go, right?

I really like this concept, do you?

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Being Willing to be willing to commit… that is huge..and that means success!

With everything we do , we make a decision how we interact or complete a task. So if we knew what with every task we are working on we are building a foundation to success, would that not help us to stay fully responsible and committed?  When we hear as Brian Tracy says, it takes 5-7 years to become successful. We ultimately groan and go…no way. .not going to invest 5-7 years..

Really? Those 5-7years will still be passing us by.. why not make them be living the dream we want?

And to me that means we stop any sort of excuses.. nope cannot do this. .or this won’t work. . Nope that is not the mind of success.

what are we willing

So here is my question to you.

What is your most reachable goal? And what are you willing to do to get there?

Be willing to learn? Be willing to put in the time? Be willing to know it might not work at first? And still keep going?

The more we commit to ourselves, the more energy we have, the more we love our life. And everything around us has a diffrerent vibe and trajectory. So that no matter if you are in any niche. This is how we be our best. We learn how to give to ourself the priceless gift of a well lived life, yes?

Take out that piece of paper. Write it down. And see yourself flying into success. Know that the road means peaks and valleys. But with each valley comes amazing new learning tools.

And don’t forget, gather people around you who honor your drive and who are being successful themselves. We don’t want negativity and can’t do around us. Do we? Changing transforms our thinking. Choose our relationships with care.

what are we willing

Activate the Law of Attraction..and be the magnet for success and amazing people.

For we are so worth it!

And now we are living it, yes?

Because there is no one out there quite like you. And you are unstoppable, So get it done. As our mentor Bo Tipton says, on the NOW plan. Time is passing anyway.. let’s make it count. What are we willing to commit to become successful? Are we willng to give this gift to ourselves? Knowing we can? 

Cannot wait to hear what your new goal is, and how you are going to make it happen. Do write it below. And if you want, include some of the daily steps you are going to do.

I want to double my income in 12 months. Think I can do it? Yup just wait and see!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, Success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time!



3 thoughts on “What ARE We Willing to Commit to Become Successful?

  1. Hello Ariel,
    Great article. I love Brian Tracy and the way his speeches make you want to get out and just get in that car and speed on the highway of success. Yes, I also love his exercises. They are a commitment in themselves. If you can do that one little thing, it can and will change your life.
    Thanks for sharing and much success to you as well.

  2. Hello Michelle, you are so right! And he makes you believe you can make it happen too!
    I am so aware personally of how changing one step at a time creates a huge avalanche of potential. So here we go..off to try out this new potential yes?
    Thank you for being here! I wish you overflowing joy and success always.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Very nice article Ariel, and thank you for your encouragement.
    Yes goal setting and ACTUALLY following the steps to achieve them is the key to our each individual success.
    We can complain as much as we want – if we don’t do the steps daily…we only have ourselves to blame!
    Thank you for that reminder!
    Wishing you all the best – Orion

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