Want to Know Some Free Sources of Traffic? 8 Hacks!

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free sources of traffic

As we are all building an online business and presence, we are learning nothing happens if we don’t have traffic. So how do we get traffic and what are the free sources of traffic?

In a Youtube by Brendan Mace, he talks about Top 10 Sources of Traffic .

I wanted to talk about the free sources he mentions for those of us just starting out.

Ready for this?

free sources of traffic

Here are the top ones to consider using for free sources of traffic:

1. Pinterest, Twitter and Tumbler. 

2. Facebook Profile, by using your profile to to give status updates, and share high quality posts, you are building an audience and will have a larger friend list.

3. Places like : Traffic Planet and Warrior forums. And just like we were taught to leave our URL in signature space, do the same with each of these forums. Do an email signature that leaves a link to what you are currently offering . And make sure it is in bold.

4. Google Alerts, are you using alerts yet? Well if not, you pick the keywords that are specific to your niche as your alerts. Google will then send you emails that show conversations happening specific to your keywords. Then you go to that spot and use it as a free traffic avenue. Sounds workable yes? HOw many of us are using that tool?

5. Buzzbundle has a free tool and a paid tool. It works just like Google alerts with an even larger reach!

6. Our blogs! Yup,write great content  and get traffic.. its passive visitors, And if we learn well how to use all these traffic enhancers it makes our blog more viable!

7. Influencers, look for the people that are already influencers and experts. Find the content that they have shared and respond to it. And get on their lists to get their content sent to you. Backlinks anyone?

8. The next largest search engine. YOU TUBE, create quality content  and publish away. And then send traffic there. This is big.. learn all you can about creating and growing your YouTube Channel.


free sources of traffic

So this is really, I mean really vital.

If you don’t post, you don’t get traffic.

It does not happen by osmosis.

If you want free traffic sources, we have to commit to making it happen.

free sources of traffic Doing these things daily will bring you free traffic: YES!

  1. Post at least 3 x  daily on each site you pick
  2. Comment and respond to each person that comments to you
  3. Create relationships
  4. Build the relationship by talking about yourself
  5. Ask questions
  6.  Be conversational as if talking to friends
  7. Be consistent and persistant  decide how many days a week you are going to do this and then do it!

And if you really want suggestions on how to drive traffic in Facebook, try this out!

In fact here is a FREE EBOOK  on building traffic on Facebook, It won’t be free for long. So do scoop it up now.


It all comes down to be willing to do the work, doesn’t it? Post 3x daily. Be conversational in tone. Use these 8 hacks to bring free traffic and awareness to your site and offerings.

And know that being successful is not an overnight magic genie. It is being consistent, persistant and not ever giving up. It means we do this daily. Not occasionally.

Want results? Then we have to be results driven. These free traffic sources, work. But they don’t work, if we do not work them.

And as our mentor says: When we control our TRAFFIC, we control our INCOME.

Great advice yes? So makes sense. And it works both ways. No traffic, no income.

WE can make this happen.. and since we are on the NOW plan..it is happening, yes?

What is your fav traffic modality?

Have any suggestions to add to this?

In peace and gratitude, and to our fabulous over the top success!

Founder, CEO, Success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time



2 thoughts on “Want to Know Some Free Sources of Traffic? 8 Hacks!

  1. Thanks for such great tips, Ariel. It is such a resource for all people with their eyes on the internet as a source of success. I appreciate your pointing them out and having them all in one place.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Ariel,
    great tips for getting traffic. My traffic is still small, but I will use your advice. I use only social networks, now I’ve found more possibilities for getting free traffic. Thanks for excellent post and sharing.

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