Using Videos To Highlight Your Content!

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Using Videos To Highlight Your Content

As an online business owner, you know that the one thing that can make your business live or die is TRAFFIC!! Without traffic then you would have died a silent death. A rather innovative way is by also using videos to highlight your content. Now one way to improve your traffic is by using social media. This is a great way to generate a lot of activity to your website – free of charge!

Yes, you need to get traffic to your website and you can do this by:

  • Social media marketing – free and paid
  • Paid advertising – Ads website, Google, Bing, Yahoo, et al.

However, when you are just starting out, your budget will make your choices very precise.

In our world today, voice recognition is taking over, even Google is getting into the mode of searching by voice!

I would like to tell you about a nifty way that you can transform your content into an easy video format using this software called Lumen5. (In the full disclosure, I am not an affiliate of this company nor do I receive anything by writing about them). It is a very handy software that I think you might find it very interesting.

To get started, there is a basic free membership as well as paid membership. The basic membership is free for lifetime and you can upgrade to the paid membership anytime as well as you can cancel at any time as well – and any videos that may have created will still remain yours!


using videos to highlight your content

How neat is that!

I find it handy when it comes to making your content more interesting for people who may not have too much time to read your content but would rather listen to what you have to say – well in a nutshell so they can go check it out a later time. This software will take your content and convert it into a short video recap which:

  • you can then share on social media very easily
  • or simply attach it to the content that you have originally created

I find this very intriguing.

It is a very easy software to use. Once you have created your free account (to start – Lumen5), then you will be taken to the Lumen5 dashboard where all the magic begins! There is a short tutorial and the navigation is easy. You will create a video in no time, just follow the simple instructions and you will be on your way.

Of course, like most things, it will take some practice to hone your skill set. I have just started using it and so far, so good!

One thing I know for sure is that now I have opened another avenue of showcasing the content that I write. It really is a neat process when you see how easy it is using videos to highlight your content. What I will do as well, is to start converting my earlier content into short videos and then uploading them to social media and YouTube as it is a very simple yet concise way of publicizing your content for FREE!

As an online business owner, I think there’s so much to be gained because people instinctively would prefer to just watch a snippet to get an idea versus reading a couple paragraphs – which is why, when you create your content it is also important to use bullet points. This way your readers can quickly grasp the subject matter of what it is you are trying to say without having to read your entire content.

I hope you found this article about using videos to highlight your content useful and helpful as well in generating easy videos that you can easily share on social media and get the traffic that you need to nourish your online business!

All the best with your online business.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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15 thoughts on “Using Videos To Highlight Your Content!

  1. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for the post “Using Videos To Highlight Your Content!” yes I do hear often about “In our world today, voice recognition is taking over, even Google is getting into the mode of searching by voice!” Its a good news for bloggers if we use it properly and thanks for sharing about Lumen5 very useful information. We need to adapt to the advancement in the technology that is why we give importance to continuous learning.

    Your Friend,

  2. Thank you , Michelle, for this information. I am on my way to Lumen5! I am only sorry you will not get a bennie from it!
    Years ago, I paid for a service to help me with short videos. I am so glad to hear about this one. Thank you.

  3. Hello Michelle, wow! You have given me the nudge to try this. I think it is going to be great fun. And it is so true that we are becoming so visual that video is indeed yet another way to insure that we are being seen and heard. Great job. And so many thanks! ariel

  4. Dear Michelle,

    Thank you very much for sharing this information. I’ve already signed up for Lumen5 free account, and look forward to creating my first video. Yay! I agree that having a video in your content is very important nowadays. I liked your short clips – I’ve seen more than one. Good job! 🙂

    All the best to you and great success in your business!

    1. Awesome, Julia. SO happy that you found value in the article, and more important – you took action. Please stop by and let me know how it worked for you.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Annie. The benefit I will get from it is in helping others to make a difference in their online journey – like you! Good luck.

  6. Michelle,

    I haven’t quite gotten to the point of putting videos on my website, but I am intrigued indeed. It sounds like Lumen5 is the way to go when I am ready to implement this technology. Hopefully, you will be the expert by that time, and you will be able to share all the knowledge you’ve gained.


    1. LOL, thnx for your kind words, Lisa. Expert…this is a smile. Let’s see what happens when you give it a try…you might surprise yourself times over! All the best.

  7. Great stuff, thank you Michelle.

    I have had a first and a second test run here, and both are now ranking among the five first on YT. This was a very easy way of making videos and honestly, they look a lot better than a lot of others. Thank you for this great tip. 🙂

    Enjoy life. That’s what it’s for 🙂

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