Using Digital Means To Make Strides!

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Using Digital Means To Make Strides!

As an online marketer or website owner, it should come as no surprise to you that in our world today – almost (or maybe, just about) everything is digital and can be accessed by the world wide web! You also need to start using digital means to make strides as well!

using digital means to make strides

Today, we are going to look at one particular way that technology is transforming the written word.

My point of interest will be taking a look at video recording. With so many people on the go, yes, writing content is great but having the time to consume it is even better. We will see how using digital means to make strides converts into a positive trend for all.

One great way of ensuring that your content stands out and can be read it easily is by using bullet points. I find that when you use bullet points it’s easier for your reader to look at the text, grasp the general idea that you are conveying, and even if they never come back to read it in its entirety, they will still understand what the ‘meat of the matter is’ when it comes to reading your article!

I find that we can take this one step further!

Lately, I have been playing with a new software ( new to me, at any rate) and it is called Lumen 5. What I do, or it might be more apt to say, what it does and what I do, is that it takes my content and then creates (or allows me to create) a video of that content in about less than a minute or a few seconds. And I am still able to get my point across to my readers, or should I say, viewers?

Now I think it’s just simply amazing that you can convert a 1000 words article in just 45 seconds or as long as you choose.  Now I hasten to say this, even though you have this somewhat wonderful technology to change your content of 1000 words into 45 seconds to 1 minute of video time, you also have to realize that people do not want long-drawn-out videos at all.

youtube videos help to digitize your content


The ideal length of any video to capture somebody’s attention is ideally between 1 minute to 15miutes.  Even at 15 minutes, we can be still pushing it because we are such creatures of instant gratification (due to the world we live in) that we might not be even patient or be willing to sit still for 15 minutes!

So what I have been doing is this – I have been digitizing my content by making them into mini videos and highlighting the more salient points that I want to convey to the reader.

Now here comes the fun part.

Once I have made these and any other videos, I then upload it to my YouTube channel.

OK, I hear you say, ‘But what if I don’t have a YouTube channel?  My answer, ‘No problem!’

I would highly recommend that you get with the program and get digital…enter the digital world!

Just a fun trivia:

Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine second to Google? And that each day, 80 billion people watch video clips?

youtube helps to showcase your content

Head on over to YouTube and create your own YouTube channel – watch out world, here I come! Your YouTube channel doesn’t have to be anything fancy, not at all.  The whole idea is quite simply this – if you are wanting to make yourself or your website known then this gives you another opportunity to broadcast your product and or services. 

Now just like anything else, you have to do the marketing.  But for now, I think we should just focus on finessing our content by making mini videos and then simply uploading them to your newly created Youtube channel. Tell your friends that you’re ‘live’.  Tell them to subscribe to your channel.  And most importantly tell them to share your videos.

This is all it takes, a few simple steps that could make the difference for you, your business and the world online.  Let’s make an effort to reap the rewards that will come once you start using digital means to make strides. All the best!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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using digital means to make strides

8 thoughts on “Using Digital Means To Make Strides!

  1. Michelle,
    I agree with you, using bullet points is easier for readers to find the information they are looking for faster. Lumen 5 sounds like great software. When I am looking to find information on the internet, I know that I look for the fastest way to get my answer. Watching a short video, is an excellent choice for me.

  2. Hello Michelle, amazing piece of really getting us up to speed! So enjoyed reading this. And I am also really addicted to the LUmen5 platform. I am converting most of my posts it the video clips and then because of you, putting them on youtube. So many thanks for being the trailblazer on this.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. After I do my keyword research, I then follow through on the first page on Google and see who am I competing with. If authority sites and videos are on the first page, I do not choose that keyword. So video marketing is a huge marketing strategy and you are right on track by including them in your articles.

    I heard of Lumen 5 before but never looked at it. I may just want to do that now because of this post and the video that was presented. Thank you for that tip and value that you continue to provide.

  4. There is so much value in video. I’ve read a lot about the huge benefits and how easy it is to produce a short video of your content using Lumen 5. I sure enjoyed reading your post, Michelle and checking out these videos too.

    Thank you for the motivation.

  5. Dear Michelle,

    I do keep on reading about the importance of videos and I am happy to see you are converting your contents into videos and for sure it will help you in growing your business.

    Thanks for sharing “The ideal length of any video to capture somebody’s attention is ideally between 1 minute to 15 minutes. Even at 15 minutes, we can be still pushing it because we are such creatures of instant gratification (due to the world we live in) that we might not be even patient or be willing to sit still for 15 minutes!” For sure thinking of following your advice and planning to convert my content into videos.

    Your Friend,

  6. Michelle, thanks to your encouragement, I am in process of making all my blogs into videos, and then posting them on YouTube and inserting into my blog, too. Lumen 5 is free, too! As long as are willing to have their logo at the end. It is a great addition for social media posts, too.
    I like that I can put in my own text, images, even music, with it.
    Thank you for turning me onto this!

  7. Very informative and enlightening post Michelle. I’ve had a youtube channel for years but it is full of old eBay items I had for sale that needed a demo video to help sell. I’m cleaning the channel out and will be soon using it for my affiliate marketing business. I should start having content on it soon.

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