How To Use Real Estate on Blog Posts Effectively

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When we write a post in a blog, we want to reach readers…that’s why it’s there, agreed?  One way to optimize reaching people is to use real estate on blog posts effectively.

Keys to our Prime Real Estate...Use real estate on blog posts effectively
Keys to our Prime Real Estate…Use the real estate on blog posts effectively

Communicating Most Effectively

Let’s assume we are looking to solve a problem for our readers as our most important goal.  I think we share that, and it is a given.

We need to figure out how best to reach those who have those problems, to be a help.

How to Get Them to See Our Solutions

There is a lot written about SEO, and so many pointers.  It is a science, and yet parts of it are pretty simple to implement, I have learned.

Having the best keywords will help my readers find my post and get benefits from acting on the solution to their question.  I use Jaaxy to help me hone in on the ones that will get the most effective results.  Do you?  I coordinate that with using Squirrly, a free plugin that is an awesome help in optimizing keyword usage, gives hints to use real estate on blog posts well, and guides in reader-friendliness of my posts.  Get more info on Squirrly, and make your blog more successful today.

Once I have my keywords to build my blog around, I want to use them well.  I want enough frequency to be found, without overwhelming the post, or having Google think it is just a keyword-packed post instead of a post providing helpful and unique content.  The Search Engines do not like looking at a post and seeing all keywords that take the place of solutions- and benefits-oriented content.

I have learned from my Coach that there are places within my post that I can use, besides the straight content.  This post is about that available real estate.

unlocking the way to best use of blog real estate
Unlocking the Door to Prime Blog Real Estate


The first piece of real estate I want to discuss is the use of images.

We all know readers today like picture-books, with short sentences and zing.  The images need to relate to the content, of course.  They should enhance and deepen the communication, not just entertain, don’t you think?

When we put in an image, there are three places where I have learned how to use real estate on blog posts to improve keyword density.

When you put in your image in wordpress, you get to locate it, left, right, center.  You also get to enter a title, alt description and caption.

These entries are the prime real estate for your image.  This is where you can put in your keywords to describe what your image is contributing to your post.  Neither the content nor the alt description will appear in your post for most readers, although vision-impaired will hear the alt-description.

The caption will appear below your picture as a further description on your blog.

The search engines will see the alt description and the caption!  Good real estate to develop wisely.  Use proper language that makes sense, just as you do in your blog.  This is not for keyword-stuffing, it is to help your readers find and get benefit from your post content.

segments of best real estate to use in your blog
Segments of the Prime Blog Real Estate Package

Two Other Places Where You Can Apply Principles for How to Use Real Estate on Blog Posts

Below your post, you will find the Title and the Description.

The Title does not have to be the default title of your post.  You can make it anything you want, so it is a good place to make sure you have your keywords.  This is what a reader who is searching for an answer will see first when your post pops up in their search.  Please note that it is only 60 characters long, so use those characters effectively.  All the reader will see is the 60.  Be succinct!

The Description is 230-320 characters long.  That is a pretty big range.  For best results, stick with the 230, my Coach trains me!

What I do is to copy my first few sentences of my blog.  I have normally put my keywords in there anyway.

Now the challenge is to pare those down to the 230 characters so that they include the focus and keywords that my post is about.  Again, this is what your searching readers are going to see and read when they are captivated by your title.

This is another piece of real estate to use wisely!

KeyWord Density

We talked above briefly about appropriate keyword density.  You can read about long-tail keywords here.

You know if you have been doing training on writing a blog, how important keywords are.  About 40% of your readers will find your blog posts through the search engines.  They count!

A free tool to help you measure your keyword density is Squirrly.   It helps me as I write!  It helps with how to use real estate on blog posts, too.

I hope it will help you, too.

Please tell me how this helps!

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Annie’s Tips.

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P.S.  Please comment on this post, or ask questions below.  Being a blogger is about honoring my relationships with my readers.  That includes readable and helpful content, and personalized responses.

I will get you responses and answers right away!


Annie is a wife, Mom and Grannie, who has discovered and rediscovered creative art in her retirement. She has a lifelong commitment to learning and living creatively.

She has been a business owner, and enjoys the challenges and demands and creative hard work that entailed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and attitude still guide her volunteer work in her community school system.

She has a blog about creative lifelong learning and growing, to share what she has learned and is learning with others. She says, “There is a lot of paid-for ‘information’ on the internet, and it can be hard to sort through all of it to get to what is truly helpful. Together, we can help one another live creatively in pursuing happiness and joy, health and wholeness. ”

Her blog is designed to help people find the best information, supplies, tips and training so her readers can maximize enjoyment in their lifetime.

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7 thoughts on “How To Use Real Estate on Blog Posts Effectively

  1. Hi Annie,

    This is valuable information and points that can make a blog post go from unseen to widely seen or even viral. Thank you for further explaining this valuable real estate we have available to us with each and every post.

  2. I have been learning all the places I can put my keywords other than just in the text content. I realized pretty quickly that trying to get even 2% density for keywords on a 750-word post can look like a lot of keyword stuffing to the regular human eye. And it gets like that more and more with fewer words in a post. I particularly like the title and description area. You can use the keywords in the description so when people read it in the search, they will want to click.

  3. Great article, Annie. Your mentor has done a great job and I see it being regurgitated by you! You are so right – there are so many ‘prime real estate’ spots that a lot of writers neglect. Thanks for the gentle reminder and continued success!

  4. Dear Annie,

    Thanks for the detailed post.

    The information you have given is very helpful mainly “The Description is 230-320 characters long. That is a pretty big range. For best results, stick with the 230, my Coach trains me! What I do is to copy my first few sentences of my blog. I have normally put my keywords in there anyway.”

    So far I am writing 300+ and going forward I will stick with 230. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

  5. This is great information. I know that I always used to overlook these spaces myself, but now I try to always make use of them. Any little advantage that you can make use of will add up, so knowing about these bits of prime real estate is very helpful.

  6. Hello Annie, this was such an insightful post. And to the point of how we can use our real estate to truly create a gold mine for our growing business. I am a big believer in visual , as it not only adds to the story but it hold our attention.
    So grateful, ariel

  7. Keywords are always a good topic and learning how to find the perfect ones can be a challenge. But, with tools like Jaxxy available it can make finding that perfect keyword a lot easier. Thanks for the information.

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