THIS SO WORKS! Look What Happened!

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So several months ago, I wrote a post on Jaaxy. Do you know Jaaxy?

It is the keyword search tool that Wealthy Affiliate designed by Affiliate marketers and for Affiliate marketers.

And I just did not even think about it after I posted it.

Well, maybe I just hoped that someone  would notice it.

patience means getting to do the happy dance

Guess what? It happened.

Someone wants to take advantage of the offer. Wow!

Happy dance time!

What a surprise! And when I  got this notification that someone might be deciding to become a user, it dawned on me, THIS SYSTEM WORKS!

So do be patient.

As with our earth, it takes a moment for anything to bloom in nature.

And it  all happens in the unseen.

So is our work at times.

We plant the seeds, we nurture them and then we wait.

And wait.. for the seedling to break through and show its glorious gift.

It is the process of knowing each step is building a flower.

And for us, each step is building our business stronger and stronger. Right?

the sunrise on the mountain of patience


So here is what I learned:

Put out the information

Make the content engaging and interesting

And then…



And then do more work

Keep the work coming

Make sure that our Call To Action, (CTA) is clear and concise

And do know what you are selling on your post!

Great News


And that is the belief and understanding  that we need to know .

Intuitively, we need to comprehend  that what we are doing is a cumulative response. As long as we are putting out our work and keeping it going, we will get the response we are looking for.

And that is key.


This really works

And each step we take brings us closer to our own sense of Nirvana.. our own definition of Success.


That means we do it now as needed. Not waiting for tomorrow or perfection to happen. Now.

That is so empowering, isn’t it? Because that way we get to see our progress. And how amazing is that?


Oh for more information of this amazing keyword search tool, JAAXY click here. 



Do the work

Be patient. Oh and then be MORE patient.

Plant seeds well.

Be consistent and persistent.

Know what your CTA is.

We are on the NOW plan.

Yes WE Can!

Yes we Do

Yes we ARE!

What do you think? Ready to live in patience? While working  really hard?


Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time


5 thoughts on “THIS SO WORKS! Look What Happened!

  1. Dear Ariel,

    That’s great news and I am happy for you. That’s the beauty of blogging our posts work 24/7 and yield results for our efforts. Thanks for sharing!

    Your Friend,

  2. First of all I want to say congrats Ariel,

    Indeed it takes time and patience, I know things will work out for all of us someday to come.

    We just need to be persistent and never give up on the fine works we are already doing. Building a business online doesn’t take just one day or two days . It takes real time and effort to be able to do this.

    And I know that we will all get there,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.


  3. Congrats Ariel!

    That’s one of the great things about working online; we write something, or make a post of some sort, and we may think we’re done with it, but it continues to work for us, weeks, months, and maybe even years later.

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