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Have you known for a long time that somehow you have a purpose, a destiny that just isn’t quite showing up yet? Have you wondered how it will finally become your world?

In the book Rendezvous with Destiny, by Jim Janz, he talks about this whole process. It is an amazing book of affirmations and truly being able to see how to make this happen.

His words of wisdom, are so direct. For instance he says that when we finally hone in our who we really are, our world changes drastically.

In  words that make sense to me, it is when we truly allow our natural flow to come forward.

We then know exactly who we are and how we move in the world. We become all that we thought we could be and even more. And then we have focus and clarity.

As Affiliate Marketers we know that when we have that focus and clarity there is no stopping us, right?

So it is the same and the truth with finding our destiny and purpose. The most important part is that we then have to live it.

Because then we start our own legacy. That rings well yes? But the biggest part is that we are the destiny that we choose to see.

If I see myself as crippled and unable to walk a step, well then I will live that. Does that make sense?

But if I change those words and say that first step that I take will open brand new paths for me. Well then the sky is the limit.

And each new step can provide new directions or different options. It is whether or not we are willing to be willing to change. Yes?

After all, as he states if it is to be, it is up to me.  And keep it simple. Did you know that Mozart said “the genius lies in the simplicity?”

So how do we fulfill our destiny? We start by defining our goals. And then we figure out how to walk them. Are we clear about :

“Looking inside  of ourselves to see:

how focused our purpose

how intense our desire

how solid our will to win

how good our work ethic

and how strong is our faith”

You know when someone walks into a room and just lights it up? Well that person has made the decision to live in their own light and belief system.

They have allowed their inner peace to shine poise and confidence. And we have all seen people like that, yes?

In fact perhaps we aspire to be that, yes? Or perhaps some of us are that.

So when we know our destiny we shine our light. We walk our own path. And it shows to others.

Do  you want to do what I am doing ? Click here.

He offers ways to make all of this happen. Don’t just do good. Excel. Learn and then learn some more about everything in your business. Read books that inspire you to think out of the box.

Use language that shows success. Make sure our self talk is positive not negative. No more saying things, like I cannot afford that. Or there is no way I can do that.

Take of care of yourself. Rest and eat well.

Jim Janz says ” It boils down to knowing what you really want and having the desire and commitment to follow through until you have acheived it. You don’t need to know how, as much as you need to know specifically what your goal and dream is. When you know this, you WILL find a way. Then move in that direction, keep moving in that direction, never stop moving in the direction.”

And when we live patience and overcoming discouragement there is nothing that we cannot make happen.

So here is to our own amazing destiny! We are so ready to step into our own leadership and feed our soul. So do it now.

Because we are on the NOW plan, yes?  And we are all so worthy of fulfilling the best of our destiny.

Here is to success that just overflows as we step into the knowing of our own destiny.

How do you see your destiny? And what are you willing to do to make it happen? What is your plan?

Do share please!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,,

living one heart-centric moment at a time



  1. Hello Ariel,
    Such a wonderfully motivating article – thanks for sharing.
    Yes, we have to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and ‘talk to our mind’s eye’ about what we choose to create for ourselves.
    It is not easy, this road called life, but others have walked the path with success and so can we – it is indeed about mindset.
    Yes, we can do it, yes we can!

    1. Hello Michelle, indeed it is about YES WE CAN! And I am so glad I get to walk this path to really find out what and how my destiny is going to play out. And that it is so very up to me. So glad you are here. I appreciate all your support. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hi Ariel,

    Such a great and motivating article about the strong teachings from Mr. Janz.

    Knowing our destiny and then taking the steps with the good self-care you have enumerated is the way to make it happen.

    I know that is what we are learning together here at Wealthy Affiliate and in this Go-Getters group. We are making it happen! Growing daily. Living and working into our individual destinies!

    1. Hello Annie, So very well said. And I am so loving every moment of this journey. And so grateful for it.
      Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Ariel,
    You mention how do we fulfill our destiny. Your answer was “We start by defining our goals”. That really hit me, we can never know where we are going, unless we clearly define our goals. I am going to start writing weekly goals, and monthly goals. Not to get discouraged if I don’t meet them all, but to keep me motivated to stay on track.

    1. Hello Lisa, that sounds like a fabulous plan. I bet it makes a huge difference in how your business builds..and how you feel about being the CEO of your own Universe. Way to go. Wishing you great success. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel,

    I loved the sign at the very end of this motivating article, that had “Results” at the top and a big red line going through the word “Excuses.” We choose how we relate to the world around us. The book, Rendezvous with Destiny is opening my eyes more with every turn of the page.

    Thank you for the wisdom you speak always.

    1. Hello Sue, I was so excited to find that is perfect for this article..and so perfect for our lives, isn’t it? We can no longer be in the land of excuses, we are only in the land of NOW. Yes?
      Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. I am a true believer in going after your destiny, Ariel. And I can see that is coming to past as concentration on being an active person. I listen to a tape years back by Brian Tracy that causes me to get ahead without any knowledge.

    I do believe in the 5-second rule. Whatever comes to your mind within the first 5 seconds, if we will act on it, we will be more ahead and meet our destiny that we would ever imagine.

    Success is looking for a good place to stay, so if we work on ourselves, our destiny will unfold right before our eyes. I love that you take the time to share this with us, all the best.

    1. Hello David, I had not heard that 5 second rule. That makes so much sense. I am thinking we can all move into the structure of success, yes?
      Thank you so much for being here. And your thoughtful comments. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. There are two steps to change I have found. These are fundamental things. If we want to succeed, then these are the steps.

    First, redefining the terms. “I can’t afford that.” becomes “I will be able to get that in the near future.”
    Second is implementing the new terms and redefinitions in our lives.

    The biggest part of success is the second step. Using those redefined terms to redefine our lives.

    1. Hello Brit, that is so true for me too. I change my language and my life changes. I am no longer being held hostage by that which no longer suits me. I know you are getting this and making your world just soar. I see you flying. So glad you are here.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the motivating post. I recently brought the book “Rendezvous with Destiny, by Jim Janz” and yet to start my reading but after reading your post I am very interested and keen on reading the book. Hope I am going to learn a lot from the book. Yes knowing our destiny is very important. Thanks again for the post.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, It is a really motivating book. I do hope you get to read it soon.And we are our own destiny when we decide to take it into our own hands and hearts..yes? thanks for being here. in peace and gratitude, ariel

      1. Dear Ariel,

        “we are our own destiny when we decide to take it into our own hands and hearts..yes? ” Yes Indeed! I am getting lot of new insights from the book and I am enjoying it. Thanks again!

        Your Friend,

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