Success Habits To Think About!

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Success Habits To Think About

success habits to think about

Being human, we all have challenges and the innate desire to be ‘perfect’ at whatever we do – at least the majority of us do! Not saying for a moment that the ‘rest’ have no aspirations – not at all – it’s just that they don’t put that much effort in making a difference – for themselves or for anyone – and spending some time in creating success habits to think about!

Anyway, I digress.

Let’s talk about motivation and how we can use that to drive our business. Here are a few basic success habits to think about and possibly implement in your personal life that should make a world of difference if you choose to be consistent.

Habit #1:

Make A To-do List – we all know what this is, after all, I am sure that we have made a few, I know I have.

your success habit makes a to do list

However, the trick here is to keep all these ‘bits of paper’ organized in a book – yes, a hardcover book. This is what I do, and why, you might ask? Well, after a while, you lose these pieces of paper and most important of all (in my opinion), you lose sight of the fact that each time you ‘cross off’ something that you have done, you get a chance to see ‘how far you have come’.

Yes, I use it as a ‘milestone of accomplishment’ and I pat myself on the back. It helps to motivate me to get things done. I also put a date on when I need to do these things and just look back to how long it took me to accomplish things. Yes, a ‘to-do list’ helps to keep you focused and helps you to see how much you have done in a given time.

Habit #2:

Schedule Your Day In Bite-size Chunks – this is a wonderful habit to implement. I have a 4-hour schedule (minimum) that I aim to accomplish each day. I break up the time slots in easy time – for example, 30min blocks of time. It makes the time seem more productive and you focus more on getting things done in small chunks.

Habit #3:

Make Yourself Physically Energized – start your day with a good meal fueled to give you energy. Have a work out system that does not overwhelm you but gives you some blood circulation. Go for a walk – take an imaginary dog if you don’t have a real one.

Habit #4:

Set Your Alarm Clock To Wake Up Early – I love working while the world sleeps. Try getting up about 1-2 hours earlier to get a move on your day. You will love the silence and you will smile when you see the sunrise and the crossing off on your to-do list. It is a good feeling. And as strange as it may seem, you will have ‘more time’ in your day to do more! One time-driven success habit to think about in a timely fashion.

using an alarm clock for your success habit

Habit #5:

Affirmations And Visualizations – yes, I know you have heard this one a thousand times. Well, make a little mantra that resonates with you – it is better than using a ‘ready-made one’ which you have no connection to. Or if you don’t feel confident to come up with your own, edit the ‘cookie-cutter types’ and let it ‘live in your shoes’.

Something as simple as: “I am a success in all I do” or “ I am a successful business owner”. Then, take the time to say it a few times in your day or think about it from time to time. Maybe even put a few stickers on your computer or around your workspace, or even on the inside of your bathroom door – places that you visit often and remind yourself of your goals.

Habit #6:

Be Grateful – yes, the attitude of gratitude changes the way we look at things. A lovely quote from the late Wayner Dyer which speaks to me: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Yes, it is all about perception. Being thankful for all the little things is a great start and it ‘primes’ you mind to be accepting and thankful for all things. And it makes you feel good too. Actually, if I had to choose the one success habit to think about and actually do, it would be this one!

Nurture Your Relationships – remember the people who you care about. The ones who support you on your journey. They help to motivate and inspire you daily. They do this in so many ways – your significant other, when they listen to your concerns; your friend(s), when they are there for you in your times of need; your family when you need to just ‘get away’ and have some downtime.

Treat these ‘support systems’ with respect and humility because growing these relationships take time and energy and there is no price on the lifetime gains.

relationships and success

Habit #8:

Indulge In The Refuge Of The Quiet Moments – breathe. Yes, sometimes, make the time to just do nothing! Stop for a few minutes 3-5 minutes and do nothing. Close your eyes and breathe deeply a couple of times. This is a sort of self-centering. If you have the time to do more time, great.

This exercise is to simply get you to ‘step away from it all’ so you will encounter less overwhelming moments. It does not take much to achieve this – what makes the difference is when you make it a habit and see how it makes you feel. Some people call it meditation, I call it reflection. It does not have to be a long pause, you just need to take one.

My Final Thoughts On Success Habits To Think About!

You get to choose the direction of your path in this life and so I urge you to be specific and consistent. The difference comes when you make the effort and take that one small step of action! Rome was not built in a day, it was only started on one!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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13 thoughts on “Success Habits To Think About!

  1. Dear Michelle,

    Great post on “Success Habits” all the 8 habits are very useful.

    And this week I started to get up early 5 AM it was on the list for a long long time but able to implement it from this week.

    I do know the importance of to do list many times I start and I fail to follow…. But this week able to do that as well….

    Daily work schedule was a great challenge not able to follow but from this week by GODS graced followed that as well…

    From your post the one I am going to focus is “Something as simple as: “I am a success in all I do” or “ I am a successful business owner”. Then, take the time to say it a few times in your day or think about it from time to time. Maybe even put a few stickers on your computer or around your workspace, or even on the inside of your bathroom door – places that you visit often and remind yourself of your goals.” Thanks Again!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul,
      Thanks for visiting. It is nice to know that my article resonated with you! And even nicer to know that you plan to implement a few tips to help you on your journey. I hope it helps and look forward to hearing more about your success.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, Michelle. These are all excellent habits to make a part of your every day lifestyle. I especially found 5, 6, 7 and 8 are essential to our human growth and inner health, which in turn gives us strength for our outer routine.

    1. Hello Sue,
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Yes, I think they are all ‘doable’. We just have to make the time to implement and be consistent. Good luck to you.

  3. Hi Michelle, I really enjoyed this post!
    I LOVE having a permanent record of the lists I have made. Sometimes, especially after a really good training session from Wealthy Affiliate, where I have a lot to put into action, I can feel almost overwhelmed. Then I list out the steps I am learning to take.
    Like you, I chunk my day down into half hour segments. I like to assign the different tasks to the segments, and usually that initially overwhelming list gets very doable, with time left over in my working day to work on new content!
    I love checking off the items. By being able to look back, I get to see other lists with all those checks! What an encouragement. What a reminder of the progress I am making!
    Thank you for this new list I can implement!

    1. Awesome, Annie.
      I am glad that this article resonated with you and is actionable. My fave is the ‘to-do list’. I, too enjoy the ‘crossing off’ part. Yes, it can get overwhelming, however, when you find a system that works for you – it gets easy with practice. Continued success.

    1. Hello Brittaney,
      Thanks for visiting.
      Yes, you do need to focus in order to get the job done! To-do Lists have their good points. I wish you much success on your journey.

  4. Michelle,

    All of the 8 habits that you have listed are very helpful. Success doesn’t just happen, you actually have to have a plan and lifestyle to make it happen. Luckily I have 2 real dogs, so I don’t have to walk my imaginary dogs. I got a little laugh out of that. It was really cute idea.


  5. Hello Michelle,

    Thanks Michelle, I really like this post on on success habits we can think about and implement them. I have come to learn that having a good schedule is always the best. However, I even though I have a schedule, I’m not able to fulfill all me scheduled activities because, I found out that I get too tired after my regular 9 to 5 job.

    Sometimes I sit behind the computer with the aim of accomplishing something but before I realize I’m off to sleep, nature have taken me off. So I think I need to reschedule my time again.

    And most importantly I think I will have to try what you said, so that after coming back from work I will rather sleep and then wake up early when everywhere is silence so I can fulfill all planned activities.

    Thanks so much for sharing this useful article with us.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    The success habits are all success factors. Every day we have to have a To-Do list, which is the road-map and guide for your accomplishment. The list multiplies as you go through the day and new list is created based on what you have achieved and accomplished. The list will never end, instead it will be longer and longer as your goal becomes bigger and bigger. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Michelle, this was so very brilliant, schedule your day in bite size chunks! Wow, now how to make that happen…? And gratitude, that is my big go to..everything just flows in the space of gratitude. Great post, in peace and gratitude, ariel

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