So You Really Want To Get Traffic? Here is an option.

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bringing traffic to our site

We hear ALL THE TIME  how do we get traffic?

I want more traffic. And yet how often are we willing to put the work in to make it happen?

So while listening to our mentor on our weekly webinar, I heard him say this one line.  One line. And it all became so crystal clear to me.

clarity for our writing

Ready to hear it? It is really clarifying.

Bo Tipton said; “People have to find a link to you from somewhere”. Hmmm?

So in other words, it is not just the Google god we are awaiting searchers from, nope.  It is us putting our links out there to INSURE that people find us.

Wow! You mean this is on us?


how to learn and earn money online

So how does that work?

Well as part of our daily schedule (which by the way is vital, nothing comes before the schedule),  we have social media time. That means we go  to FB. Twitter, whatever we use. And we comment our little hearts away for 30 minutes per day.

Important note: By the way, that is not personal fun time on FB, that is business time. WE are looking for people to promote and to promote ourselves. So 30 minutes of work time on FB, no cheating here, OK? Well you can but then do not be surprised if your traffic does not come to your door.

3 steps to more traffic

steps to traffic like me please

Each time we go to social media this is what we need to do:

1 Like


3. Share

don't forget to connect on social media

So simple. yet not always being done.

So lets go over each step.

Bear with me, these are so worth it.

When we go to Facebook for instance. we like something we read. Always

Then we leave a comment. By leaving a comment we are starting to brand ourselves. That means we are being seen for what we offer and who we are. Branding and recognition are vital for success. When we leave a comment, yup you got it, we have left a link. A way to find us, to identify who we are.

Then we share the other’s post and by doing so we have created a link between that person and ourselves. So there is another link for people to find us.

lets connect online

Are you getting the drift here? Isn’t it just amazing and so fun too?

The more we leave comments, the more links we leave , the easier we will be found.

So go to it.

Every day, if you forget a day the next day do it doubly. But each day do the like, the comments the share. Leaving our links is how we are going to be found and branded.

So if we are really wanting to build our business. Leave the trail of clues. Otherwise we are just walking alone. And that makes for a very sad site…yes?


  1. Did you know that when you leave a comment on say YouTube that is another fabulous link.
  2. Did you know that when you comment and leave a full URL  more people will come to your site? So not like just the name of your site but . Leave a full URL that is from one of your posts.
  3. Did you know that the more you leave comments with your full URL the quicker you will get more branding?
  4. When you leave a comment, do not just say thank you. Quote a piece of the post, Leave an in depth thoughtful response. And then leave your full URL
  5. The more we get into the habit of leaving our full URLS we will start to see the increase of traffic


Wow! Isn’t that so amazing that we hold the key to our success and traffic , and it is not magic. It is doing diligence. And that shows truly where we are with out business. Is it a hobby or do you we seriously want wealth  and traffic? Well if the answer to both is yes, it is within our power to make this happen. And it is just putting in the right kind of time.

And that time means leaving likes, comments and then sharing posts. It is that easy. It is just all about the doing .So if we commit to our schedule which includes the 30 minute Social Media time. we are in fact saying I am building a true strong foundation for a very successful business. And who doesn’t want that to happen?

Flourish, grow and prosper!

It is all within our reach.

What do you think of this concept? Are you on board? Would you commit to doing this daily? Is your business worth it?

It is doing our simple daily work to make this happen.So lets go out there … not waiting for our welcome mat to be used..but rather going out there and showing where the welcome mat is!

In peace and gratitude,

founder,, one heart-centric moment at a time!

Hey,  do you want to do what I am doing? Having fun writing online and helping others? Well then do click here to find out how you can do this too.

15 thoughts on “So You Really Want To Get Traffic? Here is an option.

  1. Hi Ariel,
    I love the intro here, put out a welcome mat to our website. Yes, we need to be found. I like the incredibly simple steps you outline here. Just DO IT! It is a business. Taking step by step in doing the work is what gets people to our sites. Thank you for laying these out!

    1. Hello Annie, I is all about being found.. and its easy if we keep it going, yes?
      Thank you as always for your support. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. I am working on learning how to implement social media into my website. I found this neat tool called sassy social share. It loads in the back end so that it does not slow down our sites and it allows everyone to share where ever they want. I love it and am finding it extremely useful. I am also working on keeping my FB time to just work-related activities.

    1. Hello Britt, thanks for sharing about Sassy plugin. I have also installed it. It is truly amazing. Thanks for being here. And keeping to our schedule and staying focused makes a world of difference. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. I thoroughly enjoy utilizing social media, especially Facebook for liking, commenting and sharing. What also happens when we do this, is the friends on our individual friends lists also get these posts through their news feeds. This can mean an incredible audience for all of our likes, posts and shares. How incredible is that! Great article, Ariel.

    All the best,

    1. Wow Sue, exponential growth, yes? That is exactly what we are looking for. It is amazing how it all works, yes? thanks for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hello Ariel,
    I must say that I agree 100%…as online website owners, we all know the importance of having traffic to our websites. NO traffic = NO conversions = NO remuneration! Of course, we do start out with the intention to make our websites, a source of income, and we should do what is necessary to make this a reality. Every process has a system, so we need to remember those 3 little points you mentioned: like, comment, share.
    I will start with this article and implement the plan.
    Much success to you on your journey.

  5. Your tips on getting traffic are priceless. This was a big problem for me in my business. I got so tired of all the recommend traffic strategies that I decided to ignore all and just started to pay for them. That is a whole story by itself.

    Socia media was not my choice, but when I decided to look at other people websites I started to enjoy reading them so I decided to share them with my following. Then I was so engaged with a few people that they wanted me to share what I was doing, and as you mention, my traffic started to grow. Even my sign-ups were coming in.

    I would recommend Social media Marketing to everyone, but it must be done right as you stated. Commenting on other people’s website is key to getting backlinks to your website, something that is good for SEO. Lately, I have been getting a few broken links from people who left comments on my website, what is the best way to solve that? Thank you for the value in this post.

    1. Hello Sue, I so like that concept of our putting out the welcome mat. And it will work for us! thanks so much for being here! Do let me know how it works for you please.In peace and gratitude,ariel

  6. The more commenting and discussion we can bring about not only helps with branding ourselves but also let’s Google know we have a active website. Google likes that and the more Google likes us the more Google will help us!
    These are all good tips on how we can throw out our welcome mats and help others find us.

  7. Wow Ariel,

    This is such an incredible article on how we can get some good Traffic for FREE to our website. I really like all the steps you listed and the step by step approach you used in explaining these steps.

    I surely agree with you that given comment is one of the best ways we can brand ourselves especially on Facebook & YouTube as you said.

    I haven’t tried that of Forums before, I think I will give that one too a try and see how it works.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


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