Obstacles or Gifts? How do we see ourselves?

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Awhile ago I was asked why I decided not to listen to the doctors who told me I would never walk again.  And I thought a minute before answering.

After all, our doctors are supposed to be the experts, so therefore whatever they say must be the truth.

So why would I discount an expert opinion?

And the other part of that question also said, what made you think you knew more than the doctors?

expert opinion doctor

My answer finally came out like this. I heard what my doctors said.

But it was my choice to either see this as not having options or figuring out what I needed to walk again. I could turn this obstacle into a gift.

And just because an expert rendered an opinion does not make that decision the right one for me.

After all, it was their practicing  opinion. Not mine.

The doctor did not have a clue about who I am.

That started me thinking about how we run our businesses. Do we see our shortcomings as obstacles or gifts?


dont give up on our gifts

Each of us has something we have to face daily. And we do this looking in the mirror and seeing what is really in front of us.

1.Are we always willing to do the work we need to do ?

2. Are we willing to change our thoughts?

3. Are we willing to not accept what is being told to us by others?

4. Are we willing to step into all that we know is true about ourselves?

5. Are we willing to get beyond our own so called limitations?

How many of these could you answer yes too?

Do you know the story about Robin Cavendish?

In his prime of life and vibrancy he was stricken with awful polio. So seriously that he would have to spend the rest of his life attached to a ventilator and be completely paralyzed. He still retained speech and a tiny head movement.

But truly, can you imagine life like this?

Naturally when this first happened, he wanted out. He could not fathom this as living in any form. But his wife, would not allow him to die. She was so adamant that they could have a life together.

And so slowly, they began using their obstacles as their gifts.

What did they do? 

They had their friend create a wheelchair that had a built in ventilator. Yup. Immediately solved the problem of portability and mobility. Wow!

And he became a huge advocate for how severely dis-abled people did NOT have to live. He was originally told he would live two months. He lived almost 20 years after that diagnosis.

That puts a lot of hope on our plates, doesn’t it?

So here is my question. What challenges, obstacles, hurdles, disability are you facing that can be turned into a gift?


I had not a clue that when I decided that I would teach myself how to walk again, how difficult it would be. But I did it anyway.

I learned to visualize how my muscles would regain muscle memory and reconnect the synaptic system to make my legs move. I told my body how amazing it was. I could see myself walking, I could see myself doing a daily gratitude walk.

And so it happened. I made the changes necessary in my thinking to make it happen.

And along the way I learned another amazing lovely tidbit. Just by telling my story, I could inspire people in some small way to not give up. And wow, that really helped me too.

Now I know that nothing is an obstacle. Everything is a gift. We just make that choice.

So what is our choice today?

To grow our gifts to amazing heights of success?

Yes yes YES!

Because we can! So take those obstacles and see them as gifts. In the long run, amazement will show itself. I promise you that.



At any moment, we have the choice to walk through our world in tunnel vision or seeing our challenges as gifts. The choice to do that changes our lives from mediocre to spectacular.

And the joy we get from growing our confidence level is beyond imagination. It fuels us to such heights and capability.

It is within our capability as business owners to always find success. It is our gift to walk into success. And so it is on us to change our thinking, see our obstacles as gifts and walk through that door to amazing joy, success and lovely new paths.

Are you in?

Let me know what your obstacles are that you are turning into gifts please!


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time

6 thoughts on “Obstacles or Gifts? How do we see ourselves?

  1. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the detailed and informative post. Yes using our gift is very important, the sad thing is many went to the graveyard with their music inside without giving it to others. Gifts are to give not to keep. Thanks Again!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, so well said.. I certainly do not want that to be my life! And the more we give the more light we share and change the world. Thank you as always Paul for being here. I so enjoy your comments.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

      1. Dear Ariel,

        Same here I do enjoy reading and learning from your post. You are a great source of inspiration for me. Millions of Thanks.

        Your Friend,

  2. Oh Ariel, your article brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for reminding us of the power of intention and determination. Yes, we are what we think. We create our reality. We choose to label an obstacle as a gift.
    Continued health and bliss.

    1. Hello Michelle, I did not mean to make you cry! I am humbled that you liked this article. I wish you always great joy, love and laughter. And yes.. we are not going to ever again see obstacles.. we only see great new paths of options.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. We all have challenges that can get in our way. As you said above, if we can see and use our challenges as gifts we can overcome the obstacles and as we face and overcome we grow to new heights. It is the overcomer in each of us that propels us to success and a fuller life.

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