Make Sure The Open For Business Sign is Always ON!

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open for business


If the sign is not on, Isn’t that like finally finding a parking shop at a store, walking up to the door ,only to find out that it is closed? And how frustrating that can be?

And that is so not what we are striving for with our sites.

We must always be open for business. Yes?

But who knows if we are open if we are not being seen?

Whew..that is the tough one for sure.

So here is what we are being taught:

WE absolutely must learn how to be the traffic generator.

Make sure that we are very visible in what our Call to Action is. 


And this is another OPEN DOOR helper:

open for business


That is a door opener. What services can you now offer? Proof-reading, SEO, Editing, website construction, building sales funnels, content writing,etc. Here is a link to mine to get an idea. 

And all kudos to my partner in learning and wonderful colleague,  Michelle Lake who wrote most of this amazing services offering sheet.

Yup, we are now professional writer !So its important to have that light on.

Let people know that we are here to help them.

And that is what we need to fully understand.

If we are doing online business :

1. we must build multiple profit streams

2. we do not put all our eggs in one basket

have eggs in many baskets for open for business

And that is also the incredible openness of doing business on the net. Everything we can think of is a possibility to be an affiliate or a way to get a commission.

So do realize we are in the commission business. Start seeing what we do with the eye of how we can use it to make money.

open door for business

And here is another thing:  

Use Yoast and Squirrly on our own sites to get the SEO rankings we are looking for.

And each time we redo a post MAKE SURE IT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE MONEY!

I know that sounds silly. But for instance, on my site I deal with Inner Growth, so I don’t think of my CTA (call to action) as product. But in reality I have to switch my thinking so that my information products will make money flow easier. And that was a big one for me.

My hippie being, lol, does not think in terms of money. And yet it is now time to reconfigure my thoughts to insure that I am successful.

So did you get that?

Make sure each post is a money maker!

Because that is also how we stay open for business, yes? 

open for business


Make sure our OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign is always ON!

Find multiple profit streams

Make a Service offered page on your site

Think what will bring profit and solve problems helping people.

Use Squirrely and YOAST to make sure we are getting ranked.

So are you ready to leave your sign on?

How To Get Your Website Noticed By Google

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

“living one heart-centric moment at a time “




8 thoughts on “Make Sure The Open For Business Sign is Always ON!

  1. HI Ariel,
    What a great post. Open for Business in every way!
    I LOVE your services offered post! What a great idea. Can I do one too? You inspire me!
    And I so relate to the hippie thing about doing good in the world around me, that making money doing it is a bit of a challenge…and then I am reminded of the Law of Attraction, and that there is an infinite supply of everything, so my Loving Creator in Its Infinite Intelligence and Love wants me to have plenty, and that removes nothing from anyone else. It becomes a matter of accepting the bounty instead of refusing to receive the love.

    1. Ahh Annie, thank you so much for that explanation.. i so do hope there is always enough for everyone. We all deserve plenty, yes? And we have plenty. it is also about sharing though..
      Thank you so much for your great and supportive comments. Yes do indeed use the template. It was a joint effort working with Michelle Lake. She gets most of the credit.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello Ariel,
    Yes to ‘leave a light on’!! We are viral and digital and OPEN 24/7…one of the ‘flaws or advantages’ of being ‘online’. Yes, need to remember to lead a ‘pathway to where we want our audience to follow’. Great message.

    1. Oh Michelle, so well said. We do indeed need to remember to leave the trail and path to our site. Thanks for your support as always. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. I really like this post, Ariel. I really like the fact that we can set up our websites to make money for us day and night with multiple streams of income and that we never have to close our doors. The porch light is always on and the welcome mat is always there.

    Great post, Ariel.

    1. Hello Sue, so glad to hear you say this. Yes yes yes.. the porch light and welcome mat. love that visual. thank you. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. My sign is on, but I am not sure it’s big enough! Ha ha!
    Definitely, my weakness (well, one of my weaknesses…) is traffic, but I am working on it. There’s so many things to be aware of, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of things.

    So yes, the sign is on, the doors are open, and I am ready for whatever may come!

    1. Hello Craig, well I think that is the truth about learning this business. We do need to figure out how to be traffic generators. And I for one am looking forwrard to understanding how to make that happen.
      I know we will all get there. I wish you great success.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

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