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Have you read this tiny gem of a book? To the Grave on Empty by  Josh Bowen?

Although the title sounds grim, it is the ultimate book of optimism. The title is referring to the living of a life so full that when we are ready for the end of this physical state, we have nothing left inside of us. We have given it our all.

And it dawned on me, isn’t that the perfect metaphor for everything we touch or are involved with?

For instance, our online Affiliate Marketing business is all about relationship marketing. So that means, are we giving away all that we can in terms of our interactions online?

And so it goes in life, doesn’t it? How are we in our daily ways of interacting and giving? Are we overflowing in our ability to give to others? Are we doing all we can possibly do to give hope, potential and peace to those that need a extra hand up?

connecting our world through relationship

And if we can answer yes to all that,  are we also doing that with our online business?

We are all looking for value. The value of connection, love and learning and community. The value of being heard and seen. The value of going onto a website and having our needs met. Problems solved.

The term value added has become a bit overused at times.

But let’s look at this for a moment. If I am providing support and hope, I am giving a life line and opportunity.

That changes lives, yes?

growing love for connection

And isn’t that exactly what we want to happen in every step of our daily lives?

So what does it take to be so interactive online that we get to the Grave on Empty?

I don’t know about you, but for me, if I make a connection that is so directly heart connected and solves a problem, I know I will come back to this site. I know that it speaks to my heart and I am so in.

So every time I am working on my site,  I ask these questions:

1.What is my intent with this post?

2. Am I stirring our hearts?

3. Am I solving a problem?

4. Am I offering a solution?

5. Am I willing to put my heart and soul out there to have a relationship with my readers?

6. Transparency, ahh the big one. No hidden agenda

7. Am I giving the added value my reader wants?

8. Does my message shine through each post?

9. Am I giving enough?

10. Does my reader have the chance to know the person behind the words?

11. Am I trustworthy in every post?

12. Honest. How honestly am I interacting with my readers?

13. Do I return comments in a way that provides comfort and invites the reader to come back?

Lots to think about, yes?

compass to our heart and connection

But here is the thing. The very big thing.

If we are committing to do this for the rest of our lives, our lives have to dictate how we do this.

With integrity, value and compassionate grace.

Sounds a bit off putting to use those words sometimes in terms of business,.

But here is where I part ways with traditional sense of business.

I am the business.

I am the one out there, creating and promoting and giving. And if I do not see how to do this with my integrity intact, then I am not truly in sync with myself or my readers or my business, am I?

And if I truly want to get to the grave on empty, I must be willing to give it all away, yes?

compassion and relationship

There has been a huge movement in the last 15 years to social enterprise and micro giving. And I so think that speaks to the heart of how we truly want to be in our lives. In a business that is social enterprise, it is based on the concept that we all help each other. And it is for the greater good of the community. So we are no longer talking about corporations just worrying about their bottom line.

Instead, there is an expression, Tikkun Olam. This  phrase means “repairing the world” (or “healing the world”) which suggests humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world.

That is my wish. This is how I wish to live and run my world and my business. I want healing, connection and simple compassion to be my daily walk.

Do you want that also? Can you see how vital it can be?

living life with care

As we walk through this space of a thing we call life, every day is the choice to heal our community, our souls, our interactions. We must not miss any opportunity, no matter what it is.

And if we can create our business to add to that seemingly lofty, yet so necessary goal, we have created a legacy.

What is your legacy looking like in your business?

How do you define it? And how will you make it reflect who you truly are?

opening to possibility and love

What do we each need to do to ensure our connections are healing and positive ?

There is a quote in the sweet book that says:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain”.

Isn’t that perfect? If we see everything we do as a dance, there is no longer the need for obstacles. For we have chosen to see the beauty of the dance. And that becomes very healing and positive.

So each week and day as we encounter changes,challenges and new steps, we have the choice of knowing we can do this. No one ever said it would be easy, but then again, no one who has truly lived to the hilt, did not give it all they could. And did not let challenges become a mountain they could not climb.

helping each other we help ourselves

Here is my mantra, today this moment:

I am giving all that I can. In every aspect of my life. My business will reflect that joy, love and connection. My world is busy creating a new dance step. And I am the creator of this amazing new Universe. My every step is in sync. 

I wish each of us the knowing that each step of the way, we are there for each other. We are healing our world, we are giving until we are completely emptied out. Yes?

Check out the book, To The Grave on Empty. And let your heart blaze the path to success.

Do let me know what your thoughts are about how we choose to be in our business.


In peace and gratitude,


living one heart-centric moment at a time


10 thoughts on “Living Life Online

  1. What an inspiring post, Ariel. I feel so in sync with your remarks. What are we doing with our lives, if not living them to give openhandedly and wholeheartedly to everyone we get the chance to touch? It’s all about love. The more we give, the more we have, so it is hard to see getting to empty! We can keep trying though.

    1. Hello Annie,
      So many thanks for your kindness and support.Oh you said that so beautifully. It is indeed about love. And even though the more we give the more we have, it is also we are creating a legacy of emptying through giving. It is powerful yes?
      So glad you are here! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello there Ariel,
    Such a beautiful article. I am reading that book as well and I honestly know that it is making me think…a lot about what I am doing to get to my grave on empty. It is not a morbid thought – birth, living, and death is all a part of our purpose here.
    Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. I love your list of questions. Do you mind if I copy them?
    Thanks for sharing and I make a toast to us all, that knowledge is power and knowing what we know when we get to that point, we will do so -on empty!

    1. Hello Michelle,
      Ahh thank you so much! Yes of course please do use the list. And maybe that adds to my getting emptied too?
      I think its such a powerful way to live. I am wanting to live so wonderfully that giving is just the way to walk, yes?
      Thank you for the toast to us all.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Hi Ariel,
    I don’t feel well before I read your post. After reading your article, I feel completely different and start to gain positive energy. You have such positive and inspirational words that make me want to do more. I am the creator of this amazing new Universe, where my heart blaze the path to success.

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Wow, that is so wonderful to hear. I am so glad I could be there to help in a small way. Thank you so much for your kindess and support. I wish you great joy as the Creator of your own Amazing Universe. You got this..invite us all when its ready for company ok?
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain”. I have always loved that quote. I like the questions that you ask yourself when you write a post. I think if the answer is yes to half of those questions, then you know you have done a great job at helping someone!

    1. Hello Lisa, well when it comes down to it.. I so hope that is the way my path is going. I want to live so fully that being empty happens every day!’Thanks so much for being here.
      In peace and gratitude,ariel

  5. This is an amazing article, Ariel. The book and your post have both given me insight on how I can achieve my heart’s desires and live my life in a way that fulfills my goals…and ultimately to my grave on empty. Amazing, beautiful, heart centered.

  6. Dear Ariel,

    Great post and the one hit me the most is your “So every time I am working on my site, I ask these questions:” the 13 questions are really helpful and made me to think and I need to ask these 13 questions before I write or publish my posts. Great information.

    Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

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