Let’s Talk Voice Recording!

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Let’s Talk Voice Recording!

let's talk voice recording

Let’s talk voice recording! Yes, as digital people actively creating and maintaining websites, we need to be on the ball…or should I say, ‘on the microphone’? One thing we will know is the importance of timing. Yes, it is wonderful to create a lot of content, however, if your typing is anything like mine (as I create content), it is not only a lot of research but also a lot of time.

I would like to introduce you to a very interesting way to record your content.  Yes, I did use the word record.

There is a software on most Windows computers called Windows Speech Recognition. And I find that it is now, slowly, becoming my best friend.

I say slowly, only because I’m still testing it out.  I am still getting accustomed to talking to myself…in a good way and not in a way where anyone listening will think that I need help! Because that’s what I’m doing. And the computer is getting accustomed to hearing me as well. So together we are getting to know each other.

So, I decided to do a test – let’s talk voice recording 101!

Whenever I do my content writing, naturally I do a lot of research and this new research can take the form of copying and pasting or actually manually writing in a separate document before I collate everything.  So, somehow I kind of organize my thoughts as I go along when I make my final draft.

Now using this voice activated recording, I find it a little different. Yes, I can still make a format or outline for my content. However, I find it somewhat different when you think and talk into a microphone vs. when you are actively writing what you’re thinking.

I don’t know if that makes sense, however, that’s the best way I could describe it.  So, I decided to do a test.

I did free talking of the content that I was familiar with and recorded it.  And I did it for probably 4 to 5 minutes.  And then at the end of that time, unbelievable but true I had spoken almost 600 words.

And then when I was finished, I went over to edit what I had said and funny enough, I got myself up to about 800 words when it was all said and done, no pun intended.

So it is saving a lot of time, that much I have seen.

computer voice recording

Yes, ideally, it is not yet a way of life for me but in a pinch, I find that it gives me that much more time to get content written and content that I feel comfortable in presenting, like this one.  Yes, I used my voice recorder to write this content and then I went and edited.

The actual recording took me 5 minutes.  Yes, 5 minutes.  Now. the actual editing, that’s another story. I suspect it will take me a lot more than 5 minutes by the time I edit the grammar, add images, and upload my video – we will see.

But the point I’m making is this – it took a shorter time for me to see what I had written vs. doing it the traditional way.

My Final Thoughts On Let’s Talk Voice Recording!


All in all, I liked the experience. I am still getting accustomed to this way of content delivery. I love the fact that:

  • it saves time
  • it easier to edit
  • you can also add more to your content
  • it forces you to speak slowly and understandably for the microphone to ‘write’ what you have said

So yes, let’ talk voice recording and my score is a wonderful 8.5 out of 10!

Have you ever tried voice recording? How has it worked for you? Do you actually practice it? I would love to hear about your experience.

All the best and much success.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Voice Recording!

  1. Michelle,
    I appreciate all your helpful information. I do a lot of research for my posts too and this would definitely help me out. Voice recording sounds like it is a big time saver. It is amazing that 5 minutes of talking ends up being about 600 words.

    1. Hello Lisa,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, voice recording does save some time, it only takes a wee bit more practice to hone the skill. Give a try and I know you will surprise yourself with the word count.
      All the best.

  2. Recently I have seen several other posts on this topic and have been telling myself I need to try it since I am the world’s slowest typist. I tried years ago with Dragon Naturally Speaking software (or whatever it was called), but it sure had a hard time with my voice. I’m sure things have improved since back then and really do need to give the Windows version a try. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hello Craig,
      Thanks for your visit. Yes, it is certainly worth a re-visit. Things and times have changed and you just might surprise yourself.
      All the best.

  3. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for the post on Windows Speech Recognition and it gave me some new insights. I am surprised to know that whatever we are taking can be brought into text and for sure it will save our time. Windows Speech Recognition is for sure on my list now I need to look into it. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. Hello Paul,
      I appreciate your visit. Yes, it is worth a try – after all, as the cliche goes – nothing tried, nothing done!
      Much success.

  4. The advances in voice recording have certainly skyrocketed of late. I’m going to check into this further. Thank you, Michelle, you inspired me to try this.

    All the best,

  5. Hello Michelle, it is indeed an amazing use of technology. I know for disabled it means so much to have this as a resource. I have also tried it for writing. And I know that at some later time I will find my comfort with using it.
    I think you are so right it is the future of not having to type. Great article.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Another terrific idea and tool you bring to the fore for me! Thank you.
    I definitely have to give this one a try.
    Thank you for sharing what you keep learning!

    1. Hello Annie,
      Thnx for the visit and the kind words. We are never too old to learn as the cliche goes! Our brains can always use the stimulation. All the best.

  7. I do a lot of thinking when I write. Well, when I plan what I am going to write. And I talk a lot… I mean a lot. At least when it is something I am interested in. While working on a post in the “traditional way” I can easily talk about points I want to put in but easily forget. Or I have a great plan for how I want the post to flow but because it flows better talking about it, I have to spend over an hour figuring out how to make it sound right in written words.

    I am definitely going to need to check the speech recognition out.

    1. Hello Brittaney,
      Thnx for stopping by. Yes, it is a handy tool and who knows, it might the ‘one’ that works the best for your writing experience. All the best.

  8. I know a few people who use voice recognition software to do their writing, but I am not sure how comfortable I would be with it. I think it could be great for doing outlines, jotting down ideas, etc, but I don’t know that I could write a blog post or something similar with it.

    Still, as I find myself needing to work faster, I may need to look into this.

  9. Hello Craig,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, it is a popular option for some writers. I have been trying it out and it really is a time saver. Like anything else, if its new to you, you have to practice. Give a whirl, as the cliche goes, ‘you never know until you try!’
    All the best.

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