Let Me Share An Easy Way to Optimize My Blog

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easy way to optimize my blog to get more traffic
easy way to optimize my blog to get more traffic

An Easy Way to Optimize My Blog

We know that the key to making money online is to attract traffic…that’s a given.  One important way to gain traffic is to be found in the search engines, isn’t it?  And that takes optimization…I want to talk today about an easy way to optimize my blog.

It’s just one tool, I agree with you…there are others, like using social media effectively, that can drive traffic both with direct linking in, and with improved SEO.

There’s using backlinks…less a factor than it used to be, but not dead.  They work for SEO, true, but more so for building your brand and your authority…perhaps even attracting guest bloggers and cross-linking with sites that have good SEO.

There are paid ads of a thousand kinds.

Ebooks on Amazon, articles in ezines, marketing newer affiliate product releases… I’m sure you can add a ton more to this list!

In fact, will you?  Perhaps you’ll mention one that will make a huge difference for someone.  (I think we all know the internet is almost infinite in its possibilities, there is no scarcity, so helping one another only helps and doesn’t harm our businesses…it’s not like giving away your best recipe to the restaurant across the street!)

There are so many ways to work on traffic that the number of courses you can find to teach you the BIG SECRET abound, do they not?  I have a bunch of them!  I work on all these traffic-generation methods!  I am serious about building traffic to my site, and having a successful internet business, so I have a lot of traffic-generation prongs out there.  (Not too many to maintain, but more than one, certainly!)

I agree with you…SEO is just one of the tools.  Ah, but it is still a tool for traffic generation.

What if I can point you in the direction I’ve been using, of an easy way to optimize my blog?  Would you find that valuable?

OK, I’m going to let you in on my secret...it’s Squirrly.

I really can’t imagine where the developers got a name like Squirrly…It’s definitely not a program that messes around, or is indecisive, or uncertain like being squirrely…all I can tell you, that the name of my secret.

Squirrly is a plug-in that you can get 100% for free…yes, there are paid options.  But free is good to start with.

Here’s what you get:

  • you can work on one wordpress site
  • you can do 3 keyword searches a month
  • you can optimize 5 blog posts a month

Not bad for trying it out…if you’re like me, you may not be happy to stick with the free version…I had to upgrade.

  • I have more than one blog.
  • I want to search for more than 3 longtail keywords a month.
  • I optimize more than 5 posts a month…

It’s up to you, what you need.  At least try the free version to optimize your most important posts!

How do you decide which are the most important?

Well, a post that is central to what your blog is about is important.

So is one that is already getting some traffic.

More important, one that is making you some money, OR that you are planning will do that for you.

It’s a good thing to have some of your posts be ones you are going to really work on for reasons like these.  These are going to be your money posts.  You will want to do everything possible to promote them.  Lots of links (internal and backlinks).  Really effective keyword use.  Lots of updates to keep them fresh before the search engines.  Lots of posts about them on social media…a board dedicated to each of them on pinterest.

I suggest you add Squirrly to that repertoire of making those key posts as effective as possible.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  You can do it for free!

Kinda newer and not as well known

You’ve probably heard of Yoast…it’s been around a few years longer than Squirrly.  Lots of bloggers have Yoast, and it works well.

The developers at Squirrly knew that, so they made Squirrly so that it works well side-by-side with Yoast.  It offers, even in its free version, features you don’t get even in premium versions of Yoast, they say.

I don’t have a direct experience of that, because I have premium Squirrly and free Yoast.  I can attest that it works with my version of Yoast.

So, Squirrly is newer.  It’s been around since 2012, and gets new upgrades every year so far, beginning with the free version.

easy-peasy plugin to optimize my blogWhy I say it’s an easy way to optimize my blog

It’s the way Squirrly works that makes it so easy to use.

First you find a long-tail keyword.  I sometimes work with Jaaxy at Wealthy Affiliate to help if I’m having a problem coming up with one with the right numbers to get ranked.  Jaaxy helps with offering options I might not think of…also, if you have the free Squirrly version, you’ll want to use Jaaxy for about 90% of your keyword search, so you don’t run out of your 3 freebies with Squirrly.

Then do your final search with Squirrly, that other 10% – or just type in the keyword you’ve picked with Jaaxy and start to optimize.

If you’re writing your post, Squirrly will turn green as you optimize segment by segment of it.  When you put your keyword in the title, for instance, you’ll get a greenlight…But it all you have in the title is the keyword, then Squirrly will withhold that greenlight until you add some more words to make your title reader-friendly.

That continues throughout your post…step by step.  It’s so easy to use to optimize that you just go ahead and type and naturally add in what you need to, in order to get your green lights.

For instance, as I write this post, I have all green lights, except two…I haven’t yet added any images, with my keywords in the alt text.  Once I do that, I’ll be optimized 100%…Easy-peasy!

I guess I need to ask…did you find this by searching online for an easy way to optimize your blog?  Or do you come to this site regularly to see what’s new that’s been posted, and landed here?  Do you subscribe to notices for new postings on WAGo-Getters?  Or did you see a notice I put on social media or on Wealthy Affiliate that aroused your curiosity and brought you here?

Something brought you here…it is least likely that you found it by looking in the search engines, but it could happen.  I now have it 100% optimized so my chances are good that I could be found that way…of course, my keyword here has quite a bit of competition, I know.  (I made the choice to write it anyway, because the subject was just too good not to pass on.)  I’m just glad you did get here, and I sure hope you’ll get Squirrly for yourself!


Annie is a wife, Mom and Grannie, who has discovered and rediscovered creative art in her retirement. She has a lifelong commitment to learning and living creatively.

She has been a business owner, and enjoys the challenges and demands and creative hard work that entailed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and attitude still guide her volunteer work in her community school system.

She has a blog about creative lifelong learning and growing, to share what she has learned and is learning with others. Her blog is designed to help people find the best information, supplies, tips and training so her readers can maximize enjoyment in their lifetime.

She says, “I’ve been fortunate to have some great teachers and
mentors to help me out. Now I’m sharing some of the many tips and lessons I’ve picked
up along the way.

For me, it’s about having the highest possible life quality,
however you define that for yourself…”




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  1. Hello Annie,
    Great post and thank you for your generosity. You are so write (right- I am using Author’s privilege here) – there is abundance everywhere and as long as we help each other, it will repay itself a thousand times over.
    SO back to your article. I use all 3 – Squirrly (paid version, started with free and loved it so much that I upgraded), Jaaxy (still using the Lite version because it provides so much), and Yoast. Great tools, thnx for sharing and continued success to you.

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