Joy is Being an Online Marketer

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Hello Dear Readers,

While many of us are still learning as we create this new business, we are also living in a new sense of joy. Joy at being an on line marketer and writer. At least for me. It is such an amazing sense of joy. It is with me every moment. And those around me have already commented on the change.

So, here is what dawned on me.

Tell me if this works for you too.

joy is being an online marketer

The most amazing JOY things about owning our own business are :

  1. We decide how to spend our time
  2. We work when we want too
  3. We can work how ever many hours straight and then take time off
  4. We can spend our days learning to earn
  5. We are  helping others
  6. We create our own success through hard work
  7. We live as our own boss, sometimes even benevolent LOL
  8. When we learn how to control our traffic generation we control our finances
  9. As we learn how to stand in our own creative CEO sense, we create confidence
  10. We learn we are completely accountable for our success
  11. Each time we make a mistake we learn new ways to be successful
  12. The possibities are completely endless in how to be earning money
  13. Opening to potential of not living in a box
  14. Doing, doing and then doing some more,no trying for us
  15. and knowing at this moment anything is possible
  16. We have changed our thinking from follower to leader
  17. We no longer need the confirmation of others to determine our success
  18. We make the choice to live in each moment and cherish it
  19. Understanding that with each frustration, we are building our own empire
  20. Knowing that each moment we make the choice to be persistant and consistent
  21. We get to watch the growth every day.
  22. We no longer await our boss to give us a raise
  23. Our horizons are only limited by our thoughts
  24. We stay the course
  25. Giving up is just not an option for we opt for JOY daily!

Instead each day, as our mentor Bo Tipton says, is the day to be successful. So the joy of what we do everyday means that the days of the week have no weight. Because each day is so filled with joy, potential and learning.

joy is being an online marketer


And while we are loving our businesses, we are, get this. ..LOVING OUR LIVES!

So there is no waiting for Friday to come. As everyday is our fun day. We are literally creating our own Universe.

And that is completely awesome and empowering, isn’t it?

be your own boss on top of the world
be your own boss on top of the world

And that indeed is to me the joy of online marketing. At any given time, it is never the same. There are always ways to enhance what we are doing. So we are constantly evolving and growing in our knowledge of this business. There is never a shortage of material to read and grasp. And the more we learn, well you got it… the more we earn!


I so do like the concept of this very moment.  For it holds the potential of absolutely anything. So we can spend the moment thinking I wish it was another day. Or we can spend the moment being in the joy of creating. Creating an exciting growing business. Creating a new thought pattern that allows us to see possibity instead of limits. And that makes for very happy campers, yes?

I mean. how often are we spending the time looking at a clock and saying wow I wish it was Saturday? Well for me. That no longer applies. I am living a dream that I thought was for others.

I had no idea that in my 60’s I could completely change my world.  And it has changed. In so many ways. I get up each morning with a routine that makes me feel even more empowered.

I get up, make my bed and enjoy how beautiful my room looks. And that I completed a task already. Then off to meditate and exercise. And while I  am exercising I do my mantra for my daily prayer.

And this is the next best part. Ready for this?

I cannot wait to get to my ‘puter. Because I know that in that moment, my creativity is going to soar. And I will also have instant contact with my amazing mastermind group. Each morning is filled with the joy of connection and growing success.

Is your morning like this? If not, let’s make the change. Right now! Change our thinking, see our potential and know the joy. Feel the joy. Live the joy. We are so worth it. Why wait until tomorrow to see and live success. Why wait for another moment, when this moment is beyond lovely. What are you waiting for?

joy is being an on line marketer

Joy, it is our natural state. Don’t let yourself be pulled away from that which is yours to take. And no trying, its just about doing. For we are on the NOW plan. 

So I am in this zenith of happiness.  I am changing the world just by being in this continual state of happiness because it is contagious.So not only do I get the joy of creating my own world. I also get to be of service. What could possibly be even better than that? 

What does your look like? 

joy is being an online marketer

So come on! Join me in writing for a living and enjoying life in this moment. Not waiting for the weekend to live. This is our moment to live.

Why waste it waiting for another day?  Meet people from all around the world. Get the support you need at any time of the day. And create your own Universe.

Hmm, what are you going to name your  own Universe?

Join me, Let’s really learn how to live each moment! And dance in the joy of this amazing moment.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart-centric moment at a time

5 thoughts on “Joy is Being an Online Marketer

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, Ariel. Although, I’m still tied to a job outside of our home, my day of not working for an employer is fast approaching. I love being a writer and an online marketer, both bring out great creativity.

    I resonated with every word in this article.

    1. Hello Sue, I am so happy for you. I know that you have been working so hard to make this switch. And I have no doubt that you will be successful. And when our creativity flows, it is beyond amazing experience, isn’t it? Just loving life each moment indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Great article, Ariel.
    Yes. Working online is indeed a lovely experience. It does mean that business is open 24/7 or as you choose. Yes, you get to choose how, when, where, and you will have your reason why. Yes, your list is a great reminder of what you can achieve.
    Continued success to you.

    1. Hello Michelle, Thank you for your support. And yes it is true we need to find our joy and our balance. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. There really are so many great advantages to working online, in whatever capacity you can. I simply cannot imagine going back to a traditional 9-5 job again.

    The only potentially negative part about working online is that most of us underestimate how much focus it can require. While it may not be an issue for some people, I suspect that most people do have some difficulty with it, at least initially.

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