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My grandgift and I were drawing together. We were laughing  and just loving seeing the colors emerge on the page. Suddenly, my crayon broke in two, as crayons do.

I said laughingly, how wonderful, now we have two red crayons.

I thought that was a seemingly perfect way to handle a change for her. But I was wrong. I mean really wrong. She burst into deep heart wrenching sobs. So much so I just wrapped her in my arms and prayed that all her life there would never be a worse heart break.

I could not console her. She needed something. I could not figure it out what it was.

So why am I telling you this? Because it is a right on example of thinking we are connecting with our readers, when essentially I was bombing. And that did not feel good at all.

So back to my story. What would bring her ease and peace?

I figured out that to her almost 2 year old heart, this was an “owwie”. The crayon was hurt and could not be healed. She could not handle that pain.

Finally not knowing what else to do, I asked her if she would indeed prefer to throw the crayon away. She looked at me with such relief. Did she want to be the one to throw it away? She shook her head yes.

Once that crayon was in the trashcan, she slowly began to smile again.

But this was a great learning lesson for me. I thought I had an answer.

But in reality I had not thought about what she needed.

And that is how we figure out if we are going to blog successfully.  Does that make sense to you?

Writing quality content is truly a fascinating way to get to connect with our readers. And if we do not get that right tone or be completely ourselves and genuine, we have lost that reader.

The problem is, how do we know when we are truly doing that?


1.Communication is engagement.

2. Speak in conversation tones

3. Always be a story teller

4. Ask unasked questions that the reader might be thinking as they read your piece.

5. Use great images

6. Use language that is informal and add humor

7. Make the story flow naturally.

When we use these tips, we allow the story to evolve naturally. So it will just flow. And isn’t that what we all want, to participate in something that is fun to read and is easily to understand?

So each time we start to write, ask yourself these questions:

1 Am I solving their problem?

2. Am I engaging my reader?

3. Am I proving value?

Enjoy this journey. It is one not to be missed!

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In peace and gratitude,

Founder,,living one heart -centric moment at a time!



  1. I love how you call her your grandgift. What a great perspective on such a great gift.
    There are so many times we try and miss. And have to try again.
    Always working to be sensitive and aware of what our readers are looking for, what problem they are looking to solve, will help a lot. It is not about what we think or want, so much as what they are looking for. Of course, if we have something we have solved in our lives, there is a pretty high probability that others out there have the same challenge to be solved.
    When we present a viable solution and how it benefits us and them, we connect.

    Thanks, Ariel.

    1. Thank you Annie! So well said. And as long as we keep trying, we will get there ..yes?
      And sharing our lives is so much a part of connecting. So glad we are connected! Enjoy this day and thanks for being here.

  2. Hello Ariel,
    Nice article. It is so important to be aware of others and their perception. One thing can mean so many things to so many different people. Thanks for sharing your story and your great tips.

  3. Wow Ariel,

    You’re wonderful, I have really enjoyed reading this article. Especially with your 7 tips. They are so helpful.

    I must admit that I have learned a lot from this post. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. Hello Stephen, You are so very kind..thank you! I think you at pretty wonderful too.
      I am just so happy we get to share this journey together. I know we will all be successful. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Stephen, How very kind of you! Thank you. I look forward to hearing more about your success. I am so grateful we are sharing this journey together. In peace, joy and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Point #1 “Communication is engagement” struck a chord with me. For myself, if I can keep that in the forefront of my mind, then the writing is free-flowing to a greater extent. As a child we all loved to hear great stories and now we are the story-tellers for our businesses. Excellent!

    All the best to you.

    1. Hello Sue, Oh I loved the way you just put this. Indeed what a great analogy. We do all love stories. And how fabulous indeed that we get to be professional story tellers now. I always wanted to be a costumed story teller.. so now, LOL I am a typing story teller. So exciting. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Sue, Oh I like that story tellers of our business. Great thought and so true. So when we really get the story right, we are flowing in our connection to our audience. And that is priceless, yes? So glad we are sharing this journey together, in peace,joy and gratitude, ariel

  5. I have always loved language, so I really enjoy creating a relationship with people through the written word. If I can also help people along the way, even better!

    This is a great reminder to consider the language we use when we write. We obviously know what we are trying to communicate, but we should always take a moment to see it through another person’s eyes.

    1. Hello Craig, thanks so much for stopping by!It does fascinate me that what we think we are saying vs what is being perceived can be worlds apart. So truly making sure we are not missing our intent is probably a struggle every writer has to contend with. And seeing it from another’s eye is really a learning experience, isn’t it? In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Craig, Language is truly fascinating. What we think we are saying is never a guarantee that is what is being heard. In fact its pretty amazing that we even really hear each other. LOL. But when we do it right, there is nothing more connecting or empowering, is there? So glad we are sharing this journey together. in peace, joy and gratitude, ariel

  6. Hi Ariel,
    Thanks for the tips and advice. One blog solves one problem and create values to readers. The writing is naturally flowing and story telling. Very nice points to remember.

  7. I love writing stories. The best non fiction book I ever read was written like a crime novel. Of course it was about investigating crime.

    The biggest part of a good story is framework. I like the guidelines you put down for a good framework in blog posts. No one is going to come to a site that does not help them solve some sort of problem.

    1. Hello Brit, I so hear you. So well said. So off we go to setting up a framework that solves problems and builds trust. Amazing journey, yes? So glad we are sharing this journey together. In peace, joy and gratitude, ariel

  8. Hi Ariel. Not only did you talk the talk but you walked the walk with this post. I loved how you used a very personal experience to teach a business principle. I especially appreciate the 7 tips to blogging. I’ll bookmark this page for future reference.

    1. Hello Zola, So many thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your very kind words. And I am finding that as we explore building our own business, our true voices are really coming forward. So that I am this business. And it is up to me. That means I share my process because if i am going through it, others are also. If we can touch any lives, and make them a bit easier, for that I am so grateful. So glad we are part of this group Zola. In peace and gratitude, and so much joy, ariel

    2. Hello Zola, I think the more we experience how to build a business, the more I understand how much it is a people business. I want to connect with others so using my life as an example helps us all to realize we can do this. And if it helps one person, I did my job, yes? And what is better than planting seeds of hope and potential for each other? That to me is priceless. So glad we are sharing this amazing journey together. I can already see how successful you are and will be! In peace, joy and gratitude, ariel

  9. Dear Ariel,

    Awesome post with great information.

    In your “7 TIPS TO BLOGGING SUCCESS & So each time we start to write, ask yourself these questions(4 great questions)” is really useful and you covered it all. All I need to do is implement what I learned. Thanks Again!

    Your Friend,

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