Why and How To Use Autoresponders to Help Newbies and Grow Your Business

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how to use autoresponders is a cornerstone of business growth today
Why and how to use autoresponders is a cornerstone of business growth today

Autoresponders are a Cornerstone of an Internet Business

Finding out why and how to use autoresponders to grow your online  and downline – or offline – business is a key ingredient in business growth today.

As business people who work to grow our downlines in online marketing, we need to give support to our entrepreneurs who sign on with us.  Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate gives us tools to do that.  And I have another tool for you to look into, too.

Support Can Be Automated AND Effective

We can take the best practices of other businesses, and automate them for our own best practices.

Support for a Newbie in any position is usually something a smart business person gives.  In fact, support is usually a need.  It certainly makes sense for optimal performance.

When someone takes a new job, (s)he usually gets assigned a mentor to help  through the existing systems, and get up to speed.  That makes sense, because (s)he is getting paid from minute one to be there.  The company wants to get the best bang for the buck, right?

It works not quite the same, but in a way that is related, in online business.

The transaction is not dollars for time as in a typical office, manufacturing, or retail setting.  Your entrepreneur gives dollars for investment in the systems and training in the online opportunity.

The business operators want to give quality training for several reasons in an online business:

Reputation and branding helps get positive reviews and brings more business
Good training helps the entrepreneur be successful, and stay with the company
When an entrepreneur succeeds, the business owner gets ongoing residual payments

WEalthy Affiliate tools to help new entrepreneurial successWealthy Affiliate Success Supports

At Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle has a lot of automated and fantastic training.  There are courses with modules that break the business of blogging and affiliate marketing into actionable chunks.  And with each phase of the learning, there are action steps to take.

These action steps put the training into practice, so the entrepreneur learns the material from the inside out.

They also help the entrepreneur to build their blog, step by step.  And once they are ready, to begin to drive traffic to it.

Kyle warns that it takes time, action, perseverance and tenacity!  And it does.  It takes at least 3 months to get recognized by the search engines.

Many of the other members at Wealthy Affiliate do their own trainings.  Why?

  • One reason is to gain recognition and branding within the WA community.
  • Another, is to help the entrepreneurs who enroll as Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate under them, to be successful.
  • Another, is WA is set up with rewards for free stuff when you fully participate in the community.

Are there other reasons?  Probably.  There are almost 1 Million members, so there are probably 1 million stories in the WA community!

So, What Can We Learn From This?

More importantly, what can you learn that will help you grow your online business and make the money you and your family deserve?

  • Communication with your entrepreneurs helps them acclimate.
  • Training is important for their success.
  • Being real about what is required sets up reasonable expectations.
  • There is great training at WA that you can tap into- for them!
  • The more you equip your entrepreneurs, the more sticking power you have.

The sticking power is having them continue with the program.  Each month one of your entrepreneurs stays aboard WA, you get paid.

It makes sense to help them succeed, just for monetary reasons, right?  Then you get the bonuses of all the altruism about wanting to help make the world a better place,  helping more families have what they want and need, and feeling good about who and what you are in the world.  All while making money online!  Learning how to use autoresponders will help maintain the support to keep them in business, and in your downline.

Mentorship Can Be Time-Consuming

I’ve done it.  I got paid to do it.  I mentored people in how to select, renovate and re-sell houses during the recent real estate debacle.  I was doing it, and I coached others to do it, too.

I got those benefits: “It makes sense to help them succeed, just for monetary reasons, right?  Then you get the bonuses of all the altruism about wanting to help make the world a better place,  helping more families have what they want and need, and feeling good about who and what you are in the world. “  It felt good, and it was a good business model.

If group or one-on-one coaching is your thing, go for it!  There is a need.  I treasure my coaches!

This post is about automating, and getting results.

Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate automates.

Wealthy Affiliate even has a built-in way for you to automate building your referral base, the thing that will give you residual income when you promote Wealthy Affiliate.

In the Wealthy Affiliate WA Affiliate Program, there is a place called messages.  This is the place where you can set up a series of autoresponders to your newbies.

Here you can set up an autoresponder to someone who is just taking a FREE LOOK.  You can give this potential entrepreneur a prod to help make the decision to invest in their future.  Encourage them to move ahead.  Give an urgency by offering a bonus if they act within 7 days:

Kyle teaches

  • First month discount of 59% ($19 for first month)
  • Unlimited access to YOU, for your direction, answers, resources, training
  • A Bonus of your top five recommended training videos and/or postings on WA for quick start

You can set up a welcome message when they go Premium.  You can set up a few others there.  These are great!

help prevent failure and giving upPreventing Fall-Off When You Can

Those are really great for a first contact.

I have found a fantastic and low-cost resource for additional contact with your entrepreneurs.

With the ones on WA, there is no opt-in.  You set them up, and your entrepreneur gets the emails because they set up their account.

For longer-term support, you may want to look into Traffic Wave.

Set up a campaign there that your entrepreneur can opt into…with a link from one of your WA messages.

What You Need

With Traffic Wave, you will need a landing or capture page where your entrepreneur chooses to opt in for more email support.  You may want to offer a FREE EBook to help them make that choice.

Traffic Wave has an automated response that tells them they need to confirm.  Then you will want to sent up a Landing Page for your entrepreneur.

This will reside as a private page on your blog website.  Here you will give them a link to their FREE Ebook or whatever bonus you devise!.    And then the automated emails begin.

Your mails do not appear out of the ether!  You will need to create them in Traffic Wave.

TW is very user-friendly. There is a lot of easy-to-follow training there to teach you exactly how to use autoresponders in your business.  You may want to recommend other training on WA or from other sources…perhaps your own.  JUST DO IT!

Please note:  Traffic Wave can be used for many other campaigns and promotions, very effectively, and is not limited to support of your Wealthy Affiliate Downline.  You may not even be promoting WA as your primary goal for monetizing your online business.  Traffic Wave will be useful for you for whatever business niche you enter.


Traffic Wave has an awesome residual income set-up!

If you see the possibilities of Traffic Wave and autoresponders, imagine how other entrepreneurs (even yours!) may benefit!  Check out the possibilities here!

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Annie is a wife, Mom and Grannie, who has discovered and rediscovered creative art in her retirement. She has a lifelong commitment to learning and living creatively.

She has been a business owner, and enjoys the challenges and demands and creative hard work that entailed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and attitude still guide her volunteer work in her community school system.

She has a blog about creative lifelong learning and growing, to share what she has learned and is learning with others. She says, “There is a lot of paid-for ‘information’ on the internet, and it can be hard to sort through all of it to get to what is truly helpful. Together, we can help one another live creatively in pursuing happiness and joy, health and wholeness. ”

Her blog is designed to help people find the best information, supplies, tips and training so her readers can maximize enjoyment in their lifetime.

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9 thoughts on “Why and How To Use Autoresponders to Help Newbies and Grow Your Business

  1. I am just learning to work with autoresponders. A friend told me of traffic wave. I am working on my first list of letters for an email campaign now. I am surprised at how easy and hard it is at the same time!

  2. Dear Annie,

    Yes I do use Trafficwave.net as my autoresponder and its really awesome. When you said “TW is very user-friendly. There is a lot of easy-to-follow training there” that’s 100% true. I really like the training they provide and their webinar are very useful. “Traffic Wave has an awesome residual income set-up!” That’s really a good income plan.

    Your Friend,

      1. Dear Annie,

        Yes their referral program is really great and they have four ways in which we can earn money. The system is great and their referral system is great. Also the trafficwave training is awesome.

        Your Friend,

  3. Hello Annie,
    Thanks for this gentle reminder. I remember my newbie days and yes, I felt like a fish out of water…an d sometimes still do as I learn more new things.
    A mentor is a great investment – your time and theirs – and if there is money involved, a great investment in yourself as well. You will reap the pay-back in more ways than one.
    Thanks for this, Annie, and all the best.

  4. I’m still figuring out autoresponders. I remember how I was originally opposed to them, because I always felt that I should be giving personal attention to people, and autoresponders felt like “cheating”, but I really see the advantage of using them now. Repeating the same information to people over and over would be a terrible waste of time. The autoresponders let you say everything that you need to say once, but have that message repeated as many times as necessary.

    And, of course, this does give you more time for personal interaction.

    Nice post!

  5. I remember my very early days with Wealthy Affiliate. I did not come to the site through anyone else, so I didn’t have a mentor then. I was lost. There was so much to see and an incredible amount of information staring me in the face. A very kind member guided me in the direction that worked for him. I love the idea of giving back and I can see mentoring others in my future.

    I am using Traffic Wave as my autoresponder of choice. It’s easy to work with and has saved me so much time and effort.

    Great article, Annie.

  6. Hello Annie, you punched so much information into this post. I can barely digest it all. Wonderful source of information indeed. And I am so grateful that we have a mentor that is determined to see us all succeed. Thank you for writing this. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Annie,

    Thanks so much for all the information in your post, it is very helpful. I am still a newbie and I agree that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. I also like all the knowledge of the community, so you never really get stuck for long. There is always someone to help out. One thing I do know, is an autoresponder that captures the email address of our visitors is a must have! It is vital to building our business.


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