How To Start A Business From Home

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starting a business from scratch need the right structureIt is also convenient for anyone who would like to escape the daily commute and having to get dressed in the morning to go to an office. If such a lifestyle appeals to you but you have no idea how to start a business from home, here are a few steps you can take.

The most successful home businesses are online businesses so we will focus more on that. And when you have read this entire article, you will know exactly what steps you need to do, and how to make any business you choose work for you.

Step 1.

What Are Your Interests And Skills?

You will need to think carefully about what you may find interesting. Businesses tend to be more successful when the proprietor is doing something they enjoy. You also need to consider how your interests connect with your skills because when you do something that comes naturally to you, it is more likely that you will succeed.

In the Internet Marketing industry, we call this your niche. Whatsoever you like, you can become an Affiliate and market that online to earn an income, and I will show you exactly the process to make that happen.

Step 2.

working from homeWhat Problems Can You Solve?

Most of the successful businesses are those that are solving people’s problems. For example, Facebook is very popular because it has helped people keep in touch with people they care about (as well as spy on their exes LOL). Take time to see if your interests and skills are able to solve a problem or provide a particular need. It could even be providing information to new mothers on how to care for their children or connecting parents with trusted babysitters.

Others choose the health industry where they can make people better while doing their day to day routine. Staying healthy is a big industry and you can capitalize on that by solving a need and making money while doing so, and you will see how easy to go through that process by the time you finish with this article.

My niche making money online and I have done this for people who went on to do it to others as well. and if this is what you desire, this community which I will introduce you to, will help you to achieve exactly that. if your niche or passion is something else, we will show you how to monetize your website to have the same success.

Step 3.

What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Business?

If you have identified what you think would be a great business idea, you need to carry out a quick SWOT analysis. List down the strengths of your proposed home business, weaknesses, the opportunities in that field and Threats. This will help you be prepared for certain things that may come your way and you may also be able to decide if this is really a business that you will be able to sustain.

Some people come to this community with a business and need help. Others need a business and do not know what direction to turn. Some just browsing the Internet cause they had a fight with their spouse and don’t want to be bothered. Lol. Whatever it is, you need direction from people who have been there. Joining this community will be a plus for your future, cause you will see what others went through and how they came out ahead.

Step 4.

Who is your target?

Businesses usually have target markets, you need to clearly define who they are, this will help you in marketing your business as well as producing the product or service in such a way that it will appeal to that target. Go deep to define this target. Do not just stop at saying your target is women. Identify the age group, the marital status, what interests them, where do they live and so on.

This is where you will lead the pack in your niche. Most marketers never target a particular gender or age group and that can serve as an authority business over the rest. It does not matter when you start, if your target is different to the masses, you can become successful instantly. We will show you how to accomplish that as well while building a long-term business.

building an income from home

Step 5.

What Do You Need To Start-up And What Will It Cost?

List down everything you will need to start this business. If it is an online business you will need a website or a blog for example. How much will that cost you? Do you have enough money for that? How will you finance the business? Once you have listed down everything you will need, it is time to start getting those things together.

After that you make your list, decide which business is the best fit for you. once that is done, commit to that business for a period of time. Some say 3 months, others say 6 months and some even went on to say one year. Whatever you decide a commitment has to be made. Is like a marriage, well, not until death do us part. Lol. A vow is not necessary here if you catch my drift.

Step 6.

Who knows you?

Let people know about your business that is in the same pipeline. You can start with family and friends, these will probably be your first clients and they will help you spread the word. this is not what I did. when I begin to talk about business my family and friends ran far away from me. Lol. So this did not work for me, cause I was in countless business before that did not work, so they had a good clue of my track record. things have changed since.

I went to the cold market and social media and it started to light a fire. Then I dip into paid advertising and the machine came alive. It was so alive that my family and friends came to me wanting to know what I was doing. Is that funny or what?

Keep a close Watch now!

Summary: These Steps For Starting A Business From Home And What Action You Need To Take Today.

You are now ready to begin setting up your business. Get everything together and have a plan that will have a time frame for the setup period and a blueprint of some kind to help you work smoothly. Here is where I will guide you along the way, and when you are inside, I will show you what is working for me, and how you can do the same while going through your training.


Let’s get started now and leave me a short message inside. Is free and no upsells! Join For Free Here.


22 thoughts on “How To Start A Business From Home

  1. Some really good advice here.

    I especially appreciate you asking about a target audience. I have seen people try to start an online business without knowing to whom they are trying to appeal. Without knowing who your audience is, you won’t know how to reach them.

    1. Thank you for your comment Craig and kind words. Targetting your audience was my biggest problem when starting out. I was taught that if you just place your keywords all over your posts Google would find favors with your website and gives you better rankings. Yes, I learned the hard way.

      When I learned to focus on your target market and appeal to them, then my rankings went up. So this was very big for me that is why I decided to share this with the public so that they would not make the same mistakes as I did. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Hi David,

    I really liked the step-by-step plan for creating a business, broken down into nice bite-sized pieces. You explained it all clearly and that helped me a lot. My focus has always been “all over the map” so to speak, and gaining this insight into what I need to do is priceless.

    1. Sue, glad that you got some value in this article. The reason I break this down so that others will find it easy to follow and implement it as well. I myself was all over not knowing what angle to take when reaching out to my audience.

      This has worked for me in the past so I would like others to do the same and get the same results. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Hello David, this is such a phenomenal outline of knowing what we need to set up a business. I really appreciate how in depth you went from our niche to how much it would cost. And the line that your family might not be the best place to start. But I am so happy to see you turned the skeptics into believing you. Great article. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Yes Ariel, I follow these guidelines all the time when building my websites and marketing to my target audience. My family was not my choice because I have pitched to them in the past and those businesses did not work or did not stay around long enough. So my track record was not that good with my family and some of my friends. Yes, they had a change of heart when they see my results.

      Thank you for the kind words and I hope you use these guidelines for your business and get the same or better results. If ever you need help with anything pertaining to your business, please feel free and reach out to me, I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success.


  4. Very good post with excellent points. I like you mentioned target audience and that is very good point. Without a target we have nothing to aim for so, if we aim for nothing we will hit nothing every time.

    1. Hi Craig, glad you see the need to target your audience. This was the mistake that I was making when I started out. After changing my direction and work on my target market, things started to change for me. We have to keep aiming for something as you mention. Thank you for the comment.


  5. You have given a detailed explanation for anyone interested and researching how to start a business from home.
    This is really helpful in sorting out the ground work to establish a successful online business.
    And like the saying goes, if you can do it anyone can do it!

    1. Tania, you would not believe how this had bogged me for years. I always believe that if you stuff your keywords in your posts that the magic happens. I learned the hard way. I had to get new training on how to build a successful business online.

      Glad that wealthy affiliate found me. The training was all new to me, but I see it through and then I see the results with my business. nothing is better than having the right approach All the things.

  6. Great article David!
    These days, we are all wanting to ‘step outside the box’ and embark on a totally different way of living and working. And the online work seems to be the most appealing. You have structured all the necessary points that we need to consider to ‘make that move’ and I appreciate your effort.
    It can sometimes be scary to make that move, but if we heed your advice, I have a great thought that things will take root.
    Much success to you as well.

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for your comment and kind words. There are so much of us that want a better life for our family, and the Internet has proven to be one of the best through Affiliate Marketing.

      That is the reason there are so many scams out there because of they know the need to make a living online through the Internet, the demand is huge. My goal is to educate these people so that they know how to choose a business and when starting out, always look for one that offers a free membership as well. glad you see the value here. all the best.

  7. Hi David. You’ve made the process of starting a business so simple with your step by step explanation. All these steps are so tightly connected and critical to the success of any business, especially an online business. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be sure to bookmark this page so I can refer to it in the future.

    1. Zola, simplicity is key to reaching your audience when showing them the steps to building a business online. I remember how difficult it was for me trying to figure what these Gurus were sying.

      The steps that I mention is the same steps that bI uses and it works for me and tons of others. Grate you got something from it and feel free to come back again, cause this blog is updated weekly with new strategies. Hope all is well with you and your business. god Speed.

  8. Most people come into online work thinking that it is a get rich quick scheme. I like that you are pointing out that money will be spent.

    My favorite part of this article is your direction to take the time to plan out your business expenses. This is something I am going to have to take the time to do. I appreciate the tips.

    1. Hi Brittaney, glad you leave me a comment. Working online is different today as it was in the past. People are more understanding the Internet today and how it works as in the past.

      A business expense is always a major part of your business and if not plan out your business right, it can be the difference between success and failure. Glad you see the value here. All the best.

  9. Hi,
    You have a nice approach on business. Starting with identifying the problem and then coming out solution to the problem. It is very apparent that you establish a business to solve people’s problem. With this in our mind and we are always here to solve people’s problem and help people. The end is apparently rewarding from people you helped. Very smart philosophy.

    1. Anthony, you have to remember that most of the time people go to the Internet to find out about something. they not only want the knowledge, they would like to know how they can solve it, get it or the solution.

      If you can provide all the information to these people and show them the solution and how to get it, It is a win-win situation for you and your audience. This can be the difference between having a successful website or not. Glad you see the approach here.


  10. Hey David,

    Thanks so much for the tips, I have learned two things from this post.

    One I need to be passionate or have interest in what I’m doing, if not it will be difficult for me to achieve any success.

    Secondly, I also need to be able to solve people’s problems, since most of those who come online are people looking for real solutions to their problems, I know that if I’m able to do this, then surely I will be heading towards success.

  11. Dear David,

    Thanks for the valuable information and all the steps you mentioned are very important to start a business from home.

    You can start with family and friends, these will probably be your first clients and they will help you spread the word…. Ha ha ha same here the same experience what you got. But once we achieved success you know what they will come and ask us to teach them….

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you for the comment Paul and I am glad that you get some value here on the steps that are needed to start your home-based business.

      Exactly, now my family and friends are joining me because of the success I am having. This will happen to you as well if you follow all the steps that I mention in this post. Take care and all the best.

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