How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate!

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How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate!

like a ball you can have a good bounce rate

OK, I hear you thinking…what on earth is a bounce rate? So, before we get into talking about how to reduce website bounce rate, let’s look at the definition of a bounce rate.

Well, allow me to explain. If you are the proud owner of a website, on the MUST-HAVES for survival is the magic word TRAFFIC!!

Without traffic, you might just be living in the twilight zone or maybe 6-foot under or just floating out there somewhere in cyber-morgue.

The bounce rate refers to the amount of time that any reader spends on your website – reading, looking for information that is needed – in very simple terms. If someone visits your website and only checks out one page, then leaves, your bounce rate is considered 100% as this is what is registered – only one request to the server.

This bounce rate is also another way that Google uses to rank your website. It is an indicator of the reader liking your content enough to stay and browse, and the ease in navigating your site as well. Of course, aesthetics also play a role. It is all a part of the user experience.

Here Are A Few Possible Reasons For A High Bounce Rate:

  • It is just one page with no sub-pages or outbound internal links.
  • Incorrect implementation of the tracking code – each analytical tool uses a tracking code and this has to be integrated into the source code to get the correct statistics.
  • Poor web page design – how is the aesthetics of your website? Is it inviting enough? Is it easy to navigate?
  • Content – yes, that magic word. Is your content relevant, efficient, interesting?

Here Are A Few Suggestions To Reduce Website Bounce Rate:

reduce website bounce rate using these tips

  • Internal links – the most important SEO factor for any website.
  • Good readability – be mindful of grammar, sentence structure, theme, paragraph lengths, bullet points, images, videos when writing content.
  • Website navigation – your design should make the user experience one to make them keep ‘coming back for more’. Try putting yourself in the ‘shoes’ of the reader and how it feels once they land on your website and maybe then you are able to enhance the viewing experience from that viewpoint. Also, remember compatibility with the more popular browsers in order to minimize errors in displaying the data.
  • Website speed – in the world we live in, it seems that instant gratification is a prerequisite for almost everything – so let’s ensure that the ‘patience’ of your readers is not tested by the slowness of your site. You can always check with Google PageSpeed – a great Google tool. It checks both the desktop as well as a mobile device. And Google also uses this as a factor associated with website ranking. An allowable speed is anywhere between 2-3 seconds as a guideline.
  • Keywords – ensure that you do not ‘stuff’ your content with keywords but ensure that it all makes sense and that the ones you choose do indeed help with your ranking based on the user. Using long tail keywords are optimal.
  • The ads on your website – use them sparingly.
  • Mobile optimization – about 70% of your readers access the content using a mobile device. Google has a free tool to help you with this Google Test – you can check your website HERE!

We do not live in a perfect world, however, we can still make adjustments to ensure that it comes close. Try using the above suggestions to help you reduce website bounce rate and being aware of it as you move forward from this point. It is not a difficult task, but one thing you need to do is to be consistent as this will make all the difference for your website and your business life online.


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12 thoughts on “How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate!

  1. Hi Michelle,

    You really did well in writing this article. You have opened my eyes to know what bounce rate really mean and how I can improve upon mine.

    I know that if visitors to your website stay longer, it is a good way of getting better rankings, but I didn’t know how to go about it . So I’m glad you you said one way to improve upon this is by using Internal Links.

    Thanks so much for sharing this useful article.

    1. Hello there Stephen,
      You are welcome. They say knowledge is power. I am glad that this article proved to be empowering for you. Yes, if we know the things that will help us along this journey to success, we will get their quicker.
      Much success.

  2. Hi Michelle thank you for the information you have given on reduce website bounce rate. It was great to go through and work out what I need to sort out on my website. Thank you.

  3. The big things for me are readability and navigability. If material is well-presented and easy to find on a site, I will tend to stay longer and check out multiple pages/ posts.

    If the site is a mess, I am gone.

    You have a number of very good, valid points here, all of which should be kept in mind as we build out our sites.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Craig. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly! If you have trouble navigating a site or even understanding what the owner is trying to convey – this can be a deterrent to ‘staying online’. Click!
      I am glad the article provided some useful information for you.

  4. It wasn’t long ago that the bounce rate on my website was sky high. Following these principles, has brought that number down. Great article, Michelle. You brought to light, some points I had not considered.

    All the best,

  5. Awesome, Sue. I am glad that the article provided useful information for you. Even happier that you were able to address the bounce rate issue for your website. Continued success.

  6. You make some very good points here about bounce rate. I need to go back through my posts and make sure they line up with the things you have outlined. I think readability is one of the main ones you have to have. If your page is hard to read, your guest will not hang around long at all.

  7. Hello Michelle,
    Wow I have really been concerned about my bounce rate.. and this so helps me to understand the factors involved.. you just took the mystery out of this.. so many thanks! Great job.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. I need to go through my plugins on my website and decide what is necessary all the time and what I can turn on when I need it and off when I do not need it. I think that is the main reason for my web speed. It’s not slow, but it could be faster. But isn’t that the story with everything? Better, faster, and so many more things we need.

  9. Hi, Michelle, very valuable tips on bounce rate that I never considered. I would love to see Google list and all the things they look for on my website. Is Google god? I will definitely check my website and see what my Bounce Rate is, thank you for that.

    I have one question, on my website I have a pop up to get people on my email list, cause I believe that email marketing a big part of Internet Marketing business that people pay less attention to. do you think that pop-up would increase my bounce rate and reduce my rankings? Thank you for the value you give in this post.

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