How to pick a niche for your website.

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So you need help with your niche. So did I. Really. I think it took me almost a whole day to figure something out. I went through all of my favorite things to do and so much more.

A niche is a group of people who are looking for the same things you are interested in. They like collecting records or rocks like you. That is your niche.

Picking your niche….

It seems like a lot to think about. The truth is….it is a lot easier than you think. Start by thinking about you interests.

A niche can be on just about anything.
How about a niche on the cells in the human body?
  • What books do I read?
  • What music do I eat?
  • When I go to buy something random, what draws me?
  • Do I like talking about?
  • Do I like doing?
  • Do I like the arts? Any of them?
  • How about working on things like cars?

The only limit on your possibilities is you. What is the new thing your friend showed you last week? How much do you know about it? Do you want to know more about it? There is someone out there in the World Wide Web doing a niche website to answer your questions.

You can do it too. You don’t have to be an expert in anything. You will learn along the way.

My niche is a little obscure still…….

I was raised in a place where you don’t talk about my niche. That was because despite its benefits everyone still looked down on it as a drug.

My site is on cannabis. Its growth and benefits. If there are any risks, then finding out what they are? The problem with it is that it is just starting to turn into a market on any scale. It may be another year or two before my niche really gets going as something openly searched.

That is not a bad thing. Why? The less competition now, the bigger and harder it will be to take your crown of Google’s top spot when your niche really takes off.

It makes your site more profitable in the long run.

Your niche…..

What do you like? What does your sister like? How about your nephew? Just about anything can become your niche. YOU are the defining factor.

Currency is another niche that there are people who can be reached in.
A lot of people like money!

Here are a few thing to think about.

  • Make a set of goals – This is a business. Set your goals for the year by month, your weekly goals, and daily goals as well as daily tasks to reach your goals.
  • Content – Your site will never reach the top spot in google if you don’t have the quality content to claim the spot. Slow down and make sure your readers are getting benefit out of what you are writing. The biggest challenge you will face is who has more relevant and clear content.
  • Social media – Don’t be afraid of social media. This outlet can provide you with some of the best leads for customers that you could get. It does not matter if you are doing a paid ad on Facebook or if you are building Pin boards on Pinterest. The boards could even be about something funny rather than just your site. Your goal here is to get yourself noticed.
  • Get an Email subscriber and a PAID autoresponder – You get the emails from the subscriber. That means that can be free because it is only to help you get the contact. The autoresponder needs to be a paid one. A $20 per month subscription should be enough. The reason for a paid autoresponder is that spammers use free ones. This means that your email will most likely end up in the spam folder and never read. Bad for business and bad for the customer that signed up. Save yourself and their spam folder by just paying for an autoresponder.

I know…. Now you are here…

What in the world do I write?

Well that depends on you. Your niche has so much to write about that all you have to do is pick something. I write about several things in my niche, including doing reviews. Take a minute and think about a few things.

  • What problems do you see people have in your niche? – Help them understand and work through it. Either through advice or a product.
    A niche can be found anywhere.
    Answer question about side effects in pill if you are a pharmacist.

    Something they buy is best.

  • Maybe it is not a problem. Maybe they need something new in your niche. – So present several to them. Each comes with the added bonus of writing reviews.
  • Yay! Free bonus page! – Review every item on your page! And even things that are close enough to your niche that it makes sense in your content.

So you know what you are going to write about. How do you turn it into great content? There is a formula to this by the way. This formula will help you write any post or page and have great content no matter what you are writing about.

  • State the problem
  • Give the solution
  • Inform of benefit
  • Call to action

Take the time to write these things down somewhere you can see them often. It will get easier as you do it. The more you write the more you will have to write about. Let your niche unfold in front of you.


It is YOUR niche. Not anyone else’s. Yes there is competition. Did you have no competition in school? How about sports? The reality is that you cannot go without competition.

The good thing about it is that you are likely to easily beat the competition. Why? Because you came here. You found out what you are going to do. You have a plan. And you are ready to set up and build your very own niche website.

A great niche where people get to talk about other people!
Here is one more. Ancient civilizations! People love them.

I am so proud of you! Now, go out there and get writing!

Oh don’t forget to leave me a comment.

And if you need a place to teach you how to build your own website and be your own boss, check out the site I use!

8 thoughts on “How to pick a niche for your website.

  1. Hello Brittaney,

    This is a great post for anyone having trouble narrowing down and choosing a niche. As you said, it is your niche, not anyone else’s. Your breakdown on what to write, once you’ve narrowed down your niche, is brilliant.

  2. Hello Brit, wow you took the guess work out of choosing a niche. This was so informative. And it is so true that asking yourself all those questions really help to determine your passion for your niche. Great job!

  3. I remember starting out on the internet this was the most difficult task I had to encounter, how to choose a niche and monetize it for me to make money online. I know today some people still wrestle with this. by you breaking it down in such a simplistic form helps.

    As you mention, choosing your niche should be something that you like, with this it would be easy for you to write about. Your passion would give you the edge when writing to give your audience well-written content, that Google will favor you in the search engines resulting in better rankings.

    Quick question, my passion always has been in the self-development and spiritual aspects, how would I be able to monetize this passion? and where can I go to find a product that I can sell to make money in this niche? Thanks again for your breakdown and I look forward to you helping me with this.

  4. Choosing a niche seems to be difficult for many people.

    When I first looked into affiliate marketing, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do, but I very quickly rethought my decision, because I didn’t see a way to monetize it. After that, I was at a complete loss for what to choose, because I simply couldn’t think of anything.

    When I was told “anything can be a niche” I scoffed at the idea. If anything could be a niche, why couldn’t I think of even one?

    Well, the issue was with me, because I did settle on one (actually going back to my original idea… ) and now I can look at almost anything and see how it could become a great niche.

    If this article had been available to me back when I started, I would have had a much easier time choosing and/ or sticking with my niche, and had a much better idea of what to do with it!

  5. Hello Brittaney,
    Great article – short and sweet and more importantly – to the point!
    A lot of people do get ‘stuck’ in choosing a ‘niche’, however, if they were to read this article, the cobwebs would be lifted and clarity would abound.
    Yes, it takes a little time to get started, but once you are in the driver’s seat – you get to choose the direction and the journey.
    Continued success.

  6. The decision on choosing a niche is very important if you want to use the website to build a successful online business.
    Your post on how to pick a niche for you website contains valuable guidelines to help work out a suitable niche.
    I had my niche before starting to build my business and it is my passion, so it is fantastic to create a website and build a business on something that is a major part of my life.

  7. Some great ideas here on how to pick a niche and some good thoughts on what to write about. I am currently researching ideas for my next niche and really struggling to narrow it down to one idea so this post will be helpful. I’m going to bookmark it so I can come back to it later and read once or twice more. Thanks for posting.

  8. Dear Britt,

    Thanks for the post and its really helpful.

    When it comes to niche selection lot of people get confused and take a lot of time to select their niche, many struggle in selecting their niche, to be honest I also taken a lot of time select my niche but your recommendations on selecting a niche and ideas are great.

    Your Friend,

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