How To Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur

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successful online entrepreneurDoes the title give you a tingle, are you starting to salivate? Great! Start planning, brainstorm and ponder the implications of life as a successful online entrepreneur.

My decision to start an online business has been a life-changing experience. I would like to share with you what I have learned about how to become a successful online entrepreneur.

A great advantage of life as an entrepreneur is that you get to choose your subject. YOUR NICHE. It is an important decision.

In my opinion, it should be something you are knowledgeable about, that you have a passion for or it can be something that has been swirling in your head and you need to stop the swirl and press the action button.

plan the businessPlan The Business

Keep a place of choice to make notes on the following items. It is something you can refer back to and it will help establish in your mind important factors that will guide your path to success.

  • Write down core ideas about what you are doing, how you will do it, why you are doing it, who is your business aimed at
  • Think about your ethos’s and write a few short sentences on it
  • Draw up a Mission Statement
  • Document your financial goals and your non-financial goals
  • Make a list of your interests, cool stuff you would like to do and your frustrations

time money are major considerationsTime Money, Money Time                         

Starting an online business does not have high costs, you will need a computer and an internet service.

Time and money are major considerations of life. Starting a new business means that a time frame of when the business will generate an income is difficult to track. It can depend on your level of experience and the time you have available to spend on the business.

Therefore, planning is needed to make sure that there is finance available to sustain you until the business becomes income generating.

draw up a scheduleWhatever your scenario is, one all-important factor is drawing up a SCHEDULE.

Allocating precise times as to when you will do it and what you will do.

The schedule should also include activities outside the successful online business that is being built. Meal times, exercise, social activities and whatever other commitments that need to be attended to.

An online business means sitting at a computer for long stretches of time. Something that may be deemed as not important is actually vital to your health and that is taking regular breaks. A good pointer is for every hour of sitting take a 5-minute break.

How To Go About The Business                                             

For the vastness of internet and the unlimited opportunity available, as with everything there are also plenty of slimy scamsters out there. But never fear – there is an option with a proven track record.

The day I joined Wealthy Affiliate was a life changer for me. It has a state-of-the-art platform with everything needed to build a successful online business.

I know because I have very limited computer experience and the knowledge that I have gleaned and what I have accomplished in my quest to build a successful online business has me reeling with personal satisfaction – OK let me step off the podium and knuckle down to important bits.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a package that is an unbelievable bonus with all that is included in the membership fee.wealthy affiliate offers a package

The training and tools are outstanding, all easily accessible and thoroughly user-friendly.

Site Support offers protection, security and 24/7 back up all vital components for an online business.

A dedicated team has spent 14 years building Wealthy Affiliate into a modern dynamic platform.

The members of Wealthy Affiliate are a community of people from around the globe who carry the thread of pay things forward.

There are different options to communicate internally leading to a vibrant business experience of teaching and learning from each other.

a mentor a coachAnd Then Along Came A Mentor A Coach                                       

I have been enthralled in setting up my business, it has been an incredible experience. And out the blue things moved up another level. I got into the WAGoGetters Club, Our mentor and coach blazing a trail for us to follow, we are Making it Happen Not Letting It Happen.

To set up any business can be daunting and having a mentor to follow is invaluable.

The group of people from around the globe are on our mission to learn from our Coach and then pay things forward.

We have become a tight-knit bunch, supporting, value adding, brainstorming, we add our own individual uniqueness to the group. The enthusiasm and experience we each bring create a dynamic force of diverse creativity.

place to learn to earnThe Place To Learn To Earn

In this vibrant atmosphere, there is and will continue to be different information landing on the GoGetters website.

We will be doing the hard stuff, the mining, the scalpel work, time-consuming and then break it all down and deliver it on a post to be consumed and recycled to help you build a successful online business. Saving you time which is precious.

Another saying that flies the flag in this community is – If I Can Do It, You Can Do It. The multitude of personalities using the internet means that there is an audience out there that each one of us can relate to, fear of competition or not have what may interest other people is not a factor.

Finding an audience and delivering to them quality service will lead to a successful business.

We are here to be part of your success, to share our knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Join the vibrant group of GoGetters, please leave a comment and also subscribe to the email list and you will receive a notification when posts are published.

call to action

Tania is building an online business and enjoying being a home-based entrepreneur.tania profile

She is excited about being part of the Gogetters Group and would like you to join in on the opportunity to share each other’s knowledge and experience.


7 thoughts on “How To Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur

  1. Hello Tania, To say this is a life changing journey is an understatement for many of us. It is truly the best way to learn how to build your business with a strong infrastructure, learn how to be successful and then duplicate it. It takes load of work and training, and its so much fun each step of the way.
    And our mentoring group is so amazing in its support. We have no doubt we will be monetizing so very well very soon. Great job Tania
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thank you Ariel, for your support. It is wonderful to have made friends with the great people in our group.The next exciting bit is monetizing our sites and it will be brilliant to share our different experiences for others to learn.

  2. Hello Tania,
    You certainly have summed it up in a nutshell- great article.
    Yes, you need a great learning platform, experienced mentorship, support of a ‘few good men’, and time commitment. You need to be focused and willing to put the time in. It is a journey to greatness and you need to have a plan to follow.
    Seems like you have if figured out, Tania.
    Continued success!

  3. Dear Tania,

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    Plan The Business and Time Money, Money Time topics gave me new insights and very useful. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

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