How Much IS our Comment worth?

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become a super power with comments

So yesterday in our mastermind group, (we have been dubbed the trailblazers.), we talked about the value of comments and likes.

And we all kinda did a group moan. Because our amazing mentor, Bo Tipton, has told us for going on 4 months now that consistency and habit is the path to success.

And yet, hmmm, we are not keeping up with our comments and likes.

social media comment worth

What does that mean? 

  1. That we MUST get into the habit that where ever we go with our typing fingers, we hit the like button. NO matter where it is, YouTube, or blogs. First thing hit LIKE.
  2. Niche blogs. Find other blogs in your niche and become active on them.  Here is the reason why. Backlinks..yup those golden tidbit of leading others to our sites. With each blog leave YOUR URL. Not your site URL. One of your post’s URLS.


how much is our comment worth

Ok ready? This is the big one.

The worth is priceless. Why? Because it is the link to leaving breadcrumbs on the trail to show people how to get to our site. No breadcrunbs, no traffic . Easy to understand that , yes?

So why are we not being more diligent about it?

Well it takes loads of time and effort .And more importantly consistency.

Yup there is that word again.


1.When we are not consistent, we are not generating a continual flow of traffic.

2.When we do not have traffic, we do not have people coming to our sites.

3.When we do not have people coming to our sites… wait for it.. ready?

4.We do not have any sales.


So let’s get over our hesitation and shyness and just get it done! After all as Bo likes to say, we can have a contest to win $100.00. But if people don’t know where to find you.. that contest is dead in the water. Yes? This is a huge reminder to myself also.

So think of this as our safety valve to getting home. LIke Hansel and Gretel, if they had not left their bread crumbs. they would never have gotten back to their house. And that is what comments are worth.

So how are you with generating comments and likes today

Yeah, I see you running off to make it happen.

Don’t forget, its part of our 4 hour schedule. Let’s reminder ourselves.. .Do the entire schedule .

Just as a reminder:


30 minutes social media

30 minutes comments on blog on mentor group

30 minutes comment on niche group

30 minutes work related email

2 hrs writing & research for your own blog


According to Bo that is how we really makes money.

Because we stay focused and on track.

Oh and also if you ever need more back up info and training, do look into our new site! You wil be able to access all the information we have learned there. And its truly invaluable. And if you join us, you can make some cash too. Great win-win.

So tell me… how much are our comments worth?? 

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time

5 thoughts on “How Much IS our Comment worth?

  1. Great reminder post, Ariel.
    Tough love but yes, we need to remember this. Traffic is where the money lies. It might seem hard at first, however, once you have established a schedule, it becomes easier. Yes, sometimes we fall off the wagon, but we need to pick ourselves up and keep going.
    Thanks and continued success.

    1. Hello Michelle, You are so very right! There is no way to keep it going if we do not keep it going!
      And that is a great lesson in perseverance and persistence, isn’t it?
      We are working our way to success.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. What a great summary of what we heard in that meeting, Ariel. That collective moan you mention…yes, I was part of it. I do SOME of what I need to, but not all of it. And all of it is what makes the difference in the success of driving traffic to my blog.
    So I am renewed….I am doing the commenting where I have fallen less than my target. Renewal is a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing all this!


    1. Oh Annie, I so do like that thought, of renewal. That is exactly what i think we, or I need to do as we go through this process. When in doubt, find the renewal spot and just keep it going.
      We are so good to go!
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. You are so right MIchelle! Well said indeed. So if we do fall off the wagon. Just climb back on and stay consistent and persistant. Thanks so much for being here.
    IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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