How Is Your Link?

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How Is Your Link?

In our world today where, social media is seemingly rampant in getting things done or maybe just getting things noticed, I am sure that you have a few social media profiles. There is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a few others. Today we will be taking some time to see how your profile looks and using LinkedIn as our example.  Let’s see how is your link!

There are three main points that I would like to address when it comes to your profile specifically on LinkedIn:

  • Your profile picture
  • The profile summary
  • Your CTA

The first thing you look at (or people in general or more specifically – potential clients) is your profile page.

A lot of these pages do not have a professional looking profile picture and as the saying goes – a picture is worth a 1000 words. As a business person, you need to convey a business attitude. Please be mindful of the picture you choose to show on your profile page.

Now there is a description box alongside your profile picture, I would recommend using it to add media links (if you have any) and this will help generate passive royalty. When I say media links, I’m talking about CNBC, ABC News, any other media moments that you may have had and that will help improve your visibility and develop your trust or credibility.

Point number two, your profile summary. I know a lot of us think that we should be telling potential clients where and what we’ve done in terms of education. Yes, this is good, however, we need to keep people curious about us. Let’s do things differently – why not ask questions instead of giving statistics and work experience, and of course avoiding buzzwords.

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Ideally, three sentences that we can use to summarize our profile summary are:

  • Identify a challenge or a struggle that your potential client may be having so you could probably start by saying, ‘Is your small businesses going through a rough financial patch?’ This is an opening for anyone reading your text and in the same situation. Yes, they will look to see if you can help them.
  • The second sentence is to provide a solution. Say something like, ‘I can solve your problem by helping you find the best mortgage broker.’ You’re giving them a solution or an idea on how to find a solution.
  • The third sentence is where you offer your services, by saying something like, ‘I do this by helping small businesses in your situation’.

So, therefore, what we just did in the profile and summary was to identify a problem, find a solution, and offer your services. Remember to use the emotional words so you get potential clients in an emotional state. This is a marketing tactic that works.

Our third point, the CTA in your profile. Always remember to make a suggestion like go to your website or connect with me here, or call me. Give your potential client a way to make contact or to do something.

So this was a short article to show you how you can improve your LinkedIn profile. I hope that helped. And you can also use the same idea for your other profiles if there is room for you to do this.

All the best.

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9 thoughts on “How Is Your Link?

  1. Hi Michelle,
    It never occurred to me to use the about me profile real estate to ask questions to identify with a reader’s problem, hint at a solution and give a CTA. What a great idea!

  2. Thank you for this post, I know I am guilty of the professional look when it comes to profile images and kind of procrastinating changing some of my images. A famous marketer said a long time ago is always good to use one image all over the net so that people would get used to you and the search engines would identify who you are.

    Well, that marketer is not around anymore, so is time for me to try new things and the linked profile is one of them. I now see why all my friends have that professional look on Linkedin. I will update that image in the near future, and I am thankful for pointed that out. Should this professional look be for all the other social media profile?
    Thank you for providing this valuable information.

  3. I’m going to echo what Annie said, in that I never would have considered using my profile to pose questions. Interesting idea.

    I have very little experience with LinkedIn, but have been considering making use of it again recently, so I will have to consider how I can put this into effect.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for the great post.

    I missed that real estate too like Annie said this is a great idea “the CTA in your profile. Always remember to make a suggestion like go to your website or connect with me here, or call me. Give your potential client a way to make contact or to do something.” I need to update my CTA on my profile page. Thanks a lot!

    Your Friend,

  5. Hello Michelle, so not only are we affiliate marketers..we are also internet real estate moguls..LOL. So wonderful all the tips you have given. I need to go back and really study this.
    Great job. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. I am guilty of having a very weak LinkedIn profile and these tips will help me build a stronger look and feel to my profile. And, in actuality, these tips will help build a stronger and more noticeable profile no matter which social medial platform you are building.

    Excellent advice, Michelle. Thank you.

  7. Great post Michelle,

    You’re really rocking with this particular post, I have learned a whole lot. Especially with the setting up a profile picture, you have taught me that the type of picture I use can greatly influence the way my client see me to be and how they will think about me.

    Now I’m thinking about how I can make my picture look a bit more professional.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me

    All the best,


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