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give me 30 minutes to get Traffic

Wow! Now that is a headline that grabs your attention doesn’t it? If I saw this headline I would beeline to read it, yes?

And that is the point of this book we read for our mastermind group. It is called “How to Write Copy that Sells” by Ray Edwards.

I used this headline because we are all looking for ways to get traffic. So I knew if you saw if, well, you just might want to  read this! Did it work? Yup, I think so!

As marketers we are always looking for that perfect way to say what will catch our new visitors attention. Most of the time we don’t quite get it. And the more we read and learn, the understanding and psychology of sales language begins to make sense.

In Chapter 3 of this book, Ray Edwards talks about headlines that grab our attention. And since we are at this stage in our mentoring group of trying to understand language and how to be seen. I found myself going over this chapter a few times.

Mr.Edwards asks the question how important are headlines? And well, we know that answer yes? In fact, just using this headline grabbed your attention yes? Point taken.

So what does it take to write really great headlines that will capture and bring more visitors to our products and sites? 

give me 30 minutes

5 keys to Attention Grabbing Headlines

One of the first things to understand is that to be effective with our headlines there is a pattern.

He suggests these 5 templates that will bring traffic and more sales!

  1. How to” Headline, this one is particularly effective when it is tied to a benefit. Like how to get more traffic, How to entice readers to your blog.
  2. The “Transactional” Headline, this is where we state what our promise is to our readers, like do this for 2 weeks and be 3x more productive.
  3. The “Reason Why” Headline, did you know that the word “because” draws more people in? It shows that the answer is coming. And that the reader will get what they were looking for.
  4. “The Probing Question Headline” ahh don’t we all love this one? Asking a very probing question that creates a huge desire for the answer draws us all in. Doesn’t it? But the author cautions don’t ask questions like “do you want to know my blogging secret? “Because on that one people just might say no. Instead something like Do you wish more people bought your book? See the difference here? Its more personalized and broader.
  5. The If-then Headline, this is an interesting idea. We contrast what is easy for our readers to do, and then include the benefit. That makes sense, yes? So for instance, he cites: “if you can send email, you can build a platform.” Hmmm!

think tanking great headlines 30 minutes

So how do we find that perfect headline? 

Edwards also talks about the idea that getting down to really finding great headlines is about doing some really lousy ones also. It is about learning the bad headlines from what are the “wow” headlines.

He suggests that as we start writing, don’t limit yourself to one headline. Take some time and do like a creative think tank to get several headlines before you decide on one.

So those are the headlines that will grab attention. After all, that is the point isn’t it? What can we do to really grab attention? Once we get that, we are flying!

And just for thinking out of the box, what do you think are the qualities of a great headline? 

entrepreneurs solve problems, not get stopped by them
entrepreneurs solve problems, not get stopped by them

According to Ray Edwards, he suggests these key elements:

  1. “Grabs attention.” that is the most important job isn’t it?
  2. “Screens and Qualifies Prospects”  if headlines are too broad there is no interest.
  3. “Draws Readers into the Body copy” the headline must convince readers to continue reading..duh?? why didn’t I think of that?? lol
  4. “Communicates the BIG idea”  do we often take this into consideration? What is the one more important benefit of the offer? How are we really getting that  point across to our readers? Are we really getting that point across? That has to be in a headline.
  5. “Establishes credibility.” Whew, that is a big one yes?If there is no crediblity there is no reading! Establishing credibilty immediately is key to being seen as an authority. That is what we want, yes?

I really suggest getting this book. For me it has helped to clarify how sales copy is truly worth taking the time to study and understand. The more we get how to write really effective copy, the quicker we establish authority, credibilty, connection with our readers, and we grow our traffic.

After all that is really why we are here, yes?

The book covers so much more than what I have spoken about here. So grab a copy and dive into being a great sales copy writer. And if you do get really good with it, its another gig and profit center you can offer as a service. See, life is really good!

So yeah take 30 minutes and figure out how you are going to really grow your own traffic. You can make this happen. After all, we are on the NOW plan, yes?

What do you think? Ready to dive in and get those creative juices flowing? And wow your readers? What is your experience lately with creating headlines? Do you think its starting to make sense?

I found that if i keep reading these tips, i found myself thinking more that way. And that is how we know we are beginning to get some knowledge and understanding. Whew! What an amaizng journey this Affiliate Marketing and online business has been.

Oh and by the way, If you are ready to learn how to earn, here is a fabulous site that will take you step by step to success. 

Ok, off we go to learn headlines that grab us.




In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

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2 thoughts on “Give Me 30 Minutes And I will Give You More Traffic

  1. Lots of great info here, Ariel.

    It should be common sense that a strong headline will bring more readers. We should know it from our own experience and the way we react to articles that we read ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t always put enough effort into a strong headline.

    This should serve as a reminder and a great guide for how to grab someone’s attention

    1. Hello Craig, thank you so much! It is all in the words, isn’t it?
      Well when we do remember we truly get our point across.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

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