Flow is Never Stagnant, flowing to Success

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go with the flow to success

Flow is never stagnant, so that means we have to be flowing yes? 

We have all heard the saying; Go with the flow, yes?

But in reality have we thought about how are we really flowing?

In business, as in life we are responsible for being able to see the constant flow of the give and take . We give all our time and learn the process to make things happen. And we wait then for the take.

While awaiting for the take do we realize how important it is to stay in the flow?  For as soon as we are not in the flow we are impeding progresss, yes? We are stagnant.

Or let’s say we have decided to canoe down white river rapids.  What kind of prep do we need to traverse that terrain?  Did we pack all the necessary equipment to insure our safety and return to land?

In the preparation for this journey in our canoe, we have had to think all scenarios out prior to stepping into the canoe. Yes?

I mean who goes on a trip like this without a life preserver and oars?

We need to know that we will enjoy this ride and be safe. And while we are in the flow of the ride, we are still riding in alignment with the course of the river. If we stop paddling or end up tying the canoe on the bank, we are no longer going forward. We are not flowing to success. Flow is never stagnant.

flowing to success


And that is true of our business. If we are not willing to do all the planning, persistant dedication and determinaton to the vision, there is no business. Right?

So how do you see your flow? Do you see it impeded or flowing?


 1. we respect the process

2. we stay focused on the dream 

3. we do not stop 

4. we do not accept the status quo

5. we are not stagnant

flowing to success

Choosing to stay in the flow also means that no matter how frustrated we are, we just keep going. For even as we flow smoothly and easily on the river, there might still be a few unexpected bumps.

The choice is whether we stop the process or know intuitively that we are the flow.That is something we can only answer for ourselves.

Off we go to flowing well! And living life creating our own flow of success and joy. We are on the NOW plan.

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go wih the flow to success


We are the choosers of our destiny. Each day we get to choose how we want this day to go. And then truly live that. So when we are in the flow, our business shines and grows. Stagnant and not learning or being actively seeking traffic is not how we keep our business going.

What is our choice today? What is our choice tomorrow? For as our mentor Bo Tipton says, each day’s choice leads us to what our future will really look like. That gives us a lot to think about. Doesn’t it? If we are truly choosing to be the CEO of our destiny, we choose flow.

How does your future look to you? What choices are we making today that will pave our success for tomorrow?

In peace and gratitude


Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time 



5 thoughts on “Flow is Never Stagnant, flowing to Success

  1. Hi Ariel,
    Good analogy. I love white water rafting! The exhilaration, the splash, the energy and the beauty of the river!
    Going with and staying in the flow are vital…the only constant in life is that it changes. No moment is the same as the one before. We may as well go with it!
    Love the banner, too.

    1. Hello Annie, thanks so much for stopping by. Well then you get it.. when we fight the river, we are not in the flow. I bet you have some great stories about white water rafting. And when we start thinking instead of doing, we are stopping the flow. Thanks for all your support and kind words. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Great thought-provoking article, Ariel. It caused me to a bit of reflection. It is so easy to caught up in the ‘least supporting’ things before we realize that its purpose is less than we expected. Yes, let’s all try not to a salmon swimming against the current but in the flow.

  3. I’m trying to go with the flow, but I keep hitting the rocks. There’s still forward movement though, so I am trying to stay hopeful.

    Nice article, Ariel.

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