Essential Tools For Content Writing!

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Essential Tools To Help With Your Content Writing

using essential tools for content writing

As you embark on your online business journey to success, I am pretty sure that you would love to have any tips and tricks that others before you have used – and used successfully!

Here are a few essential tools for content writing that I think you should find value in – of course, as long as you use them efficiently and effectively!

The Idea Machine


This is a great beginning for writers to test their writing skills or rather, in my opinion, to sharpen it!

As a member of Quora myself, I joined with the main thought of just answering people’s questions and hoping to be of help to their needs. As it turns out, I find that I am also using Quora as a source for ideas and content for my website.

How, you might ask?

Well, I pay attention to the questions that are being asked and if I cannot answer the question, then I do my research and find the answer to the question which in turn becomes a topic for my website!

Et voila – as the French might say!

You should go check out – I am not an affiliate, just a free member trying to be of value to the community at large!


This is a great way to get the ‘scoop’ on what’s trending in the way of content and conversation. It is a paid tool. It is pricey, but for what is being offered, it should be considered.

If you are just starting out on your online journey, it might be best to wait a bit before you invest in this tool. There are other inexpensive ways to get ideas for content writing. But it is still worth taking a look to see what is available. To this end, there is a 14-day trial to tease you into making a decision.

The Analysis

Google Trends

Take a visit to another one of Uncle Google’s tools for research. A totally useful free tool. You can input keywords or phrases and see what the trend is saying – using various time periods. You will be amazed at the output!

There is so much information to be harnessed from using this resource. You can even do comparisons to get useful information. I think this is a great tool though maybe a bit under-used by aspiring website owners – but you will change that!

Jaaxy Keyword 

This is a paid resource but a very handy-dandy one to have! There is a trial feature and you can test it here.

using jaaxy as a keyword tool


I did a review on this keyword tool because of the value I saw in it.

using jaaxy as a content tool

You can input keywords that you are thinking of using in your content and see if your choice is a good one based on:

  • Avg – the average number of searches per month
  • Traffic – visits to the site based on ranking
  • QSR – quoted search results based on the websites being ranked
  • KQI – keyword quality indicator
  • Seo – search engine optimization based on traffic and competition score
  • Related keywords – ideas on other possibilities

I think (without bias) that this will definitely help in your content creation and analysis.


Now you know that NO content is worth reading unless it can be understood!

To this end, I recommend Grammarly as a tool for you. In all transparency, I also did a review of this tool. I also use it every day in order to ensure that my content can be understood by anyone who reads it.

using grammarly to improve your content writing

Being able to write content is great, however, being able to make your content understood is much better. Grammarly offers a basic free package as well as a paid one. Test-drive the basic package before you make a paid commitment.

These few essential tools for content writing should help to give you some direction once you have made the commitment to creating your online presence.

Remember, creating your online presence will take time and it is not an ‘overnight sensation’, so don’t be disappointed when you are not ‘hauling truck-loads of money to the bank’ after a few posts.

Like all good outcomes – we need:

  • the gift of time
  • consistency
  • action steps
  • and great resources.

Much success on your journey to success.

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9 thoughts on “Essential Tools For Content Writing!

  1. Hello Michelle,
    So much great information here.I am really interested in learning more about Quora.And does the grammarly free package work efficiently enough to use the basic free package?
    Really great tools.Thank you.ariel

  2. These are all great tools and resources to help us succeed. The explanation of Jaaxy really helped me. I’ve used it many times but didn’t grasp it’s full power. Thanks, Michelle.

  3. I find Jaaxy and Grammarly invaluable tools. Quora is very interesting and I have learned interesting facts from there. The other tools I did not know about, so thank you for the information and I will check them out.

  4. I am using some of the tools that you mention and they do help in my content writing and choosing competitive keywords. The ones I have not try is Quora. I heard about it before but never decide to give it a go. But because of all the positive tips that you have given in the past, I will choose to check out Quora.

    Thank you for continuing to provide valuable tips for us to grow our business, I commend you for your dedication and consistency. Wish you the best.

  5. Dear Michelle,

    Great post and I am really interested in quora and the information what you gave is really useful. I am planning to try again on quora. One question…. Previously I answered one question with my link to my website but they didn’t allow that. So how to have our link in our answer please guide.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    You gave a lot of very good advice here. I do struggle with coming up with content ideas sometimes. I need to look into Quora a bit more as I am pretty much in the dark about what you can do on that site. Also I could probably use Grammarly as well. Thanks for the information and tips.

  7. Hello Michelle,

    Thanks so much for sharing this information with me. I have used Quora in writing content before and I think its really a good place to gather useful information for content writing.

    I also like your keyword tool very well, I have used Jaaxy before and I know how it really works. Thanks is much for sharing this useful information with me.

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