Do You Want Targeted Visitors?

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Its not a get rich quick program

So in a webinar with out mentor, Bo Tipton, he talked about the concept of traffic vs targeted traffic.

And I have to admit this was something I was vaguely aware of but not quite sure what it meant.

Here is how it was explained.

We can get our traffic up to 5k per week.That sounds really fabulous yes?

traffic we want

But if they are not interested in our niche or topic that is not considered a targeted audience.

What we want is truly to have visitors that are already showing an interest in our niche, because that will lead to sales and return visits.

That makes sense yes?

So how does that happen?  It is really a simple formula. We have traffic again come to us.

For instance, if we post from our site a blog on Facebook, it is very probable that we will get 10 targeted visitors per week.

That is 10 people who read our blog and it somehow resonated with them. Which means they are willing to come to our site and then possibly become customers.

busy traffic that matters

So if we would theoretically, or just do it, as we are being taught, for 7 days  consecutively post another blog on FB.  By the end of that 7 day period…yup we have 70 targeted visitors.

Visitors that want to be there! Happy dance indeed.

That means we have a targeted audience.

Not just lookers but people who are interested in our niche too.

So what does that show to us as business owners?

we can start or finsih with intent

Two words. Persistence and Consistency.

When we make that choice to take our business and really make it soar, we have decided that we are fully in the process.

And that means we are daily persistent and consistent.

This means we do not do things for two days and then forget it for a bit and come back two weeks later and continue. That is not how it will work.

We have to do it consistently and persistently.

So if and when we totally commit to our business we are committing to ourselves that we are not going to do this occasionally, but rather this is our agenda every day.

And to me that gives me great drive to be that business owner that is truly ready to soar and commit.

Does it make you feel that same way?

If you are interested in doing what I am doing do join me. Click here for more information.

our road to success

Because with everything we are being taught we are seeing amazing results. Truly mind blowing results.

So if we know that all of this works, why would we ever even consider not being consistent or persistent?

Which also brings me to another thought that was presented to us.

“When we learn how to truly do life, that is when we can do a successful business. “Bo Tipton.

That brought me to a stop. Because, it is so profoundly true.

If I am not willing to do my life in a way that is ethical and accountable, then there is no way I will do my business well either.

That is without question, yes?

Does that  make you think too?

So that leads us to a few ways to think through this.

1. Am I willing to be willing to understand my level of accountability?

2. Am I willing to commit to seeing my work as a daily way to grow my business?

3. Am I willing to do all that it takes to be persistent?

4. Am I willing to do all that it takes to be consistent?

5. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to make me successful in life and in business?

And if we can answer yes to all of this, then we are on our way. Congratulations!

We have taken the steps needed to insure that our lives, and our businesses are being run by people who care.

That we care enough to show ourselves out in public as the face of our thriving business.

So no matter what, we just keep going. We can be the ever ready battery bunny that never stops.

Because we are on a mission to success.

And the best part of this success? It is all ours. We did it! We showed ourselves we are capable, persistent, consistent and determined and fully accountable. That is grown up talk! That is adulting.

And when we do our 4 hours schedule daily, we start to see a full time income with just doing a part time out put.

Now that is one terrific way to spend the day yes?

And another tip we were given.

we stand to make money and work hard

Start the day as you get into your schedule by asking will what I am doing make me money?

And then end the day by asking:

What did I do today that did or will make me money? And knowing that you have an answer for that, shows we are on the right track. And we are taking ourselves and our businesses seriously.

For we are persistent, consistent and way determined, yes?


When we make the decision to be consistent and consistent in our business and our lives, we will see great growth.  And in fact when we do our schedule daily following the plan, we will see full time money coming in with part time output.

That is truly something we can celebrate, yes?

So where are we in this thing of wanting to be successful?

I know my answer. I am totally committed to being consistent, persistent and determined to succeed.

I know you are going to join me, yes?

In peace, gratitude and to our success!

Founder, success-full-living,com

living one heart-centric moment at a time!



9 thoughts on “Do You Want Targeted Visitors?

  1. You do such a great job of recapping the motivating training we are getting from Bo, Ariel! Thank you. It is like a reinforcement of the webinar to read your post. You don’t miss a bit of the essential teaching we got.
    I’m with you in doing the work. I completely get that being persistent and consistent are the ways to succeed in this business. Without that, there is no point. It is a waste of time….
    BUT with application of those two principles, all things are not only possible, but happening. As said, is is like being a snowball on top of the snow hill…just getting going. How big can we make it? What exciting prospects ahead!

  2. Ariel,

    I know it is important to do everything we are doing with consistency. Either you are all in, or you are not. You can’t just wait and hope for things to happen, you go out and make them happen. I think getting targeting visitors is a big piece of the puzzle. That basically means that person coming to your site is looking for the information or product you have in your post. I am so thankful for all of Bo’s webinars. So many valuable nuggets in each webinar.


  3. Yes persistence and consistency are the keys. I agree, one has to be consistent in order to properly brand themselves. If one only goes on social media once or twice a week he/she will hardly be remembered but, if one is on everyday posting then you will be remembered and known. Good informative post Ariel.

  4. The list of questions you added in this post is incredibly valuable. These are things I will keep in the forefront of my mind. I feel my brand is getting stronger every day…but we must remain, as you stated, persistent and consistent!

    Informative post and great recap of the webinar.

  5. Ariel,

    A targeted audience is really key in being successful in our online business. Very early on in my internet marketing quest, I heard something that resonated with me, “solve a problem that someone is searching for on the internet.” As a salesperson that made sense to me. I write each post with the goal of solving someone’s problem and choose my keyword accordingly. Great post with tons of great information! I am definitely committed to success!


  6. Great article, Ariel.
    Yes, being in an online business, the world is your oyster but you have to get the world to notice! Yes, you are so right – consistency and persistence are what will make the difference in your business -online or offline.
    Thanks for the reminders and your questions are ‘on the money’!
    All the best to you and your business.

  7. Dear Ariel,

    Yes its about getting potential and targeted traffic that will help us in growing our online business. You explained it well “What we want is truly to have visitors that are already showing an interest in our niche, because that will lead to sales and return visits.” that’s true. Thanks for the detailed post.

    This the secret for success “When we make the decision to be consistent and consistent in our business and our lives, we will see great growth. And in fact when we do our schedule daily following the plan, we will see full time money coming in with part time output.”

    Your Friend,

  8. This is something I really need to work on. I get traffic, but it seems not to be very targeted, as no one who visits my site takes any sort of action.

    I know it’s the lack of consistency on my part, though, so that is where I need to focus my efforts right now. There are times that the path we need to walk seems so clear, and yet walking it can be tough.

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