Do You Know How To Get a Facebook Targeted Audience

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Getting short on Facebook friends?
Do you have an online business and need to get more targeted friends that are actually interested in what you do?


How To Get a Facebook Yep…been there too.

And you may wonder how to get a Facebook targeted audience – where is it hiding?

Sometimes I feel like I am back in my MLM days, where I already made my list of friends and family, and now have no more to add and I wonder “how am I going to find people interested in my niche?”.

How am I going to boost my Facebook presence and use it as my Social Media tool?

How does one increase his Facebook friends base, and not just add anyone just like that?!

Well after working and playing around with my Facebook account, being thrown in FB Jail and scratching my head about “what have I done wrong”, I have found a trick or two (actually more) that can be of help to any aspiring Facebook Socialpreneur.

So without further ado here is my “how to get a Facebook targeted audience”

Daily Activities How To Get a Facebook

So yes, in order to get a better Facebook presence, as with any Social Media, you need to be active.
What is active?
Well, you need to post, comment and like – simple as that!

How often? at least once a day, but 3 times is a good average.
Remember, when you share something you like it is considered a post too – so here is some post saving time for you!

Niching Out

When you want to get noticed by people who are either active in your niche or interested in your niche, then going to a page that is run by an “influencer” in your niche and commenting on his/her posts will greatly benefit you too.

Do that!
How many? at least 3!
How often? once a day is good, but you can once every other day too.

Targeting Your Audience

There are about 1.45 Billion people on Facebook DAILY!! Do you think you might find 20 that would be interested in your niche – each day?????

Mmmm….yes, I thought so, OF COURSE! Duh!!

So how do you find these 20 “nichers”?

“Well elementary my dear Watson”,  (I love that sentence don’t you?) …you go look for groups that are related to your niche and ask to join them.
Please – do look at how many members there are in them before you “join” as a group with 9 people won’t get you there – right?
Join up to 20 groups per day – NO MORE!

Then, once approved, go and request friendships with their members – 20 per day – NO MORE!

Why am I emphasizing 20 per day?? Cause any more than that and you will go to Facebook Jail!

Now the length of time you will “serve” will depend if you are a first offender or a repeat offender.
Be careful though, repeat offenders can find themselves thrown into “solitary” which will mean to open a new Facebook account – as yours won’t be accessible any longer – ouch!

So here is the “short of it” on

How to get a Facebook targeted audience, & How to get a Facebook presence. 

Should you want to know more about how to gain more friends on Facebook and increase your Facebook presence you can read more about it in my new eBook – its free! So what have you got to lose?

How To Get a Facebook




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Orion - Money Making MomsOrion is a Work @ Home mom who loves blogging & helping others succeed online.  She truly believes and lives by the adage “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”.

Loves living a Laptop lifestyle which enables her to work whenever and wherever she wishes, enjoying time with her family, long walks by the beach, reading, yoga, meditating and doing arts & crafts. 

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6 thoughts on “Do You Know How To Get a Facebook Targeted Audience

  1. Great post, Orion. There are so many things about Facebook that I did not know until I read the ebook! Thank you for sharing this! Many people using Facebook as simply a social arena and it’s so much more than that. I learned a great deal from this ebook!

    1. Great Sue! That is the aim of the game! Goal achieved! Yay!!
      I remember when I first joined Facebook way back in 2007…I had no clue what it was and how to use it!
      Thought it was only for games and bragging about what I had for breakfast…which I didn’t really want to share with
      the world!
      Today, I see the world and Facebook through an entirely different set of glasses – and it looks so much more profitable and useful!
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

  2. Hi Orion,
    I love how you have shared your jailtime experience with us…it appears you were reformed by your experience…lol.
    I was thrown in FB jail several years ago in connection with another business I was marketing at the time… I learned that 20! guideline and appreciate your sharing that it is still in effect.
    I am excited to see what else you have to share in your ebook.

    1. Thank you Annie for leaving a comment, and yes, I guess FB Jail has reformed me somewhat…need to control my impulse of excitement when it comes to posting speed and quantity!! lol
      The ebook has got some great useful tips that will be useful to all aspiring social media marketers – no matter their level!!
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

  3. I have dabble a little with Facebook but not the way you describe. Maybe that is the reason my traffic was low.

    What have worked for me in the past and still get traffic is from the paid advertising. I know I have to post a little more to get free organic traffic, but it seems a lot of time have to be spent.

    What is a realistic time you think I should be spending on Facebook and should I do only Facebook or other social media platform? Thank you for all your tips you presented here, will start and see where it would take me.

    1. Hi David, personally I spend a designated 30 minutes a day on Facebook to reach my goals, all is explained in more details in my ebook.
      On other social media platform, you can adopt the some of the same strategies explained in the book, but also time yourself. In my opinion 30 minutes a day – every day (that’s the key) on each platform you choose should get the “snowball” effect going.
      Wishing you good luck – Orion

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