Do We Really Think Success?

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As we go through this journey of building our own online business, this question keeps popping up for me. Tell me the truth.. does it for you too? Are we thinking we are going to be successful? Do we really think success? Are we finding our way to really live this path of being successful?

Let’s be honest here. Right now for me, I am 9 months into my amazing journey. And for me everyday has it incredible joys and its whoa frustration. And its my choice which one wins..isn’t it?

do we really want successs

Frustration vs Plowing through to Success

That is really powerful, isn’t it? I mean if I am going to let every single frustration bog me down, I cannot possibly even consider success. Is that what I truly want?

And if I am thinking about those bogging down moments more than my joy moments. oops! There indeed is a problem. Better call Houston Mission control! Because then I am not operating in the necessary orbit.

Our mentor Bo Tipton reminds us that frustration is a major component of this new line of work we have chosen. If we are easily waylaid by the frustration , welp, we might as well have a full body mud bath and  stay stuck.

do we really see success

I tease that I am an old blonde that is really learning this business through the lenses of someone who did not grow up with technology. So whereas my two year old grandgift knows how to facetime and use her ipad so easily. I on the other hand, cannot at time even find where I placed my lastest file!LOL

So its a learning curve for all of us.

Speaking of which…

Do you know this word? 

Pronoia. Yup, wanna guess what it means? Well, it is the suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings. Rob Brezsny.

Doesn’t that just give you a sense of joy and empowerment? I mean, just think if we all really knew in our deepest beings that the Universe had our back? Wow, talk about orbiting in a really high level of success? Yes?

how to learn and earn money online

And as part of this knowing then we go for all that we can get. Like our new site where we learn to earn.

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Do we really want success? Welp, only we can truly answer this. But here’s the thing. Give it a real go.

Our home office has to become a “no whining zone. ”  In fact have I told you about the jar I set up?

Well it can used as another profit center LOL. So take a mason jar and put a label on it. The label says, no whining, no complaining, no crying, no getting out of control, and no giving up.

So if we do any of these things there is a cost for each offense. I use quarters. But you can up the ante if you want too!

And I have to tell you, just having that jar sitting near my desk works wonders!

Because even if for a moment, I do whine, ( after all I am an expert whiner) I do let it go because, usually its not where I want to be, nor how I want to be. ( And I probably can’t find a quarter either!)

But its the point that we are retraining our brains for success. And that is truly powerful, yes?

And no matter what this journey in life tosses our way, we keep it going anyway. Because we made that choice to walk into success. To see ourselves as the featured new business on YouTube.

I mean why not go for viral exposure??

As a disclaimer, that does not mean that at times we are abit out of sorts, angry or frustrated, What it does mean is that we do not stay there. We just acknowledge it and move on up!


We are only limited by our thoughts. And honestly, our thoughts are not even ours. They belong to the externalized thought processes of our outside world. tThey are what we have been told. They are not our hearts or true beings.

So toss away anything that just doesn’t work. WE don’t need it!

So Pronoia, yeah, that is how we can choose to live! Are you in? I certianly am. Do join me. Life is really quite a lovely adventure when we choose success! Isn’t it?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time

Are  you ready to join me on this amazing journey? If so click here. Does, creativity, being of service, joy every day, and meeting people all over the world sound good to you? Yup, that is  my life. Come join me. And learn how to make your business be your full time living. 


2 thoughts on “Do We Really Think Success?

  1. Hi Ariel,
    What great thoughts…not letting the little frustrations keep us from the big picture of where we want to be, why and the steps to take to get there. No detours allowed!
    Certainly not ones put there artificially by old thought patterns…Pronoaia. Love it!

    1. Hello true we are our own success machine indeed!And if we do get slightly detoured welp..we make that choice to get back on track..
      I know without a doubt the Universe has my back.
      In peace and gratitude

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