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Every day for me seems to start with, did you know that? And lately my answer has been, umm I am learning!

And that is a fabulous place to be. I feel so vibrant and excited. Oh and wow am I having fun! So much to learn, so many new people to meet, and so much to write about.

But I really started thinking about this adage: learn something new each day, it keeps you young.

And since I am about to have my 65th birthday soon, it is really resonating with me. Ouch 65? I think I am really only 45! And isn’t the new 60, really 40 anyway?? Oh thank you world,  for coming up with that line!

So anyway, each day in this journey I am learning way over 1 new thing! And you know what? My brain is working so much better, because it is stimulated and thriving.

Who would have thought of a thriving brain?

Welp, that is what I have decided to call this experience. My thriving brain is having the time of its life. Means grin, so am I.  I get up every morning so happy to see this new day and ready for my did you know that moment.

So here is what my did you know that questions led me to this week. Ready?

Whew, its a lot, so pour yourself a glass of tea with honey please! (No whine allowed.)

First off, did you know that:

1. Working a very defined schedule adds to clarity, focus and get this..SUCCESS? Yup it does. Because we are being efficient with our tasks and our time. Really great advice.

2. That there are two types of plugins, one that load from the front, and one that loads from the back end. That means if it loads first it slows down the site, if it loads from the back the site goes up first and then the plugin activates. who knew plugins could have so many..umm..doors?? Hint, we want back loader. And you can test it.

3.If you are wanting to be more proactive in your commenting and backlinks, guess what you can do? Go to the Google god and input your keywords (that you are doing for a post) and find other sites in your niche. Pick one of two click on them, and then add comments. Now you have backlinks to something totally different. and it has the potential to drive traffic to your site. Easy peasy, yes?

4. When you start getting referrals in Wealthy Affiliate there is a 10% conversion rate. That translates to NO stressing over the numbers OK? The more referrals you get, the more that 10% will kick in. So just let them flow in. The more the numbers the closer we get to conversions. Happy dance time.

5. If you need some inspiration for a topic to write about, here is a phenomenal inside tip…ready? Go to a site that is in your niche, read some of the comments. If there is a comment about someone asking a question about a topic, that is a clue that someone is interested in an answer. Voila! We have a new topic to write about. At least you know that one person will be interested.

6.We do not have a fully functioning business until we have an email list. There you go. It is now way out in the open. That is the elixir to success. The email list. So what do we need to do about it? First off invest in an autoresponder. Why? Because you need reliability and deliverability. You need to know that it will be directly delivered to our inbox and not a spammer. That kind of clarity is vital.

7. So I am learning how to now dip my toe into Facebook. I had opted out a few years ago. But listen to this, if you just go and comment every day and like 5-10 people your link has now exponentially grown to over 75. Whoa! So growing our friends and getting visibility is a happening experience. And people will start recognizing you. That is a great feat for our business,yes? Branding is the way people know who we are. THAT is really GOOD.

If your purpose here is to :

1. Make Money

2. The ability to do whatever we want with our lives, travel, more time with family, etc


  1. We need to get smart about how we are using our time
  2. We do not want to replace this as a job by working 70 hours per week, we want it to be our vehicle to a life well lived


We work hard in the next couple of years at least to make this all happen so that our business becomes stable, thriving and monetized. Then because we set in motion the working schedule, it will be reasonable to work only 4 hours per day. That is entirely livable yes?

So lets get there. Get our business in the shape of knowing our thriving brain is making it happen. And we are so the driver of this vehicle, yes?


1. Learn every day

2. Patience and determination is the corner stone to success.

3. Thriving brain syndrome,add the fun

4. Keep that schedule

5. Do everything you can to brand yourself

6. Build your email list

I really hope this was helpful? I am so enjoying this adventure. Fun is redefined now for me every day. It is the anticipation that there is nothing I cannot achieve and that is truly the most potent elixir to life. It changes our outlook, our vibrancy, our thriving and our moods. And because I am now living in success, the people that are showing up in my world are successful and vibrant. Wow, what an amazing perk,yes?

And if I can do this at my very young, (not) age, well just think what you can do? Yup, YES WE CAN.

So do it, find your passion, find your path, enter into your amazing and thriving brain.

Wow. Life is beyond fantastico!

I would really love to chat with you, so if you have any questions or thoughts about topics to talk about, I am all ears..and my trusty fingers will quickly answer you! Join me on this adventure. To say it has completely revamped my world is an understatement .

And did you know?  Talking and connecting to five different positive people per day, raises endorphins and self worth. So get talking now!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, success-full-living.com., living one heart-centric moment at a time!

This day is your time! So step into learning how to create an online business and help others in the process. I will be here to help you along your way and answer any questions. Come join me in an adventure to the beauty of self and thriving. It is beyond amazing. Do click here for more information.

11 thoughts on “Did you know that….?

  1. Dear Ariel,

    “learn something new each day, it keeps you young.” well said and its true.

    Wow very very useful information with lot of motivation. Thanks for sharing what you learnt, you know sharing is caring…. I learnt from your learning.

    “We work hard in the next couple of years at least to make this all happen so that our business becomes stable, thriving and monetized. Then because we set in motion the working schedule, it will be reasonable to work only 4 hours per day. That is entirely livable yes?” Yes…. I am in and I am ready to give the very best to make this all happen.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello my friend Paul, I am finding that each day brings a new adventure as we agree to open our minds to such an incredible life, yes? We are embarking on a journey that will allow great changes to happen in our lives. And we need to prepare ourselves for all we can be. I am so excited about this journey, and that you are sharing it with me! In peace, gratitude, and joy, ariel

  2. I have also been considering the approach of another birthday and as your delightful post expresses as long as we find something that can put excitement and energy into our lives, age is just a number.
    You have covered interesting and important points about operating an online business.

    1. Hello Tania,
      And I think that is the joy of getting older , not only can we get better, LOL but we learn how to truly think through how we want this next portion of our lives to be. So yes, go be fearless and joyful and dance in the moonlight. This is our time Tania!
      Thank you so much for being here.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Great advice here.

    Ever since I started following a daily schedule, I have become much more efficient. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it really does help!

    I appreciate your tips on where to find ideas for topics to write about. That has been an issue for me lately, so I will have to get out there and read a bit more.

    I also like the comment “learn something new each day, it keeps you young.” When I first heard something similar, I was told “you won’t die on a day that you learn something new.”

    I suspect that your version is more realistic, but I’d like to hope mine is real, too! Ha ha!

  4. Hello Ariel,
    Great article!
    You know, age is just numbers – I choose to look at it this way!
    I agree with you – we always have the choice to learn something new every day – the possibility exists whether we choose to grasp it or not – EVERYTHING is PERSPECTIVE!
    Yes, learning and applying the information is what makes the difference as well as the people we choose to surround ourselves with.
    Opportunity is there – you get to choose the window or the door!
    Continued success on your journey and Happy Birthday when it gets there!

  5. Ariel, Haven’t you heard that 40 is the new 60? So you are younger than you think. That is good advice though to learn something new everyday and I usually end up learning more than one thing. Reading and learning keeps the mind sharp and keeps us from stagnating or getting into a rut. Now if I could only get used to learning this new schedule I’ll be doing fine. (keeping an eye on that timer haha)
    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  6. I have started to go to other sites in my niche looking for questions people need answers too. I have found so much. I had to stop doing that for a bit so I can get my “topic list” as I call it, down a bit.

    1. Hello Brit, Did you? How fun is that? I bet it was a huge resource. So happy to hear it worked for you. It sounds like you are doing really well. Keep it up. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Lots of great information that is new to me. In my training, they told me to pick one marketing strategy and drill it every day until it becomes next to none. And when it h, you can start another marketing strategy and do the same.

    You give me a new strategy that I can begin to get traffic and that is giving comments on other people websites in my niche. This is very valuable information and I thank you for sharing it. this is a definite article to bookmark and keep coming back to from time to time. All the best.

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