Choice of Freedom,Working Online

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Ahh, the amazing idea that we are in business for ourselves. It is like the promise land of dreams and possibility. We can see ourselves as successful and trail blazers. Yes?

And we can already see the dollars piling up and our lives getting so much easier. Or at least more vibrant and alive . And that amazing sensation that we are our own destiny drivers.


I think that many of us who have chosen to go into business for ourselves have done so for many reasons.


Such as:

  1. Knowing that we no longer have a boss
  2. Want to own our business
  3. Do not want to spend our life giving our hard work to a third party
  4. Willingness to take on the choice to be on our CEO
  5. The idea that we can be more successful than at a job.

For whatever the reason is that we decide to jump into our own business, it also comes with it a few challenges that at times needs to be addressed.

When we work at home that means we really need to have work “hours”.

Do you know what I mean?

Because if you are like me, the idea that the office is only steps away means that if I wanted to I could easily work an 18 hour day.

And I have indeed done that. Have you?

But here is what happens:

  1. We become less efficient, because we are way too tired.
  2. We are not really taking care of our health
  3.  We are not able to distinguish the difference between a job and our business then, because we are putting in too many hours.
  4. And it ends up that we are working for 42 cents an hour!
freedom or mental slavery
Bob Marley freedom

Bob Marley said it well. If we choose not to live in mental slavery we are completely freed. We are not holding on to expectations from old perceptions that do not work. Nor are we creating drama or hardships for ourselves.

And since we are working towards great success, that means we are willing on every level to be successful and free,yes?

That means self care and keeping ourselves in a peaceful spirit.

So do choose what hours you are going to be working. And then whatever they are, keep that schedule. And you will find yourself feeling more efficient, clear headed and successful. Wow, we like that, yes?

This is what I have learned to help me transition from over doing to doing just right:

  1. Take breaks every 40 minutes to an hour.
  2. Establish working hours daily and keep them.
  3. Do our schedule to make sure we stay on topic and focus.
  4. Go for two walks during the day.
  5. One day out of the 7 day week, is adventure day.
  6. Always make sure FUN is a part of each day.

This was my latest adventure :

And on this adventure, it truly soothed my soul. And replenished. And readied me for another week of great clarity and focus. And the drive was only an hour away.

And it came with an added bonus, I found a place to take a short hike that lead me to a confluence of three streams with its own tiny waterfall. So I just sat there, meditated and radiated gratitude.

Now that is truly how we fill ourselves up yes? Gratitude and peace.

So I am suggesting that we all give ourselves some down time to sit with our hearts.

When we choose to take on this opportunity of having our own business, it also means we are willing to be fully responsible and accountable for all our actions.

So lets make that happen. We cannot allow burnout to ruin our momentum to soaring now can we?



So here we go, ready to make our business soar. And then we find we are too tired to think straight or stay focused. What do we do? Revamp how we are working to insure that we have the necessary health to stay in this for the long haul.

Do have regular office hours, do take breaks and do give yourself adventure days.

The point of having our own business, is to afford us the freedom that working for another does not give. But if we choose to enslave ourselves with outrageously long hours, we are doing the exact same thing yes?

So how you do you plan on doing your week?

I really want to hear how you define your work hours and weekly schedule.

I know we will all find our balance. It is just the willingness to know that being on the NOW plan also means, we are now responsible not only to our business but to ourselves.

Here we go, soaring to success!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time


10 thoughts on “Choice of Freedom,Working Online

  1. A very inspiring post! I too have to stick to a schedule. The sitting and writing part is easy.
    The getting up at the right time, stretching, walking (maybe getting dinner in the oven) or whatever shifts gears and creates movement, is important.
    Did I ever think that grocery shopping or laundry would be “my break”? lol
    I work toward freedom!

    1. I hear you Dianne! So funny that grocery shopping and laundry would be a break. But it does get us up and moving, yes? I am so glad to hear this post works for you. I do want to hear how you work your day. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello Ariel,
    Great video and wonderful post. Yes, we need to heed our true reason to work from home and adhere to the rules that we set to accomplish that. The temptation is there to over-extend and under-achieve – yes, we need to find that balance and enforce it.
    Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  3. I’m trying hard to keep a regular schedule. With trying to run my online store, volunteer work and other family stuff I have not been able to make anything regular stick. But, I’m doing what I can when I can and trying to get in the hours. Been staying up later at night though haha.
    On your adventure video I was waiting to see you come over the falls in a barrel or something 😉

  4. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the inspiring post and Working from home was once a nightmare to me. I loved to work for my own empire. Finally by GODS grace my dream came true now I am working as a full time blogger from home.

    Everything is possible and its in our hand how determined we are to achieve our dreams. Thanks for the post again and indeed working from home is a great pleasure.

    Your Friend,

  5. I have found that I have to have a schedule to follow. If not, I don’t get nearly as much done. My schedule absolutely includes frequent breaks. I enjoyed your post very much, Ariel.

    All the best.

  6. Hi Ariel,
    We are responsible for how we conduct ourselves and our business. I love your emphasis on that!
    Part of that is definitely allocating our time between work, breaks and rewards. Love your reward video BTW! It gave me a little reward right in the middle of my work day.
    As CEO of our own businesses, having a plan and sticking with it is crucial. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

  7. Having just moved, I haven’t taken an adventure hike yet. I am going to have to find a sunny day in the next couple of weekends and go for a hike again. Start to discover this new place I am living and give my mind a chance for a real break. Just like you found yourself doing 18 hour days, I find myself spending weekends working on my business when I had already scheduled those two days as weekend days.

  8. Great article, Ariel.
    Lovely video, I so love nature and the bounties that it willing offers to us to enjoy and partake of – anytime we choose to stop and smell the roses!
    Yes, being your own boss is a beautiful thing. And the opportunity to make a difference in so many ways.
    All the success on your journey.

  9. “…it ends up we are working for 42 cents an hour.” Yep, been there, and had that same thought.

    I have been pretty bad in the past about working the entire day, feeling it was necessary for me to succeed. Now I realize how drastically my productivity would drop off past a certain point. It is useless to keep trying to work while falling asleep at the keyboard, for example.

    Now, like you, I make sure to schedule some fun into each day. And in truth, it is not slowing me down any. I am still accomplishing the same amount as before, only now I am happier while doing it.

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