Can you believe this? I am now An Amazon Author! And So Can YOU!

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Yup! So amazing and exciting. I cannot quite believe it yet.

I am an Amazon author. With even my own Amazon Author page.

Whoa… can I say that again?

Great News become an author

And I am so nervous! I mean what if it isn’t perfect or done well?

Or if people don’t like the books? Hmmm!

Or I made a graphic layout mistake?? Or or or???

What if I just totally screwed up in front of loads of people?

screw up or doing it

I have been wanting to do this for ages.

Yeah,, its get over myself time. And off of that comfort zone space.

But yup, you might also know this drill .

Fear moved in.

I did not even notice it had taken up residence.  I don’t actually remember even inviting it in.

But here it was. And I just let it get comfortable.

fear of doing

Yes fear, would you like more blankets with that fear?

And well aren’t we all really good at doing jobs on our own heads?

You know, i am not really that great of  writer, or who would want to read what I am offering?

So I pushed out the thought about becoming an author on Amazon.


He said, ready for this?

Just publish one ebook on Amazon and then put a widget on your sidebar of your site. That gives enormous credibility to your writing. It says you wrote for Amazon.

Wow, who isn’t impressed by that?

So I had to think that one through.

Instead of seeing it as oh my goodness I cannot write a book and publish it on Amazon.

It was instead, oh wow, light bulb moment.

grow money in authoring books

My blog will do so much better because it shows my credibility. Huh!

I can deal with that.

And so off I went to build my own credibility.

And lets’ be honest here, OK? If I can build credibility for my own blog , it is also saying I am building credibility for my own worth too.

Wow that is really potent, yes?

sharpen that pencil to authorship


When you are ready to get started as an author on Amazon, remember as bloggers we already have writeen material at our fingertips. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just take an already written blog and expound on it a bit.

And Voila…you have a new ebook! Now just copy it from your blog and put it into Word format, doc or docx.

using our blogs to become authors

Then go to Kindle Direct Publishing. Sign in and go to Bookshelf.  choose Ebook. Its the top box on the left hand side in green. On that page it will ask you questions. And one of them is to upload your manuscript. So easy peasy!

Upload your book.. (yup its your book!) And then it will ask you to create a cover. Follow the options.

Then you get to see a preview of how the book will look. If you do not like how it appears. Start over again, and go back to the original document and make whatever changes you need to make. And then go through the process again. (that is the only thing, I could not figureout how to do edits without doing the entire project again.)

After the book is uploaded there are also more questions as to how you want to manage your sales.

Also. Bo Tipton suggested not choosing Kindle Select because it means exclusive sales. Which means then you cannot sell it on other sites. Its your choice.

being an author

So there you go! And make sure you set up your own Author page. Whoa, yes YOur very own author page. It lists your bio and the books you are selling. And you can also include all your social media info so people can contact you elsewhere.

Speaking of which here is my AMAZON author page.


Oh and be sure that you include all your links in your ebook. Social media, Amazon and your site.

Do not forget to mention your site with a link to it! And do an internal link also in your book. 

And one more thing!

This is a great venue to grow your email list. So do include a capture page and link it to Traffic wave or your autoresponder.

Success? On yes. .we are so on our way!

Join me in the list of writers who are going to make money on Amazon!

Oh and a big shout out and thank you to my colleague and Trailblazer friend Michelle Lake.  We check in with each other every day. And ask what are you working on and what do you need help with.

And when I needed to be walked through the Amazon process, Michelle was right there. Step by step. So again thank you Ms M! Everybody needs a friend like Michelle to help with accountability and success. So if you don’t have an accountability buddy, find one.. It makes such a world of difference.

Ok ready set? Go on to your Authorship. It is really worth the trip!

Oh I have already made sales! Yippee!  See hurry works.

I want to hear about your first book. Ok?

cash cow writing ebooks


If you want to do what I am doing for a living. click here. 


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time



9 thoughts on “Can you believe this? I am now An Amazon Author! And So Can YOU!

  1. Wow Ariel, You rock!,

    Now you have set the pace for all of us to follow through. I can’t imagine having my own eBook ready to be published on Amazon.

    You’re such an inspiring woman. I really like the way you took your time to show us step by step on how we can publish our eBook after it is written on Amazon (Kindle ).

    Thanks so much for this post we will follow you soon.


  2. You are amazing, Ariel! Congratulations to you for taking these steps, forging this path. You are truly an inspiration to many. I am following your Author Page and have purchased both books. I’m looking forward to some quiet time to be able to read them both.

    All the best,

  3. Hello Ariel, Wow how exciting to read your post! It is very inspiring and actually getting me cranked up to get myself into gear to publish my book.
    About 20 years ago (gosh am I so aged???? haha) I wrote a book and have been ‘holding’ off to publish ’cause I think it needs editing first…but I think this is a ‘wall’ my fear has placed in-front of me and so haven’t moved an inch about it.
    Your post has encouraged me to step up and DO IT finally!
    Thanks for that and good luck with the rest!
    With gratitude – Orion

    1. Wow Orion! I am so thrilled to hear this. Because it is far more simple than what we thought it would be. And i know for me, it was such aheady experience to get how to make it happen. So I wish that for you. I cannot wait to hear how you did it ok? And I want to read it! Soaring you are! In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Orion, I am so happy to see you here! Many thanks for your kind words. And yes, just do it! Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I wish you great success.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the post and I am happy for you. Congrats Author Ariel!

    Thanks for sharing this post and it’s motivating. I am also gonna invest my effort to publish my book soon.

    Your Friend,

  5. Congrats Ariel,
    You are making strides along the journey to your success. You have to take action to see results and you are doing it. Continued success.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle.. and so much gratitude to you for helping me to make my way.You are also making incredible strides indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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