Building Your Own Online Business

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Ever since I retired in 2012 I’ve toyed with the idea of starting some sort of an online business. Prior to retirement I did begin selling on eBay which has pocketed me a little extra cash. But the older I get the more of a pain it is to go out and buy product and when it sells have to pack it up and ship it. Driving to the post office several times a week takes time and gas.

A few years ago I started looking into online business and I’m sure when I say there are a lot of different programs out there you know what I mean. The headlines, or selling points, of these programs make a whole lot of promises of easy money for very little work. Just set up a web site and the money pours in while you vacation on the beach and or sleep at night.

Since you are reading this blog I assume you have a desire to make some additional money each month. Well I’ve discovered the formula that will give you the best chance for success along with all the tools and training necessary. Read on and see if you agree.



Building an online business


Affiliate Marketing. What Is It?

Thousands and thousands, if not millions, of people are making a pretty good income with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is where you join affiliate programs (free) and on your blog or website you place relevant affiliate links to products you promote that are related to your chosen niche. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product you make a small commission from the sale.

To begin affiliate marketing all you need is a website to host your blog and you can soon become an affiliate marketer.

But wait a minute, you might say. I have no idea how to build a website or find a place to host it. What will I blog about? I’m getting there so read on and the pieces will fall together.




Basic Training or Learning The RopesLearning the ropes

What is a niche? A niche is just a certain part of a market or more simply expressed a niche is an audience. When determining your niche pick something that is an interest or a passion of yours. Perhaps a hobby that you know something about or maybe a topic you wish to learn about. You do not need to be an expert in this particular niche because as you progress through the training and do your research and writing you will become the “expert.”

The training will quickly have you building your own website and it is entirely possible to have your own website on the first day of your training, FREE. It may take a little time finding your niche but how to choose a niche is explained in detail in the training. You are also taught how to find a domain name. You can use the free domain names available with your training or you can purchase your own .com if you wish.




Writing Content For Your Blog

You might be thinking here that I am not a professional writer how am I going to write articles. It’s easy as you do not have to really be a writer. All you have to do is be able to communicate and that is something we do everyday of our lives. We communicate our thoughts to family, friends and co-workers all day long every day. Writing a blog is no different. If you can carry on a conversation you can write a blog. I had my blog online within three days and was writing content on day three. If I can do it, anyone can.Writing content

You will learn keywords and keyword phrases that will guide your readers to your online blog as they search out the information you write. Basically, a keyword is something you would type into the Google search box when you are looking for information. An example might be “How to build a house”,” How to fix a leaky toilet”. You type keywords everyday whenever you search for something on the internet and those keywords will take you to someone’s website where they write about the subject you are searching for. Keywords are what Google uses to index and rank your site and that is what will take a little time as you will have to gain Google’s trust by writing content a couple times a week.

It sounds more complicated than it really is and you are taught step by step how to research keywords and you are given keyword research tools to assist you in finding the perfect words to use.




The Elements of Good Content

Each blog post you write should contain these four elements. In each post you will want to:

  • State the problem (or what your reader is searching for).build online business
  • Offer a solution.
  • Tell your reader the benefit of this solution.
  • Tell them what to do or “call to action” (guide them to your product or solution)

If you do this in each blog post you will be providing value for your reader. If you do this on a consistent basis then google will begin to recognize you as an authority and thus rank your pages higher in the search results. A higher Google rank will mean increase traffic to your website thus more people buying the products you are promoting.

You will need to develop good work habits and dedicate severalhours a day to working on your blog. Success will not come without effort on your part so you need to treat this as at least a part time job and not as a hobby. The more work you can put in on your blog the faster you will see results, but do not expect it to happen overnight. Realistically it could take you 6 months to a year to get to a point you are seeing good results. But the GOOD news is once you have made your blog a successful money maker you can start another one and see results come faster. You can start as many as you like and keep multiplying your efforts, so the possibilities are endless and your earning potential will only be limited by what you put into your efforts.




So, What’s The CatchHow to build an online business

The catch is there is no catch!

I’ve just barely scratched the surface here so let me conclude by letting you in on what I have found.

If I told you that you could could build your own blog (two as a matter of fact) and be up and running in a matter of a day or two. Go through ten detailed lessons where you are taught how to build a website easily (a matter of minutes), learn basics of keyword research and content writing. Have full access to one on one help for a full seven days as you get your website up and running. All for a cost of $0. You read that right, there is no cost to get started at all. You do not even need to enter a credit card number to get started. Would you be interested in investigating further?

You can even keep your free websites as long as you want!

If you want to continue from there you can join for a very reasonable monthly or yearly fee. With your membership you will have hundreds or hours of more lessons and instructional videos on every topic imaginable to further your new online business. You will have unlimited support from the millions of members already online at Wealthy Affiliate. You can host free up to fifty websites and that cost is included in your membership. The only additional cost you would have is for domain names which run about $15.

I’m positive once you take a few days to examine Wealthy Affiliate you will see the benefits available and want to become a premium member. So, what are you waiting for? You really own it to yourself to at least check it out. Remember it is free to try. Follow this LINK to join me and take a few minutes to kick the tires on what I think is the best system for building your very own online business.

18 thoughts on “Building Your Own Online Business

  1. Hello Craig,
    Oh, the idle life of a retiree but the new life of a retired mind!
    Yes, affiliate marketing is another way to utilize your time online. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as a learning platform is so ‘on the money’! There is such a wealth of information (no pun intended) to get access to – 24/7.
    Affiliate marketing is also one way of making a commission from selling/marketing other peoples products – physical or digital – the possibilities are endless!
    All it really takes is your confidence in yourself, focus, and determination and this indeed is a winning combination for success.
    Thanks for the pep talk and the useful information

    1. You summed it up very well Michelle. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination and the amount of time a person is willing to put in to make it successful. But as the title of this website implies, “we can make it happen”, not just sit around and wait for something to maybe happen.
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Hello Craig, I retired from the demands of a conventional job and what an experience I have had building an online business through Wealthy Affiliate.
    Your post covers vital information and guide lines to help anyone interested in building their own online business.
    I enjoyed reading throughthe information and checking where I am at with my online business.

    1. Yes Wealthy Affiliate has everything a person needs to get a website up and running fast. And about a million cool people willing to answer any questions we might have. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hello Craig,
    It is so amazing that after searching for years online for a business we could count on, we get to be part of such an profitable training program as Wealthy Affiliate. I am so delighted with how it changed my world. I really appreciate the way you laid out how to build a business online. And we are all learning as we go along. And its fun!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Yes it is a privilege indeed. I am so glad to be a part of this community. So many helpful folks it amazes me everyday. Who better to learn from than from someone who has made it work and is successful.

  4. I wish that something like this had been available when my father retired all those years ago. He would have enjoyed it.

    I think you hit on a big fear for a lot of people, that of not knowing what to write about, and not feeling confident in their writing abilities. As you said though, it’s basically just a conversation between you and your reader. Anyone who can express an opinion can do this.

    In fact, most of us do it every day, when we suggest a book or a movie to a friend, or refer someone to a good location to buy something they need.

    And if we do it anyway, why not get paid for it?

    1. I also wish this would have been available years ago. I could have perhaps retired many years before I actually did. haha. Yes we do in a way affiliate market about everyday of our lives when we recommend things to our friends and family. Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning tool I have run across.

  5. I wish I found this years ago, wealthy affiliate is a great platform and community. There are a lot of people to help along the way on top of all the training
    Wish you the best success

  6. Craig,

    Starting an online business is not as scary as many may think it is. You gave some very easy steps to getting started. Wealthy Affiliate surely does not disappoint.


    1. I thought about doing this several years ago and from everything I read it seemed way to complicated and I just forgot about it. But here, everything is laid out step by step so all you have to do is follow instructions as they are laid out. It takes time and work but it is not as complicated as it appeared to me back then.

  7. David,

    I think you are right when you say, “Let people know about your business that is in the same pipeline”. You can start with family and friends, these will probably be your first clients and they will help you spread the word.” When you let friends and family know, they will definitely spread the word. And we all know, the more people that are aware of your website, the better.


  8. There is an old saying “you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your Prince Charming.” Wealthy Affiliate was my Prince Charming. I lost money trying other programs that fell short on their promises. Now, I need to learn to be more vocal about my business and what I’m doing to achieve my goals. I want to share it with everyone who will listen.

  9. Hi Craig,
    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is one the best place to start online business. I have been on online business for a while now. Most of my time is spend on how to build our website. We usually have consultant to help us to solve the internet and website related problem, which is costly and time-consuming. With Wealthy affiliate, there are 24/7 assistance from all members and staff, providing free and timely service. There are close to 1 million members who are always ready to help. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. I like how you explain terms that I would not know without having been through some training myself. When I first started looking into working online, a lot of the terms you explain really intimidated me. I hope this article helps many people decide to take the first step into a new freedom.

  11. Building a business online is the way of the future, I just wish I had started the process over ten years ago. Luckily for me. I started in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. I was new to internet marketing, so the easy step by step videos was a great help to me understanding what I needed to do on my website looking over someone’s shoulder and be able to pause the video as I implemented it.

    Companies that offer to build you a website with others having replicable websites, as you have proven not to help you in your rankings, producing no sales for your business. You mention hard work by continue writing articles with chosen keywords that people search for. That is a fact. I have had websites rank in a couple of months while some got rank in days. It is good to know that there and tools to help in chosen keywords and a given formula to help in getting rank.

    I love the fact that you can start for free, and if it has proven to be a good fit for what you are searching for, you have the choice of upgrading at a later time. I thank you for sharing this system with us and showing us how easy it is to start part-time on this journey. All the best.

  12. Dear Craig,

    Yes you are right when you said…. “Thousands and thousands, if not millions, of people are making a pretty good income with affiliate marketing.” When I came across I am not able to believe and when I saw the real proofs I was shocked and that motivated a lot.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online and there is no doubt in it. Thanks for the detailed information.

    Your Friend,

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