Build Email List Using Mailchimp

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We all know that “Money Is In The List”. All successful businesses collect emails from their customers and use the emails to market their business. Most of website visitors don’t buy products first time they visit your site. It is important to follow-up. Email is effective tools to communicate with customers and to establish relationship with customers. With established relationship, you could promote offers again and again.

Why MailChimp Is the Best System?

Most email list-building services charge you a monthly fee to start. MailChimp is free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send out less than 12,000 emails per month, which is sufficient for beginners. If you are successful and have more than 2,000 subscribers or send out more than 12,000 emails each month, you can upgrade to a paid plan, which allows you send unlimited email newsletters with pricing based on the number of subscribers you have.

Signing Up With MailChimp

It is standard signup at Only thing needs attention is that a valid contact address must be included in any business email. Home-based businesses wishing to retain their privacy may rent a mailbox from the post office and include that address instead.

The MailChimp Dashboard

From the dashboard you can create settings for a new list, and import existing emails from another list.

Two fields to pay attention to are the Default From Email and Remind People How They Got On Your List. It looks more professional and trustworthy to send newsletters from an email address on your own domain.

Managing Subscribers

mailchimp is a system to build email list

On the Subscribers screen, you can view, add, delete, or unsubscribe your list members. By clicking on a subscriber, you can see details like what Time Zone they signed up in, how they signed up, and how often they open your emails. The star rating for subscribers increases as they open more of your emails, signifying their level of interest.

Creating Signup Forms

Before creating a signup form, you’ll have to verify your email domain. This is to reduce spam by bot accounts. Under Settings > Campaign Defaults > Default “From” Email, click Verify Domain. You’ll see a pop-up modal that asks to send a confirmation code to the email address your newsletter will send from. Enter the verification code you receive on the popup and click Verify.

You can always access your signup forms in your account, by going to Lists > Signup Forms.

General Forms is where you can control the basic design of your automated emails. You will also see a Signup Form URL — a shortened URL which is your basic signup form. There are also quick links to share this signup URL on Facebook or Twitter.

Embedded Forms are the most common method of collecting email subscribers. Good places for embed codes are in a page sidebar, at the end of a blog post, in a top of the page call to action, or in a page footer.

Create A Campaign

Campaigns are the newsletters that you send to your list.

To run a Regular Campaign, you’ll need to select a Template. There are pre-set templates in a variety of styles, as well as drag and drop templates. You also have the option to code your own template and upload it.

If you publish on your blog regularly, and RSS feed campaign might be a good way to go. This simply sends your list your posts at a set time the day after you publish them.

Incentives For Email Signups

mailchimp is a email list building system

You can simply ask people to sign up for your email newsletter, but you’ll get more signups if you offer something valuable in return. Offers like free PDFs, white papers, or e-books are great incentives for people to sign up.

You can send new subscribers a file such as a PDF. The first is to go to Lists > Signup Forms > General Forms, and select Forms and Response Emails > Final Welcome Email. Edit the email by adding text, highlighting it and add a link. Upload the file you want the link to point to. You can store up to 10GB of files on the MailChimp servers.


Mailchimp is the most economical way to start building email list. It provides all free tools for you to connect with your customers. It’s an effective way to educate your customers, market to people interested in your product, and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

20 thoughts on “Build Email List Using Mailchimp

  1. Hello Anthony,
    Thanks for the review on Mailchimp. I have heard about it before but never really getting enough information about it. You have been very thorough and I appreciate it. Yes, I have heard the frequent phrase that the ‘money is in the list’ and it is so important to ensure that you have a way to populate that list as well as maintain it.
    Yes, as a small business starting out, having tools which you need and having an ‘affordable price’ is sometimes a welcome treat.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Anthony,
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have been really wanting to know about MailChimp . I did not understand all of its capabilities. This is so helpful. Thank you! And as we all keep hearing as you said, no email list, no business. I am glad we are going to learn how to create an email list. After all, we are all here to thrive and rise in our businesses, yes? Thank you for sending me on my way. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,
      You are right that email can be the most important tool for us to success in online marketing. This article is an introductory one, which is shown how to set-up the the system. In the future, I am going to work on how to grow the email list and thus grow the business. Let’s thrive and rise our business through effective emailing building.

  3. Interesting.

    I took a while to get started on building a list, so I am not terribly familiar yet with all of the different options, but your overview of Mailchimp makes it sound rather interesting. I like the idea of the star rating, allowing you to quickly see the level of interest of the subscribers.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thanks for your encouragement. As mentioned, for beginner, Mailchimp is best choice. It is cost effective, meets all needs, and is definitely 5 star product. I am actively testing this system now and please come back with more discussion.

  4. I’ve had a free account with Mail Chimp for a while but haven’t used it at all. Your explanation, Anthony, will help me feel more confident to set it up for use on my website(s). I have subscribed to a few affiliate programs and would love to actually have an email list to send post notifications to and affiliate opportunities. Thank you, Anthony, for sharing this helpful information.

    1. Hi Sue,
      It is nice to hear that you also use the Mailchimp system. It allows you to set-up auto response associated with your affiliate programs. I am actively testing the auto response function now and may meet problem. Right now, I am not sure how often should I send automatic messages to my subscribers. What is your suggestions?

  5. Anthony you have made a clear easy to follow and comprehensive list for using mailchimp.
    I have heard about it but never used it.
    As you say money is in the list and I need to seriously look into signing up for mailchimp.

    1. Hi Tania,
      As mentioned in the article, it is one of the best email list collection system for beginner. If you plan to start email list collection, use this one. Feel free to let me know, if you need any assistance. Good luck with your endeavors.

  6. Hi Anthony. How does mailchimp compare with other autoresponder service providers like getresponse, icontact and aweber? I know that some of the autoresponders I’ve mentioned also offer free one month trial or $1 for month 1. So what makes mailchimp a better proposition to their competitors?

    1. Hi Zola,
      As mentioned in the article. Mailchimp is very good for the beginner. I have been working on the system for more than one month now, but still in process of learning how to use the system. Tell you the true, after one month I haven’t get single subscriber in my list. If I used getresonse, icontact or aweber, I need to pay $30 to $50/month right now, which put me under big pressure. For mailchimp, it is free and allow me to test the system. By the way, which system are you using to collect email list?

  7. Anthony, this topic on list building has been a very controversial one. Some say as you mention that, money is in the list and that you should focus on building one from the get-go. Others say that it is not a good idea to build a list in the beginning, but rather wait until you are receiving a good amount of traffic to your website. I always prefer the former.

    MailChimp seems to be a perfect fit for this because you can start for free and then upgrade as your list get bigger, a good selling point for the newbies. I love the feature on knowing how they arrive on my list, this can give value to my advertising campaign. if you get a chance please let me know about their pop-ups sign up forms? Thank you for the review.

    1. Dear David,
      Thanks for your insights on email list building. It is nice to hear that you like and are going to use Mailchimp system to build your email list. I am happy we could exchange ideas on how to use and improve our skills on using the system.

      To establish pop-up sign up form, go to list > subscriber pop-up. Fill in the information you would like to provide subscriber, such as newsletter or free ebook etc. When you are satisfied with the content, publish the content and then copy/paste the code and place the code in your website. The pop-up subscribe will appear in your site.

  8. Hey Anthony,

    Great information, I have heard about building a list, but actually, I didn’t really take it serious, I now get your point why using Email in business is very vital.

    I certainly agree with you that most of our visitors do not really but anything when they come to our site or even take any action and I think having their email addresses will be a fine opportunity of getting in touch with them and possibly this could lead to making some good income or sales out of it.

    I’m going to implement this now.

    All the best

    1. Hi,
      It is so nice to hear that my article has use in your business. You are right that we need to implement the email system as early as possible. This is the most effective tool to communicate with your customers. Meanwhile, it is also the best tool to promote your service or products.

  9. Dear Anthony,

    Thanks for the detailed post on mailchimp and I came across many good reviews on mailchimp and wanted to look into it. Thanks for the details.

    May I ask do they have an affiliate program?

    Your Friend,

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