Benefit of Publishing eBooks – How to Monetize

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benefit of publishing ebooks and monetizing published EBook
Benefit of publishing ebooks and monetizing published EBook

Becoming a published author can have its benefits with your blog

Publishing today is very doable.  There is a benefit of publishing ebooks, as for as direct monetization, but also indirect.

I’m going to start with your having something to be published.  And now you want to get it published so you can monetize it.

It may be a post from your blog, or a combination of posts that flow together to make into an eBook.  It may be a series of entries from your Journal.  It may even be Private Label Rights (PLR) that you purchased and edited to make yours, on a subject that you’re interested in.

We’re assuming here that you have some content.

There are a lot of options for publication

The not so good news is that you have to do it yourself.

Let’s face it, we are not well-known authorities or famous figures who are likely to get propelled to the best  seller list.

We have to self-publish and self-promote in order to monetize our content.

The good news is you have options.  You don’t have to find a publisher who will want anywhere from $4,000 or more from you to print your first 1000 copies for sale.  You won’t have to set up a world tour to try to sit in book stores to sell your book in person, with promises of autographs.

Ebook Publishing Instead, we can publish EBooks.

In 2018, for the first time, the expected sales of EBooks are going to top sales of physical books in the United States and in Great Britain.  EBooks are gaining ground in most other developed nations too.

There are many sites for you to publish and sell EBooks.  For your first EBook, I recommend you start with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).


  • It’s free. There is no upfront cost to use KDP.
  • It’s easy. There are clear step-by-step directions on KDP, including video tutorials.
  • You get paid. KDP keeps only 30% of your sale.  If you are also an Amazon affiliate and sell through your personal link, you get a bit more (and maintain your affiliate status with Amazon).
  • If you join KDP Select, you also get promotional help.

When you join KDP Select, you promise to sell only through KDP.

This is your first EBook.  Once you have a series and a following, you may want to branch out in other directions.  You will have that option.  For now, KDP Select is my recommendation to get started.

publicize and promoting EBooks to monetize self-publicationOnce Published, You Need to Promote to get the Benefit of Publishing eBooks

Getting published is the first step…a big step.

Congratulations!  You are a published author! 

An author without readers until they find you!

There are 7 ways to get readership.

The first is using the keyword tool on Amazon.  Just as with any online search, your potential customers are going to plug in keywords to find information on the problem or question they have.  Choosing (and incorporating into your content) good keywords is important.  I recommend using the Jaaxy tool to help you identify your best return keywords.

Second, is to choose your Amazon categories.  You get to choose two out of a drop-down menu.   Potential readers will search using categories on Amazon.

Third, is to get reviews on Amazon.  This is a big advantage of using KDP Select.  You will have the option of allowing readers to get your EBook for FREE for a five-day period.  During that period, you want to invite everyone you can to take advantage, download and read your EBook for free, and to give you reviews.  Reviews on Amazon give you credibility with others who find your EBook.

free self-promotion to monetize EBook using Social MediaFourth, is to promote your EBook on Social Media.  Post the link on Facebook.  Use this during your Free period and later on, too.

Remember to keep a balance on Social Media.  Comment on the posts of others.  Put up information, videos, and images that are not about selling something.  Be a human being.  This is SOCIAL media, not an ad campaign!  You are not paying for ads to sponsor the Super Bowl, where the folks who see your posts expect an ad.  You are building relationships and trust, and sales are a side-benefit.

(I have a FREE eBook, offered for no cost exclusively on this website, on Facebook Traffic Secrets.)

Fifth, promote your EBook on your own Blog.  You can do that by putting links in a post on your Blog to your affiliate sale for your EBook.

You can put in a Pop-up that features the EBook and its benefits.  You can even build a Sales Funnel from the EBook to other products and services you offer, either directly or as an affiliate.  You cannot do this if you have promised to publish exclusively for sale through Amazon Kindle of course.

You can put in a link in your right sidebar with short promotional  copy and an Email sign-up, with the EBook as a benefit of joining your Email list.  Joining your Email list can be part of your sales funnel.  To me, that is such a benefit of publishing eBooks that I would rather use my eBook as a bonus for other sales than sell it directly.

I recommend using Traffic Wave to build your email list.  There are several steps in using Traffic Wave effectively.  They have clear tutorials on how to do each one.  The purpose is to build an email list, and set up automated emails, called autoresponders.  When you have an email list, you have a list of people with whom you are in regular communication, building relationship and trust.  They have signed up to be a part of your list!

The cost to join Traffic Wave is only $19.95/month.  Traffic Wave also has an affiliate program with generous payouts.  Within a short time, with attention, you can get your monthly subscription paid with your affiliate earnings.

nervous about making a video for self-promotion to monetize EbookThe sixth way I recommend promoting your EBook is to make a video of it. 

I know, now I am really pushing the envelope, right?  From being a published author, to making a video?  I’m not that photogenic, you say?

Let me reduce the anxiety level right now!  Your video does not have to be of you.  You do not need to record yourself.

I recommend going to Lumen5, where there is FREE software to make a video using only your EBook content.

You put up your content, then pick and choose what you want to have go in your video.  I recommend about a minute or two, no longer.  People are not very patient these days.  And you want to entice a sale, not give everything away.

Lumen5 will add images to your video that the software says is related to the content.  You can reselect your own from their achives or your own.

Then you add music from an extensive selection of options.  Your video will work with or without the music.   Here is a link to a video I did of one of my EBooks.

I recommend you put your video on Social Media to help you promote your EBook.  Insert it into your blog post where you have the affiliate link.  Add it to your Pop-up.  Make a capture page that includes the video when you are building your email list with Traffic Wave.

create sales funnels with autoresponders and paid ads to promote EBook SalesAnd, finally, the seventh promotional idea I recommend.  Use paid ads.

The site I recommend is The Online Ad Network (TOAN).  For your monthly fee of $19.95, you can put up as many as 31 ads.  If you use some of your ads to promote your EBook, sending the reader to your capture page, you can get a ton of impressions.  Any who click through could be your potential customer.

One thing about TOAN, it is run by the same folks as Traffic Wave.  They also have an affiliate program so you can get it for no cost, or even make money with it.  Check it out.

The promotional ideas are all no-cost potentially.  You can become a published author, and monetize your work!

Let me know how it is going.  If you have any questions, please reach out and ask.  I am very ready to help!

Annie’s Tips.

Annie is a wife, Mom and Grannie, who has discovered and rediscovered creative art in her retirement. She has a lifelong commitment to learning and living creatively.

She has been a business owner, and enjoys the challenges and demands and creative hard work that entailed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and attitude still guide her volunteer work in her community school system.

She has a blog about creative lifelong learning and growing, to share what she has learned and is learning with others. She says, “There is a lot of paid-for ‘information’ on the internet, and it can be hard to sort through all of it to get to what is truly helpful. Together, we can help one another live creatively in pursuing happiness and joy, health and wholeness. ”

Her blog is designed to help people find the best information, supplies, tips and training so her readers can maximize enjoyment in their lifetime.

Annie’s Tips.

9 thoughts on “Benefit of Publishing eBooks – How to Monetize

  1. Annie,
    Wow, you gave a clear step by step plan on how to accomplish writing and publishing an eBook and how to promote it. I haven’t reached that point yet, but I will make sure I mark this so that I know how to do this. Your post made something that seems extremely complicated to something that one can do if they follow these steps. I appreciate all this helpful information. Very valuable indeed!

  2. Hi Annie,
    Wow, it is eye-opening for me. I always think it costs some to publish Book at Amazon or other media. We can do this free based on your article! It is so nice since it is my dream to publish my book or ebook publicly. One question: do we need to pay to keep the ebook at Amazon for long term, for example, 1 year or longer? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very concise and and informative article on eBook publishing Annie. You explain the process very well in easy to follow instructions and some great tips on how to publicize your new eBook. Thanks for explaining the process so well.

  4. I never, ever thought I could publish anything on my own. KDP sounds like an amazing platform and it’s free! I’m going to take in all your tips and suggestions here in your article. Thank you for sharing this important information!

  5. I have looked into publishing and the steps it takes to become an author by the regular means. This article just taught me how easy it is to publish and get in front of viewers. Thank you for the great information, Annie!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I have wanted to write for basically my entire life, so the ability to self-publish has been on my radar for a little while, although I hadn’t looked into it much yet.

    I am glad that you mentioned selling through your affiliate account without risking the loss of your affiliate status. That is good information to have, and honestly, is something I would have been worried about, because Amazon definitely tries its best to keep from paying you more than they have to.

  7. Hello Annie,
    Great article. You are so right, as a content writer and website owner, you have so much material you can choose from to make your ‘publishing dream’ a reality. Thanks for the tips.
    I am excited as my mind is buzzing with ideas!
    Thanks for the boost and good luck to you.

  8. Hello Annie, I am going to reread this several times. This is truly so chocked full of information. I am indeed going to Amazon and give it all a whirl. Thank you for outlining exactly how it works. And for the inspiration. IN peace and gratitude,ariel

  9. Dear Annie,

    Thanks for the great post. And I am happy to read “In 2018, for the first time, the expected sales of EBooks are going to top sales of physical books in the United States and in Great Britain. EBooks are gaining ground in most other developed nations too.”

    I am in the process of writing my own ebook so your post gave me lot of insights and thanks for sharing.

    Your Friend,

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