Challenges Met for a BabyBoomer With a Blog

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Babyboomer With A Blog

baby with computer is not how baby boomers got started...a babyboomer with a blog has a lot to catch up on
baby with computer is not how baby boomers got started…there’s a lot to catch up on

I was NOT born with Technology in my Crib!

I am no technology whiz.  I am a babyboomer with a blog.  There are challenges because  I didn’t grow up with computers and smart phones.  At one of my first jobs we had a whole room full of gigantic computers that had less power than my laptop today.

I have had to learn a lot, just to communicate with my kids and my grands.  And it’s been fun.  I believe in being a lifelong learner.  It’s part of the process of living.



good teacher means student success for baby boomer

Being a Good Learner Means Finding
Good Teachers

We don’t live in a vacuum.  We are surrounded by other people, books, information – and TEACHERS!

Finding a good one has been a key for me in getting into this blog thing.

Like many of us, I have a lot to talk about.  I have lived and experienced and learned a lot over my many years.

I can write about what I know.  And I can learn new stuff that I can write about, too.

But there is a whole lot more to having an effective blog than having good content.

Now, don’t get me wrong here…good content is extremely important.

My point is, good content will never get read by people interested in what I have to say, if they can’t find me.  Getting found on the web is the part I have really been learning a ton about.


old computer used by baby boomerThe Olden Days

Wait!  Did I really say that about my own old days?

Well, it’s true.  When I was a kid, it was the olden days for many folks here today.

Babyboomers are a huge part of our population, and we all grew up in the olden days compared to now.  Some of us are like me – a babyboomer with a blog.

We had old computers.  We had huge cell phones.  We had car phones if we were really techie.

We used DOS commands.  Microsoft Word and Apple hadn’t been invented yet!

Compared to now, we had almost nothing in the way of technology.

You know how you go to Walmart and pick up a calculator for a few bucks now?  Back when I was working on Wall Street in Technical Analysis, we bought a calculator for the office – it cost $750!  That was even more money than $750 is today!  It was a huge investment in new technology for that day in the olden days!

website development does not need HTML code knowledge for babyboomers
Baby Boomers Do NOT Need to Know How to Code

Big Changes Have Come

Now we have website designs we can get for free.  They are great.  Only 20 years ago when I wanted a website for my business, I had to pay a webdesigner to design one for me.  It cost me $2500!

At Wealthy Affiliate, when you are a premium member, you can have up to 25 websites hosted there at no additional cost.  Well, you have to pay a few bucks for the name of your website each year.

Not only do you get the websites, but Wealthy Affiliate backs them up for you every day!  No lost work!

Wealthy Affiliate also has premade Templates for writing your blog.  I was able to learn how to make my own templates as I used the ones they had all ready for me.  I keep on learning every day.  And the teachers I have found at Wealthy Affiliate help me every step of the way.

Me, a BabyBoomer, writing my own blog!  Even designing my own templates!  Who would have thunk it?

baby boomer learning how to drive computer trafficLearning to Drive Traffic

Traffic is people visiting your blog.  I need traffic to get the content into the hands of my readers.

How that happens is a reader has a problem or challenge that they want to find an answer for.  They do a search in Google or Bing.  Most use Google, but about 1/3 use other search engines.

They put some words in that describe their challenge.  Then the search engine finds articles on the internet that address the words the reader put in.  The more specifically the reader describes his challenge, the more focused are the results he will get in his search.

If identified the challenge, and I have an answer that will help the reader, then I want my article to get found.  So I need to optimize my chances of that happening.

My Wealthy Affiliate Teachers Are Teaching Me About SEO

Baby boomer learning about SEOSeo is Search Engine Optimization.

My teachers at WA are training me, step by step, in how to have good SEO rankings.

One of the tools I use is keywords.  Keywords are the words the reader puts in to find answers.

At Wealthy Affiliate we have a great tool called Jaaxy to help find keywords.  I have learned to use Jaaxy, so I have high ranking keywords.  Here is an article on this site about Jaaxy.  It talks about keywords, especially long-tail keywords.

I am learning about using the real estate on my post to maximize keyword density.  Things like captions on pictures, and alt descriptions in the image.  And the post description and title that you put in at the bottom of Word Press.  Read more about your available real estate here.

baby boomer uses social media for online blogging successSocial Media Effective Use


Facebook is huge.

Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Google Plus are not far behind.  And there so many more.  The list is growing almost daily.

For me, I use a few, mostly Facebook.

One thing my teachers at Wealthy Affiliate have taught me is to pick and choose.  I don’t want my whole life to become attachment to my computer.  My blog is a tool to help me help some folks, to learn and grow, to be creative and mindful.

It’s definitely not my whole life.  It is something I am enjoying a lot.  It is an important part of my working day.  But my goal is to spend about 4 hours a day when I work, and to have lots and lots of non-working days, too.

So I spend about 30 minutes a day doing Social Media.  I spend about 30 minutes looking at other websites and posting comments on them.  That helps them, it gives me new information, and it gives me backlinks that help my SEO, too.

I spend about 30 minutes answering emails and Skypes, and answering comments on my posts.For the rest of my 4-5 hours, I spend about half in training to do things better and about half writing new posts or making improvements to the ones I already have.

Basically I learn, and I apply what I am learning.

Babyboomer has a blog without being a techieA Baby Boomer With a Blog!

I did not have to become a techie to do this.

I did not have to hire other people to do it for me because it was too complicated for me to do.

What I did, was I found great teachers.  I am learning a lot from them.  And I am putting what I am learning to work.

Believe me, if I can do this at my age, you can do this!  Check into Wealthy Affiliate.  You will be so glad you did.

Unlike almost everything else in life, there is no cost to taking a look.  You don’t even give them a credit card unless you decide this blogging business is for you.

And then if you decide it is, the cost is only $49 a month!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Annie’s Tips.

Annie's signature


Annie is a wife, Mom and Grannie, who has discovered and rediscovered creative art in her retirement. She has a lifelong commitment to learning and living creatively.

She has been a business owner, and enjoys the challenges and demands and creative hard work that entailed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and attitude still guide her volunteer work in her community school system.

She has a blog about creative lifelong learning and growing, to share what she has learned and is learning with others. She says, “There is a lot of paid-for ‘information’ on the internet, and it can be hard to sort through all of it to get to what is truly helpful. Together, we can help one another live creatively in pursuing happiness and joy, health and wholeness. ”

Her blog is designed to help people find the best information, supplies, tips and training so her readers can maximize enjoyment in their lifetime.

Annie’s Tips.

12 thoughts on “Challenges Met for a BabyBoomer With a Blog

  1. I am still learning how to make SEO work for me. I am still only working on my first website. I did become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate though, so I could do as many as they let me. Well, I just want to get my first one getting traffic before I worry about another site for now.

  2. Oh we baby boomers have come so far! We’ve seen amazing technological advances and we will see much more to come. Wealthy Affiliate gives a stable foundation and numerous tools to build a strong business. Great article, Annie. I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. I am glad you did, Sue. It is amazing how much can be learned when the teachers are good. I am feeling so much more knowledgeable than I was a few months ago, aren’t you? I love Wealthy Affiliate and am so grateful that we found one another!

  3. Dear Annie,

    Thanks for the detailed post.

    Being a Good Learner Means Finding Good Teachers wow that was great and it make lot of sense, you know what sometimes while checking the marks or grades of small children after listening to their performance I will ask why the scores are very less…. In reply few will tell teacher is not coming to class and not teaching well… So good coaching and from where and from whom we are learning also plays a vital role in our success!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hi Paul, Don’t we all remember and still value the really good teachers we had. It is an honored profession, and has so much impact. Even as adult lifelong learners, good teachers make a huge difference!

  4. Hello Annie, as a baby boomer too I am so amazed at how we are adapting to this new techno universe ! And I am like you so pleased when I really figure things out and make them actually work! So it also becomes another way to add more joy and brain power to our lives. And I for one, thank Wealthy Affiliate for showing me how to make life so wonderful. Great article.
    In peace and gratitude,ariel

  5. It rocks being a baby boomer, able to grow and learn so much so quickly, with the help of our friends at Wealthy Affiliate. It all about the joy, the growth, the becoming, isn’t it, Ariel?

  6. Great article, Annie.
    Now if I admit for a second that I ‘know about the olden days’ then that will be a ‘dead giveaway’ about my timeline! LOL
    But you are so right – times have changed a whole lot…and it is now giving us more options to be creative.
    And yes, I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. I, too have learned so much by being a premium member. It is amazing what I can do online where previously as you said, creating a website could easily run into $2,500…and that did not include the maintenance.
    All we need to do now is bring the traffic, do the work, and enjoy our efforts.
    Good luck to you and thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow Annie,

    I really like this article so much. I mean I wasn’t born at the time these huge computers and cell phones were available. I never used dos commands as you mentioned. I grew up to see Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating systems. I only grew to come and see our modern techs. Of course, I saw some old mobile phones but I guest is not as you did see.

    However, I do agree with you so much. Gone are the days when creating a website required some special skills to be able to accomplish this goal. You needed to be a specialist in programming such as know more about CSS and HTML to be able to achieve that.

    But thankfully WordPress has made things more easier. even more easier is what I have personally enjoyed from Wealthy Affiliate as you mentioned. They mad it so easier and simple for me to create my own website, in less than a minute. Plus their step by step Training.

    I recommend them to anyone looking for a way to build their own website and successful business on the internet.

  8. Annie,
    You are right, good content will never get read by people interested in what I have to say, if they can’t find me. There are so many more pieces to the puzzle, like SEO and putting your name out there on social media. Following a program like Wealthy Affiliate, gives you the necessary skills to grow your business. Good teachers are indeed a thing to be treasured.

  9. I remember when cell phones first came out. They were really big, clunky and expensive. I was running a mobile locksmith service and I bought a “bag” phone a modem and a credit card machine so I could take instant credit card payments while out on a job. The whole set up took up the whole console in my van and I had to put an antenna on the van roof to be able to get a signal. Today you can do it all on your mobile phone that fits in your pocket.

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