Are you Ready to Really Build Your Business? Check this out

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I have heard so much about the need for building an email list.  Have you? And honestly, it has felt very intimidating. I mean it sounds really complicated. (Oh my goodness, please do turn off the whine, woman. Grin.)

In fact I have heard experts in the affiliate marketing niche say that if you do not have an email list, you do not have a business.


So, if this is so true, what do we do?  Ahhh, here comes the good part, ready?

So guess what we learned  from our mentor?

We were formally introduced to And within seconds my sense of intimidation changed to excitement.

No really, I am not exaggerating.

I can see now, how and where my business, your business is about to explode.

Now I am getting the process.  And I can visualize how it will make our businesses thrive.

That is really reassuring yes?

So walk with me on this one. It is always in the first steps that we figure out how to make things work.

If we really want to build a business we have to have people come to our site, yes? Well, yup, we do know that.

And if people are  coming to our site but we are not capturing their information, well, it is like throwing darts just into the air.

Nothing lands on a space that is not viable, right?

Because what happens if our readers come, and leave without a trace? That means we might never ever, never see them again. Is that really what we want? Or how to have a growing thriving business?

Enter the Autoresponder.  That is its job.

To capture emails and keep our readers engaged.

Wow, you mean something is working for our businesses to make this happen? Yes, yes, yes!

This is very basically how it works. Here we go:

1. Every reader that comes to our site has the opportunity to share.opt in with their email information.

2 Once that email is captured, the reader receives a welcome letter from our site (which we write)

3. Then every couple of days (as we set it up) the reader receives another email from us talking about something of interest.

4. And the best part is that instead of waiting for traffic to come to us, we are going to them. Give us more control.

And that is it! We are done. We have now started growing our email list. And let me tell you something else, if you have a really strong growing email list, you earn money! Apparently if you have 5000 readers, you can figure you make at least 25% of that list in cash each month. That is a healthy start to viability and income, yes?

And your authority rank for your site goes up! Because your traffic is growing. Oh wow, another win.

But now listen to this,  the other phenomenal part about this program, is that it is an affiliate program. That means that if you choose to become an affiliate here, you will make money through that process also! Talk about a win win. And as your build your downline, everyone makes money not just one person. So truly a pay it forward opportunity.

I have just been on it for a few days and already I have enough people so that having to ever pay the small monthly fee again is no longer a worry.

Wow is right!

And the more I build the down-line, the more I am making. Which means I have now built yet another profit stream! But the absolute best part of this, is that it is not just helping me. And that gets me really pumped. I mean who ever is signed up under me makes money I get a percentage and then people below the new signer get money. So it means every step of the way we are paying it forward.

Can I really get behind something that is in every one’s best interest? Umm. May I please shout yes?

Are you ready for this? Can you handle it?? I am so excited.

So right here, we are already discussing  the creation of  two profit streams.

Can you see how affiliate marketing is the opportunity to create constant and multiple streams of income?

I am so getting the visual. Hope you are too.

So if you are as excited as I am, do click here for this opportunity and more information.

Once you sign up for this service of you are taking into your very own back office. This is what it looks like when you sign up and are taken into the back office of the affiliate information.

Here is a screen shot of what is in our back office to help build this affiliate business.


There is so much information on this site. Do take some time and really read all the ways to help grow your business. There are some really great articles.

So not only are we learning about how this autoresponder will build our business but we can also have a side gig.

Who does not want that?


Do we absolutely need an autoresponder ? Yes

Do we want our business to thrive and expand ? Yes we do.

Do we want to create multiple streams of profit? Yes we do.

How do we do all this ? By signing up for an autoresponder that takes care of our business by insuring that our readers know what is happening on our site.

So lets start a conversation about and how we are building and monetizing our fabulous site. Do leave some comments. And I really want to hear how you are all thinking about building multiple income streams.

So let’s do this.. we are making this happen.. and success is ours.


In peace and gratitude,

Founder of, living one heart-centric moment at a time!


8 thoughts on “Are you Ready to Really Build Your Business? Check this out

  1. Congratulations, Ariel!!
    Wow, you are setting up your path to passive income – first the website, now the building of your list…I see good times ahead for you and your online business.
    Yes, it is often said that the ‘money is in the list’ and the challenge comes in making that list make you money!
    I am new to TrafficWave, I just signed up and your article has me certainly feeling excited for more than one reason.
    Thanks again and continued success.

  2. I’m excited to be a part of Trafficwave and further building my business towards success. Your post fully explained the necessity to have an autoresponder to build your list and what makes it even better is that it is also offers an affiliate program which creates a passive stream of income.

    Congratulations, Ariel, on taking these steps to build your business to greater potential.

    Wishing you all the best,

  3. Wow, I really never gave to much thought to having an email list until I had read Crushing It. Then I started to see how powerful a tool that could become. But I still had no idea how to go about setting one up. I’m excited to have it now and get it all set up. You explained how it works perfectly. Hopefully in a day or two my setup will be finished and begin to build my list.

  4. Hi Ariel. I’ve used most of the popular autoresponder and I must say that which you’ve recommended here offers by far the best value especially for affiliate marketers likes me. Their affiliate compensation plan is what adds the cherry on top.

  5. Hello Ariel, I need to install the Traffic Wave Autoresponder and have felt it could be a daunting task but your post has reassured me that I have a case of fear of the unknown. I am now excited to be venturing into new territory to grow my business qndcreach success. Yes I am ready to really build my business.

  6. I probably should have started using a list builder and autoresponder a long time ago.
    Ok, not probably, definitely.

    Now that I am learning about it, I am also quite excited to see what it can do for me, though I have to admit that I am still a bit apprehensive about it, simply because of my lack of experience.

    Traffic Wave looks pretty amazing, though. Here’s hoping that the next few weeks will see me getting the hang of it!

  7. Having an email list is important to your business. I have work with different companies and they seem to capture the email list of your contacts, but you did all the work by getting traffic to your site whether is paid or free. I have always believed that something is wrong with that picture.

    So by reading your article, I see the reason for you capturing the email first by creating a capture page. Not only you the company that you are working with will have their information but you would have it as well because the saying: “The money is in the list.” is a true statement. Which I have done it years back. Thank you for such valuable information.

  8. I just discovered Trafficwave as well! I am working on my letters to start my first email campaign. I don’t have anyone in my downline yet but I am hoping it will start to happen soon. Thank you for some great tips here!

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