Are you ready for this? Facebook has new Criteria! Wow!

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Our mentor Bo Tipton told us to watch a Facebook live about the changes that are happening now.

And I have to tell you , this was an eye opener. Sarah Louise did an hour long session Facebook Live on all the things we need to know.

There are now 9 new criteria that we must understand in order to rank well with Facebook.

Facebook is trying to become more educational informative and entertaining. So everything we do must point to that.

Are you ready to hear them?


  1. We are being ranked for the average time we spend on content! So if we just skim, that is also seen.
  2. Sharing Content, we can raise our rank if we see important message and share it to particular people on Messenger. That raises our rank.
  3. Multiple replies are what we want to each post. It shows we are building relationships, and that we are especially responsive when we RESPOND back. We want to be seen as approachable.
  4. Overall engagement: immediate interaction ranks well
  5. The time we post is crucial. If we are posting to our niche of mothers, we do not want to post when they might be putting their babies to sleep. So be aware of where your audience is during the day.
  6. The type of post. Make sure we are posting to our target audience. What is our niche looking for? Are we posting our story to make it relatable?
  7. Our Newsfeed. Connect with posts we truly like. Then genuinely engage. We want to be giving true value. And here is a big one, NO MORE JUST LIKE! Do hearts and emojis, it shows more interaction and connection.
  8. Engagement content.When you go to share click edit and add a few lines to the share. That will boost the algorithm score. And it shows you are putting out content that is unique to  you. Oh and we all like to share, but according to Sarah Louise, we should not do it more than 2x per week!
  9. Facebook wants to become: educational, informative, entertaining and inspiring. So the questions to ask ourselves are how can I be these four things with each activity I do on FB.

Lots of new things to think about, yes?

new facebook criteria

Sarah Louise also suggests that we find people in our niche and truly connect with them. We find them first, then we message them. And this tip.


Post in these groups 2-3 times per week.

Be really interactive and do comments and emojis. This is a great way to brand yourself. And I know our mentor Bo has told us this over and over again. When people see you in these groups consistently, they will reach out to you. We have then built trust.

And we get more people to friend us when we are like minded, yes?

So this all comes down to just like in all parts of our business.

build relationships


These are the questions we need to ask as we interact with our niche or target audience:

  1. What motivates them?
  2. What inspires them?
  3. What challenges them?
  4. How can we solve their problem?
  5. How an we work on creating interest with our own authentic interaction

Whew! So much new stuff to take in with FB changes.. but so helpful..yes?

So don’t forget, no more emojis...and interact as your heart connecting to another.. we all want authenticity in life, yes?

connecting with people

Off we another great adventure in success!

Hey, if you want to do what I am doing, writing for a living,  click here to join me.

Do let me know what you think of these changes and how you might address them?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO.

“living one heart-centric-moment at a time!”

12 thoughts on “Are you ready for this? Facebook has new Criteria! Wow!

  1. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the post and very informative. Planning to focus more on Facebook.

    Facebook wants to become: educational, informative, entertaining and inspiring. So the questions to ask ourselves are how can I be these four things with each activity I do on FB. This a great news for us. Thanks for sharing.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hmmm Craig, that is an interesting thought. Wonder if that is indeed the premise for all the changes? Thanks for your being here.
      IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Oh goodness, this is terrific information. Some people have the thought process that Facebook is utterly irrelevant and a huge time-waster. I never believe this to be true…and now I know why. Thank you, Ariel, for this information. I’ll go now and watch the FB live video you mentioned. Your video was great and a huge help.

    All the best,

  3. Hello Michelle, so much to learn now indeed. And yes that is so correct, put into practice.
    Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Thanks for the recap Ariel. I watched part of the video from Sarah Louise, but have not yet seen it in its entirety. It’s nice to be able to check out the info here until I have a chance to finish it.

    I have mixed feeling about Facebook at times, but knowing more about the behind-the-scenes working of the system means we can get more out of it, which is great.

  5. Wow Ariel,

    I haven’t seen this video yet, but you have really opened my eyes to somethings I never knew about getting ranked on Facebook.

    Especially about the number of hours we spend on each post post. Also sharing content on messenger and responding to each comment people leave on our blog.

    You have really helped us with this post.

    Thanks for sharing,


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