Are you Building a Business or a Hobby

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​Having a business of your own is a dream of many people. Working your own hours, doing what you love. Freelancers Union estimated that nearly one-third of the labor force are working independently. Those are some pretty good odds. Would you agree?

Treat your business like a business

Who Do You Want to Help

Building a business takes tenacity, perseverance and dedication and don’t forget about nurturing and devotion. Who do you want to serve in this business? That’s a huge question. No matter if you are producing products, services or education, you are marketing to someone, providing something or teaching something to someone. Helping others.

Helping people

Throughout most of my adult working life, I always had a skill I hid away in my back pocket, a skill I could pull out when I needed to make extra money or change course completely. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was priming my future entrepreneurial path.

A Hobby or a Business

Let’s look at the difference between a hobby and a business. defines a hobby as an activity or interest done regularly for pleasure or relaxation, not as an occupation. On the other hand, defines a business as an occupation, profession or a trade.

At its core, an online business is about building a relationship with your audience. Love what you do and do what you love. It’s relationship marketing.

Where Do You Go From Here

Personally, I had tried various online programs promising to make me rich in 30, 60 or 90 days. Not true.

A friend told me about Wealthy Affiliate and I was cautiously skeptical about what I’d find there. My friend didn’t join right away, so I was on my own. It helped that Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter program. Within a week I had signed up, completed my profile and answered a few basic questions about how much money I wanted to be making in the future.

Also, within that week, I began the initial course in the Online Certification Program, which was also free for starter members. To say I was hooked immediately is an understatement.

Your search stops here

Then, something happened. I fell away. Got busy with other things, all the while receiving periodic motivational messages from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. These emails were not pushy or arrogant. I called them gentle nudges to check this platform out in more detail.

Once Kyle mentioned that I could join as a Premium Member for only $19.00 for the first month. I thought, what do I have to lose.

Wealthy Affiliate was my opportunity to use what entrepreneurial knowledge I had tucked away in my back pocket, to join an educational platform that would help me build my business. Not only that, I was offered the necessary tools to build a website, draw traffic to that website and monetize my site so I could start making money. Finally, helping people the way I wanted to help them. Unbelievable!

If you are skeptical, like I was, Wealthy Affiliate is worth checking into. No pressure, no sales tactics or worthless jargon. See for yourself right here. I’d love to show you around.

16 thoughts on “Are you Building a Business or a Hobby

  1. Hello Sue,

    Thanks so much for this post, Indeed you’re right in saying this, we need to focus on helping people and if we do, then we can be sure of success, also I agree with you that we need not just to be building a business, but also be passionate in what we are doing so we can be in the best position to help our visitors.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I have learned some valuable information.

    1. Hi Stephen, in our hurried lives, it’s easy to forget about helping others and that should be our number one focus in building a business.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your business development process. It is impressive. I can see that you are gradually switching from your hobby too your business. Right now, you are fully engaged in your business. After the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you master all tools for your business success. I am confident that you will reach your business goal soon.

    1. Hello Anthony,

      Thank you for your comment today. Yes, you are correct. I have transitioned from a hobby to a business and the training I’ve received at Wealthy Affiliate has guided me every step of the way. I’m definitely on my way.

  3. Sue it is great to be reminded of the seriousness of commiting to building a business.
    We have to get our priorities right and be focused.
    Like you are appreciate what Wealthy Affiliate offers to help me build a successful online business.

    1. Hi Tania,

      Yes, I am extremely grateful for the training and education I’ve received at Wealthy Affiliate. Bar none, it is the highest level of training offered anywhere. Thank you for your comments, Tania.

  4. I absolutely love helping people when I can. Growing up, I have wanted at one time or another to be a teacher, a doctor, a firefighter, a police officer… anything that would allow me to make a difference in someone’s life.

    While I went through all of those phases, one thing remained constant: a love of writing.

    Now I am in a position to do some writing online, while reaching out to people and (hopefully) helping them out, so my hobby has become my business, and it’s awesome. I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Craig, being a part of a service organization like you mentioned is the highest honor. I love that feeling when you realize your hobby has become your business. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Hello Sue, I really resonated with the part where you knew you were putting your skills into your back pocket, knowing that one day you would use them. And here you are! I so agree with you Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect training ground for learning how to grow a business. And the best part of it is also the community.
    So here we are putting our back pocket skills to work And we are rocking it. Its a journey that changes lives.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel, Yes, we truly are putting the skills we stowed away in a safe place for future use…the time is now. We now have the best of all worlds.

      All the best,

  6. Great article, Sue.
    Yes, it has to be a time of personal reflection and best decision when to comes to anything, more so building an online business or creating a hobby.
    It took me a while before making that commitment to Wealthy Affiliate, however, I have no regrets. I am not yet that online millionaire that I envision, but I am on the way to success on my terms.
    I concur – Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great learning platform to get started.
    Much success to you.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your comment. For myself, I’m glad I held out a little longer before signing up for Wealthy Affiliate. Once I did, I really appreciated all the gifts and benefits offered in this learning environment.

      All the best,

  7. Great post and yes there is a big difference between a hobby and a business. If we want to have a successful business we must treat it like a business and work at it like we would a regular job. A hobby is more for relaxation and stress relief to me so if we treat our business casually then we can not expect it to thrive and produce income for us.

    1. You’re so right, Craig. There is a big difference. Although, with the right direction and focus, a hobby can be developed into a business. The reverse, though, is not normally true. I liked what you said about treating our business casually, we can’t expect it to make money for us. That is a fact. Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  8. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best decision I could have made. I have held obs that have not even allowed me to cover my bills. Now, with Wealthy Affiliate I am taking my life back. I hope to be 100% in my business by the end of the year.

  9. Dear Sue,

    Awesome post. Difference between hobby and business topic was nice and its very important we need to treat our online business as business. Many fail here taking lite when it comes to online business. Turning our passion into business is amazing! Thanks Again!

    Your Friend,

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