Affiliate Marketing Funnels, What does that mean?

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So we know as Affiliate Marketers that we need to have products to sell, yes?

And we know that somehow they have to be found on our site, yes?

So how we connect the dots between traffic and our products that will lead to sales?

Well after our lastest Webinar with out mentor Bo Tipton, this is what we learned.


First off an explanation of what is Affilate Marketers. I know we think we know this yes?

But hey, bear with me please.

You know how a car sales person gets a commission on every car that they sell? And they live off their commissions yes?

Ok, so fast forward to our digital age. We are that car sales person. For every product we sell that is an affiliate product,we get a commission. We get that right?

But there is a disconnect here for me. Because I have to be really clear.

I cannot make any money if :

  • I am not selling a specific  product, or any products
  • I do not know what my product is. 

So lets’ take a step back, ok?

  2. How are we selling it?
  3. what is our audience need for this product?
  5. What do we want to market? 

So I cannot say I am selling furniture, I have to know what specific kind of furniture.

Is it rattan? is it a large sofa that seats 8? And lights up when someone sits down??lol

It might sound funny. But the reality is, we gotta know all the bells and whistles. I am not just selling hair products I am selling hair products to men who are balding. See the difference?

OK, next.


Yup, its a mouthful.

We know that our sales funnel starts with the least or even freebie product, yes? And then as we go down our funnel the most expensive is at the bottom.

So first off is our freebie, then a mid range pricing, then most expensive.

Got that? I think I do.. lol

But did you know that our sales funnel has an opening at the top?

And what is the reason for that opening?

Yup, so customers can come in.

And how does that work?

Ahh, magic traffic!

magic trick for our sales funnel

It starts with an ad that says OH DO CLICK HERE, (maybe not that obvious.)

So we are so pleased, someone clicked on that !

It will take them then to our capture page!

And there is the god of the email list, our gold mine. Yup, thank you so very much!

They leave their contact information. Happy dance!

contact info for our sales funnel

Because we have given them reason on the capture page to know what the benefit is and the reason they would want to give us their information.

The page might say: Learn how to do this by getting this!

NOTE TO SELF: do not say I will be sending you more emails. Arghh who likes that? 

Instead say, look for free course coming your way. 

email for our sales funnel

And then they are taken to the confirmation page that also has another gold mine. Free advertising space! Yeah after our thank you , we can say. oh and because you signed up look, here is an unannouced bonus. Just for you!

So as we open this door to our funnel, we have so many options to truly capture the attention of our reader and potential customer.

And that opening to that sales funnel has to be open and ready , yes?

opening door to sales funnel


So do think about how we use our capture pages . Get creative, Sell well. And even offer more bonuses like free tools for your business, Like TrafficWave or, Open Office and my favorite, Lumen 5.

Now we are starting to get the point of how we can direct people to our site and to grow our business.

And it starts with knowing our sales funnel. And how we open it.. yes?

So what do you think? How does your sales funnel look? Or how are you starting to build it?

And lastly as our amazing encourager in chief says:


traffic for our sales funnel

There it is again..learn to earn. And its on us.. we have all the tools are our fingertips, don’t we?

But if we do not know how to get traffic, we are not going to make a penny. And no doors will be opening.

So I am out of here. I gotta go learn more about traffic generation.

I want my sales funnel to work, do you?

Coming with me?


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart- centric moment at a time

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Funnels, What does that mean?

    1. Hello Annie, well I so enjoyed your very indepth piece. I will be going back to really get that in-depth drill down that you did Thanks for being here.
      IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  1. Great article, Ariel.
    Yes, the whole idea is not a new one but it can be customized to suit your website and what you have to offer your audience. Thanks for the ‘breakdown’ and much success as you garner your readers’ trust and confidence.

    1. Hello Michelle,
      You said that so well. Thank you! And it is so about gaining trust and visibility too. It certainly is a learning curve for me. Does it feel that way to you also?
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the great post with loads of valuable information. Sales funnel is the one I read and hear from experts often but in this post you explained it well. Now I see the importance of this sales and for sure I need to create one and planning on it. Thanks a lot I learned a lot for your post.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, I think the more we learn and the more we learn to earn, we are going to get all the concepts we need. That is my hope. So here is to creating successful sales funnels for all of us. Thanks for being here.
      IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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