7 Reasons Why YOU Should Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

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Hello! Can you hear me? Because if you can then you are ready to take that next step to grow your bsuiness.

So you are at that place where you know that something is just not happening. And really wonderring and possibly feeling a bit frustrated. You are thinking hmmm, there has to be something else that will take me to the next step. Right?

But what could it be that will clarify for my audience that I can solve their problems?

Or even better how do I get my message out if no one is reading my blogs?

And that is the esence of getting visibility. Visibility? The golden challis. Yes?

Well that is the elixir we are all looking for yes?

So what are the vehicles that get us to that place?


Yeah,  I know what you are thinking. We all are having our love hate relationship with social media. From its too intrusive to its too much of an addiction yes?

I mean how many of us just spend the evening trolling YouTube or Facebook?

So although we might indeed have a really complicated relationship with social media, the reality is just that. It is our reality .

For the affiliate marketer that is our bread and butter. That is our brass ring. That is the ladder to get us the most visibilty imaginable.

And yet we hesitate, don’t we? I mean we suddenly become shy. Nope, not going to put my face or name out there. Nope, not going to spend time chatting with strangers. Nope Nope NOpe!

This sounds so familiar doesn’t it?

shy for social media

But here is the thing. 4 billion people are on the internet at any given time of the day. Can we even count the amount of zeroes in that number?? Do we realize how humoungous that number is?

And knowing that number of people are always available doesn’t it beg the question, how can I gain access? 

For those of us who are older a comparison would be using the Yellow Pages, remember those?

Well, the Yellow Pages were a book put out by the telephone compamies with  the actual listings of telephone numbers. (When everyone had land lines not cells).And it was a most brilliant idea at the time. Everyone had one in their house.

And these books were highly valued. Why? Because it was contacts. If you needed to find a physician you would just look it up in the Yellow pages. Whatever your need was most likely it could be found in these pages.

yellow pages were social media

“The yellow pages are any telephone directory of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, and in whichadvertising is sold. The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pagesfor non-commercial listings.” Yellow pages – Wikipedia

Sales people used to sit down and comb through the Yellow pages to compile their list of prospects. Does that work anymore? Perhaps a bit, but not like  it used too.

Wh?y Because we don’t think as locally in terms of prospects anymore. We think without borders. That everyone in the world can now access our products. And we have this thing called the internet. It has completely changed the way we now get our contact informaton, hasn’t it?

So for a very long time. the Yellow pages were the be all and end all of contact information. Now we have Google. And how many times a day do we access Google? Well, if you are like me, I cannot even count that high, grin .

using social media

But that is exactly the point . At our fingertips we literally have billions of opportunity. Never before in history could people access absolutely everything just by typing.

So when we choose not to use this amazing entire world at our disposal, do you think we just might be missing the boat??

Did i hear you say, oh. I get that? Yup. The internet is our Yellow Pages. But so refined and targeted that we can get a niche down to the last detail. Right?

So knowing this how could we possibly expect our business to thrive and go global if we are just uisng the outdated Yellow Pages?

Does that work anymore? Not in that form. But it does work in the new updated everything is availalble to us form .

And that is…ta dah… can you give me a drum roll please?

YUP! You got it Social Media.

social media tips for success

Which means our relationship with it must go to the next level. And that is on us, yes?

So ready to explore the reasons we need social media?

Here we go!

7 REASONS  WHY YOU SHOULD USE SOCIAL MEDIA, (if you  TRULY want to grow your business)



So  do  you think those reasons  are compelling enough ? Do we see that it makes us understand that if we truly want success we have to engage on a large scale?

Are we willing to  make that commitment to our selves and our business?

Well ,only YOU can make that choice. But in reality, it is not even a choice is it?

We are on the NOW plan of making it HAPPEN. AND it won’t happen if there is not any relationship builiding and exposure. Right?

So off we go! You got this!

And let me know how this works for you!


success with social media


I know that just a couple of weeks after I started following our mentor Bo Tipton’s teachings on Facebook, I went from just a few curiousity seekers on my site to over  a thousand people per week!

Wow! let me tell you how that felt. I was ecstatic. I could not imagine that kind of growth so fast.

I certainly know that made the point! It works. I saw it with my own eyes!

We just have to use it. And here is my disclaimer, admittedly I went screaming and kicking in to not wanting to use Facebook.

But now, I get it.

I understand that if I want my business to thrive I have to engage in social media.

So what is our next goal? Yes indeed, you got it!

Becoming students of social media. Learning how each platform works that best utilizes my visiblity.

Go out there. No just sticking a toe in the water.

You gotta be wiling to put your whole self in the water to see the success you are really wanting.

Are you?

I certainly am. I have the proof.

Go get yours.

And if you have not yet taken the plunge to start your own business, consider joining me in this amazing adventure. Just click here. This is an experience that will completely transform your world! And we are serving and helping others. Seems like a win-win to me, yes? 

In peace and gratitude,

Know why I like this signature? Because it means I see you and I see you as we are building relationships. In ethical goodness and compassion.

Founder, CEO, Success-full-living.com

“living one heart-centric moment at a time”




6 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why YOU Should Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

  1. Hi Ariel, LOVE your comparison to the Yellow Pages! Wow, remember those? And your remarks that our business is without borders. So true. Using Social Media is such a great FREE tool to put to work. Your 7 reasons encapsulate why. Thank you for this…BTW, love your newest signature!

    1. Hello Annie, so many thanks! Yeah remember those books? And how heavy they were?
      Business without borders, amazing changes in our lifetimes yes?
      You do like my signature? Cool . So glad you liked the post. And you have seen the benefits also, yes?
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Ariel,

    I definitely like the idea of affordability and social media sure fits that bill. It is nice to utilize free advertising, especially when we are first starting out. I remember phone books and the yellow pages. I don’t think we even have one in our household any longer. It is so great to have everything on our cell phones now, we are spoiled.


    1. Hello LIsa,
      We are so spoiled with our cells and access. It is so different than when I was a kid. Imagine even using a library card file now.. boy does that sound antiquated!
      KNowing that we have so much at our fingertips. we must learn how to truly use them, yes? Thanks for being here.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Using social media has been directly responsible for the best results I have seen with my business. And the fact that it is free is just the icing on the cake.

    Anyone who isn’t taking advantage of social media to promote themselves is really missing the boat.

    1. Hello Craig,you are so very right. And having witnessed it first hand does indeed give us the impetus to stay focused and persistance as we pave our way to success.
      Thanks for being here.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

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