7 Months and Counting, What I have learned

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It almost unbelievable to realize it is only 7 months that I have been with Wealthy Affiliate and started my own online blog.  It has changed my whole perspective on life, options and paths that I always wanted to take.

I have learned so much that at times I feel like I am about to get my Ph.D in Affiliate Marketing. But honestly, I only know probably less than a drop of the ocean right now.

But lately, it is all beginning to tie together, so I can almost understand the systems of it. And the infinite possibility of how we do make money.

So in celebrating this time period, let’s talk about the basics of what I have learned.

the future is NOW

In a nutshell what I have learned: 

  1. If we do not work our schedule, we are not seriously working
  2. If we do not concentrate on social media back links, there is no way our site will be found
  3. If we are not learning to earn each day, we are not reaching for success
  4. Each day we need to decide which task has the potential to make us money. And that task is done first
  5. At the end of the day, note what has made us money
  6. At the end of the day, have our own planning session of what is going to be completed the next day
  7. Work with a mentor. That way there is accountability with the learning . Ours Bo Tipton has been a phenomenal teacher of staying the course, and being the Encourager-in-Chief. (thank you!)
  8. Each time we write a post, make sure our CTA (call to action) makes its point,do you know what your CTA truly is?
  9. Success is a day by day, step by step process. Not overnight.
  10. Immerse yourself in your niche to understand your audience
  11. Use Low Hanging Fruit Keywords to help with  ranking and visibility
  12. Consistency and Persistence ARE KEY! don’t do these, nothing happens.
  13. This is a relationship marketing business. Let our readers get a sense of us.
  14. Our focus determines our outcome ,YUP! positive equals  success.
  15. We each have our own USP, Unique Selling Point, use it
  16. Our content has to have value, benefit , and solution. 
  17. Have a plan for how to monetize our sites with our sales funnel
  18. Build an email list, or there is no business
  19. We have a real estate goldmine on each post, Use all the SEO and meta descriptions  that is how Google finds us and ranks So important to do! fill in all the bozes
  20. Use Ebooks for freebies to offer sign up for email list
  21. Keep OUR FOCUS no matter what
  22. Post 3x per day on Social Media
  23. Create Videos, 80% of people watch videos
  24. Youtube is #2 in Search Engines, so set up a Youtube channel and be seen!
  25. Create Many Possible Profit Streams, do not rely on just one
  26. We are on the NOW plan. NO waiting, JUST DOING!
  27. Become a student of Traffic Generation
  28. Know what you are SELLING
  29. Get control of your business by getting control of your TRAFFIC

we are on the NOW plan

There is so much more than this.. but this is the basic way to know we are truly ready to soar into success.

So I cannot possibly begin to understand all that will be coming as these next months come along. At time this old blonde head of mine feels like it is going to explode. That I cannot possibly take in any more information. Do you know that feeling?

And other times, I am so incredibly fascinated I realize I have been sitting at my computer for an entire day into sunset without a break. Whew!

But no matter if I am brain tired or brain exhiliarated.. I am loving every single moment of it.

I live in the knowing that my path is really shining in the light of potential. And for that I am so grateful that my retirement is so beyond FUN now.



This is absolutely one of the most fun things I have ever done. Writing for a living is my passion. And getting to learn how to make it all happen is beyond a dream come true.

I have indeed learned so much it is impossible to note all of it. But I have highlighted some thoughts.

So do your schedule, be consistent and persistent.  Do Social Media to leave backlinks so your site can be found. Do the work. See it with the potential it is. We learn to earn!

And you know what? Just have fun! This is an amazing way to grow community, grow our finances and grow our own capabilities. That is pretty much a win -win..yes?

win win when we plan success

Is this hard work? Umm YUP! Be prepared for long hours and loads of patience.

Is it worth it? No question.

So don’t ever, never, ever give up.. we are on a journey here that is all that we have ever wanted.

And yes, dreams do come true, when we make them real.

Ready to work? I hear you.. YES WE CAN, Yes we do! We we ARE!

And we are on the NOW plan. NOt tomorrow. NOW!

So how would you talk about your experience?

In peace and gratitude

Founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

“living one heart-centric moment at at time”




17 thoughts on “7 Months and Counting, What I have learned

  1. A lovely post, Ariel. I am so with you on learning for earning. Day by day, I too, am learning more and more.
    I am deeply grateful for our Coach Bo Tipton, and his mentoring. That he is so generous, and sharing all that he has learned in his many years in internet marketing is amazing.
    It’s available to every member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community and even beyond, as he shares on WA and encourages each of us in the beta test group to share as well.
    Wow! 26 points! I have not made a list, but yours seems very complete to me!
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Annie..yes not enough words to say thank you to.our Encourager-in in-chief!
      I could have gone on for pages..lol..but well this touches the basics.
      It has indeed been an incredible journey.Glad you are here.In peace and gratitude ,ariel

    1. I am awed Bo, that is a fantastic compliment from you. Many thanks.. Ok Ebook it is..will work on this one!
      Thanks for all you do for us. We are so grateful. ariel

  2. This was not only informational, Ariel, it is also a refresher for all that we’ve learned and, excitingly how much more we will have to learn. Starting to see some of the benefits gives new and exciting meaning to learning to earn.

    Great post, Ariel.

    1. Thanks Sue for dropping by. I am so glad you liked it. Amazing what we have learned isn’t it? I know me too excited to really see the dots connect.. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. So many great points here, and a really good review of everything you have learned.

    I think it’s amazing that you are where you are after 7 months. It’s fantastic, and also an example of what hard work and dedication can do.

    1. Hello Craig, so many thanks! I am not sure LOL where I am..but loving every moment of it. And we have all really worked hard.. but it has been loads of hard work and dedication. I am truly grateful and so excited. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel. Your wisdom which stems from experience and maturity shines through in this post. You continue to be a great example to the rest of us. I appreciate the honesty with which you have shared your journey so far. I’m sure the $1000 per month goal is around the corner.


    1. Hello Zola, I am so happy to see you dropped by. Thank you for your kind words. It has indeed been an exciting journey. And I agree, the goal is so close I can almost touch it. I wish the same for you. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the great post. Sharing what you learned is caring. All the 29 points are vital for our online success. Yes the money is in our daily schedule and again money is in the list. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, so many thanks for your continued support. And yes, as we build a strong infrastructure everything that we need is coming to us. I wish you great success too. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Great article as always, Ariel. I have been stalking your posts!! LOL
    Yes, you seem to be on a roll when it comes to the ‘learning curve’. Great job and continued success!

    1. Hello Michelle, thanks so much! Whew it has been a rollercoaster ride.. with huge curves..LOL. But loving each moment. Glad we are sharing this ride. Glad you are stalking me. I am probably stalking you too. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. I love writing too. I am happy that I didn’t wait until retirement to get into it, Ariel. I have only been at this for four months. I have been told that I am on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to traffic and that I will see changes based on what is going on around me. It is crazy that something like the Superbowl will make all of my US traffic disappear.

    There is just so much to learn! I still have not gotten into videos yet. I am still learning how to set some things up on my site.

  8. You’re so great Ariel,

    You have indeed learned so much from this training platform. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best online training and mentorship community I have ever seen. The only platform that allows you to create a FREE trial account.

    I really like the summary of all that you have learned, you did such a great job

    And I can also attest to that Ariel, I have been on the platform for about a year now and I can say I have really learned so much which I cannot recount them now.

    My best wishes,


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