5 Qualities For Success With Affiliate Marketing

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Dear Friend,

In this post I am going to discuss about the 5 Qualities For Success with Affiliate Marketing which I believe will give you some insights and help you in your affiliate marketing growth and success. So here we go…

5 Qualities For Success With Affiliate Marketing

Quality – Finding The Right Product or services – To Recommend

Often I use to write and quote in my posts when it comes to recommending products or services “Our recommendation represents us” so we need to take utmost care on the products or services we recommend to our visitors. They need to find the value and great advise so that in the future they can trust without being skeptic.


It is advisable and it will be great if we check the products or services before we recommend to our customers. By using the services or the products we get the first hand experience and we know more about the products and services so that we can provide our customers with a detailed information.

Many affiliates keen and look at the commission rate they get instead of the quality of a product or services. They focus on the commission not on the quality. So recommend the very best products or services.

Don’t Sound Too Commercial

“Selling too much is disservice to clients.”

While surfing I came across many of the affiliates sites they will be keep on insisting or asking to buy the product. Its not good although we are here to sell the products or services. Customers might feel bad and just checkout from your site and do remember they will never ever come back to your site again.


Money is the by-product, the main thing is providing a good service. Although we are promoting products or services first we need to meet the customer needs. Many of them will be looking for information so first we need to give them the detailed information, tell them the features, advantages etc. Don’t pressurize your visitors. Advice and guide them towards the best products or services.

“Tell them the features and sell them the benefits”

Build a list – Build Relationships

Building Relationships

You would have heard lot of times all over the internet about the importance of building an email list. And there is no doubt in that and building an email list is very very important to succeed online.

“Money is in the list”

But don’t focus on collecting emails just to promote your products or services. Instead build relationships provide value to your subscribers and give them valuable information via your emails. If every email from you sounds too commercial and your emails are focused on selling products or services to them they might feel bad and unsubscribe to your list and you will lose a valuable customer. So build a relationship with your subscribers.

Be The Go To Person – Develop Yourself As An Authority

In your niche you need to develop yourself as an authority. How you gonna do that? By continuous learning! When your subscribers have any doubts and queries immediately they need to think about you and need to contact you to get guidance. The Go To Person that is Authority in your Niche.


Learning is the key my friend. By continuous learning from ordinary you can move on to extraordinary. Learning is the fuel which will help you to move forward.

Don’t Give Up

Never give up attitude of course you might have heard this all the way throughout your life but that’s very important when it comes to affiliate marketing success. As an affiliate marketer it takes lot of work and patience to succeed online. To be honest it takes time.

Now a days people are looking for immediate quick success, fast money. Many are addicted to it that’s the reason people lose their hard earned money in get rich quick programs. The truth is affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick program. In order to succeed in affiliate marketing it takes lot of hard work, time, patience etc.

Don't Give up

Since it will take time to see the results in affiliate marketing many people give up they want immediate results. So you don’t give up!

Final Thoughts

Friend the above five qualities are essential in order to be successful in affiliate marketing. Hope in this post you got some insights on the 5 Qualities For Success With Affiliate Marketing. By implementing the above five qualities you can excel in your affiliate marketing career.

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Your Friend,


18 thoughts on “5 Qualities For Success With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Paul, you give some valid points for growing your Affiliate Marketing business. Knowlege is key, and talking about a product will be best if you own the product. In that way, you would share the product from your heart.

    I have known that money is the list but never experience it until lately. The more people like and trust you the more tend to buy from you. Email marketing is a must for all business owners, and they need to know exactly how to go about it. What is your suggestion to get someone started in building a list? Thank you for these important tips.


    1. Dear David,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments.

      In building your list first you need to set up a subscription form on your website. This will help you to build a list in the initial stage at no cost to you since there are free plugins you can do this easily.

      Yes Money is in the list my friend!

      Your Friend,

  2. I don’t know how many pages I have closed because they were just too pushy on the sale. Unless I am choosing to go to a sales page to buy something, I really don’t want to just see one big sales page.

    1. Yes that’s the one I am pointing Britt. So we need to think in the visitors point of view. Too pushy and sounding too commercial will create a bad impression and we will lose our visitors. Instead we need to focus on providing great value. And sales will happen automatically.

      Tell the features and sell the benefits!

      Your Friend,

  3. Paul,
    All 5 are great qualities for a success affiliate marketer. I think not giving up is one of the most important. It really does take time and patience to build a business. Some people think it will be easy and that you don’t have to put in any work, but that is just not the case. It is only with hard work and dedication that you will succeed.

    1. Dear Lisa,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes people are looking for easy money and the reality is there is no such thing called easy money. Some of my friends asked me how much I need to invest and how much I will get? I said go to your bank and ask this question not in blogging it will take time and need efforts but if you do so putting the required efforts it will pay a lot more than your bank…

      Your Friend,

  4. “Don’t sell me something,.. solve me something.”

    That’s perfect, and I really think it’s one of the biggest factors in determining your success. Anyone can try to sell things, but if you are legitimately helping people, you are ahead of the game.

    Nice article!

    1. Dear Craig,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comment. Yes its all about helping and guiding our visitors towards the best products or services. Providing value is the key that is solving their problem or fulfilling their need.

      Your Friend,

  5. Hello Paul, what a great article about how to really be there for our readers. I really liked the part about developing ourselves as an authority. That makes so much sense because then we can been seen as trusted and adding value to our readers. Great job! Thank you, ariel

    1. Dear Ariel,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments.

      Yes growing from an AUTHOR to AUTHORITY is our goal. People need to see as the go to person for their doubts and queries in our niche. And for that we need improve and keep on learning to excel in our niche.

      Your Friend,

  6. Hello Paul,
    Intriguing post!
    Your points are all ‘on the money’ – pardon my pun. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in the monetary gain without realizing the true reason – helping others!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  7. Hi Paul,
    Everyone of the points you mention above are necessary for online business success. I suppose the number one thing to keep in mind is to make sure you offer value and solve a problem. But if you miss any of the other points you make your chance of success is diminished. Great post and well written.

    1. Dear Craig,

      I totally agree with you and that’s the bottom line “I suppose the number one thing to keep in mind is to make sure you offer value and solve a problem. But if you miss any of the other points you make your chance of success is diminished.”

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments.

      Your Friend,

  8. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by and providing your valuable comments.

    Yes money is the by-product helping people is the prime focus. Its about adding value.

    Your Friend,

  9. Hi Paul,

    This quote really had an affect on me. “Tell them the features and sell them the benefits.” I used to write product descriptions for Amazon products and this quote is exactly what I did back then. This article was informative and I learned a lot from it. Thanks, Paul.

  10. Dear Sue,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments. Happy to hear you already write product reviews to amazon and implementing “Tell them the features and sell them the benefits.”

    Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

  11. Hey Paul,

    Thanks so much for sharing this great & wonderful post with us. You have opened my eyes to some things I can do as an Affiliate Marketer to achieve success.

    I have learned to first provide quality products to my customers and I think that really make sense since by doing so, my customers will now come to trust me, thereby leading to more conversion.

    Also, thanks for the advice on trying to first solve the problems of people who come to my website even before trying to sell to them.

    I really appreciate this post. thanks for sharing it.


    1. Dear Stephen,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes your product represents you so you need to provide the very best. By doing so you will get loyal customers and providing value is the key.

      Addressing the problem is the key element. By solving their problem we can suggest them solution.

      Your Friend,

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