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What does it take to build a successful business online?

You may have asked this question out of pure frustration after trying different programs without success. Or you may be looking for an opportunity to create an additional income online and before taking the plunge, you would like to know what it takes to build a money making business online.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a group that is being mentored by a successful online entrepreneur to build a successful business online. Well, its been 1 month into the mentoring and boy is it hard work.

Invest In The Platform

The 1st thing that we needed to commit to as part of the mentorship was to be invested for at least the next 12 months in the platform that has all the tools, training and information to allow us to build successful businesses online. This platform is called wealthy affiliate.

We had to commit to staying as premuim members for at least a year as premuim membership requires financial commitment which is a basic requirement for any serious business venture. Premium membership is not a requirement to join wealthty affiliate as you can join as a free member.

In my view however, premium membership is an absolute requirement if you are really serious about building a successful online business.

It Takes Hard Work

It takes hard work to build a money making business online. I have a full time job, a family, commitments at church and other responsibilities but I still have to commit 20 hours a week which equates to 4 hours a day 5 days a week to building a money making business online.

Most nights I sleep between 2 – 3am in the morning as I typically work between 10pm – 2am when the kids are all asleep.

So if you are able to commit at least 4 hours a day, 20 hour a week then you’ve got an important ingredient to build a money making business online.

If you’ve got nothing else to do, spending 4 hours a day working on building a money making business online may seem very appealing but the time needs to be spent effectively.

The Schedule To Build A Successful Online Business

Our mentor suggests spending 1.5 hours creating engaging content to post on our blogs. Another 30 minutes should be spent on social media building an online presence by commenting on other people’s posts, creating connections with people in related niches and sharing what we’re learning.

Another 30 minutes is spent on commenting on people’s blogs, especially those blogs that have a high page rank (PR) in a relevant niche. This is specifically done to attract traffic and backlinks.

Another 30 minutes is to be spent answering work related emails. These may be responses to emails from our mentor or team members or other people who may be interested in what we’re doing.

Another 30 minutes is spent answering comments on posts that we’ve published on various platforms, such as our own blogs or wealthy affiliate blogs.

The final 30 minutes is to be used to comment on the blogs of the members within the mentorship group.

This schedule can be adapted to suit individual preferences so long as the allocated time is spent on the tasks.

Are You Willing To Do It?

Now you will agree that very few people will be willing to consistently follow this schedule. In my view this is partly because the idea that people have about building a money making business online is to pay money for a program that will do everything on autopilot and all that one needs to do is to receive the paycheck. That’s why so many people fall victim to online scams.

So if you’re really serious about building a money making business online you need to realize that it will take hard work, especially at the beginning. And yes, it will also take time. This is no get rich quick process.

The 1st month of the mentorship has really been about establishing the foundation for a successful online business, which involves developing the right work ethic as I’ve described and understanding the fundamentals of creating engaging content.

Now I’m excited to progress to month 2 where we will begin to put in place the mechanisms to build a sustainable money making business online through list building, attract a consistent flow of targeted traffic and generate some revenue.

Watch the space.

Do you want to be part of the journey of learning to build your own successful online business? Then join me on the inside.

If your have any comments, questions or anything you’d like to add on this post, please comment below.

To your online success,


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  1. Hello Zola, it has indeed been a most incredible journey this first month, hasn’t it? I cannot even begin to fathom how this entire year is going to just soar us to such success.
    I think you said it so well. Having an online business is a commitment. To ourselves, to our businesses even to our families.
    The fact that you , as a father and husband and full time job are still putting in nighttime work to grow this future , is beyond stellar. Your example is a benchmark for all of us to duplicate.
    Thank you for really talking about how this process is not easy, but so rewarding and fun. And we know that the potential is up to us. That is truly powerful, yes?
    Great job Zola!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hi Ariel. I feel truly blessed to be associated with you and the rest of the group. We come from diverse backgrounds. Mind you, we come from different continents and operate in different timezones. However we are brought together by a desire to significantly improve our economic conditions so we can do those things that are most important to us. It is indeed a great deal of fun. I can hardly wait for the day that we get all meet in person and celebrate each other’s successes.

  3. Like you, I do some of my work at night when everyone is asleep, so using my time efficiently is important.

    I have started to follow this schedule and I am seeing a difference. Knowing that I have a set amount of time to complete each task forces me to stay more focused. As I result, I am working faster and better.

  4. Hello Zola,
    Absolutely!! On all accounts – you HAVE to be willing to make a difference in your life AND you have to be willing to make a schedule that WORKS with your parameters and your motivation. It is not easy building a business, but it can be done with perseverance.
    Much success as you journey towards your success.

  5. It does take hard work and strong dedication to your goal. It took me a while to get going but I am now following this schedule and it helps to accomplish each task. I’m climbing that ladder of success, one rung at a time. I’ve also learned this technique helps me work smarter, not harder.

  6. Zola,

    Having an online business does require a lot of hard work. Do you find you are able to stick to a schedule, or do you find yourself sometimes getting off schedule and not getting much accomplished? I know I have trouble sticking to a schedule at times and find myself spending too much time on one thing, while something else gets neglected. Finding that balance is essential to success.


  7. Paul, your total commitment shines through here. Setting up a business is hard work but it is also exciting and we as a group encourage and help each other.
    It is great that you have not sugar coated what is involved to build a business website.

  8. Dear Zola,

    Thanks for the detailed post on “What does it take to build a successful business online.”

    I really like the “The Schedule To Build A Successful Online Business” yes time management is life management. Time is money! Planning to complete my daily tasks as soon as possible without fail.

    Your Friend,

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