144 NO’s And Then One YES, That Changed His Life!

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144 no's until One Yes

Do you know of the books Chicken Soup for the Soul?  It took  authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen 144 No’s from publishers until they finally found a YES. Really?

144 No’s? Can you imagine that kind of determination? And they never faltered from their belief in their vision. So they kept at it.

Chicken Soup for the Soul now has 200+ titles and 47 Languages

Now this is beyond phenomenal to comprehend. Just the brand name, that means just using the brand for Chicken Soup for the Soul, guess how much its worth itself?

100 million dollars! Yup.

Huge mind blowing number yes?

144 nos to get to that one YES

So that does not even touch the sales of the books. And there are over 200+ titles in their stable. Can we possibly even understand that many zeroes attached to a number?  I cannot!

And talk about branding ourselves? Is this the perfect example of how branding truly works? 

So this started Jack Canfield on to a journey that many of us dream of, yet not many of us take that acton. Out of fear or not believing we could really make this happen, many of us don’t move forward.

Canfield makes this point really graphically at his motivational seminars.

Ready for this?

144 no's beofre one YES

How would you react to this example? 

He holds a fifty dollar bill up high in the air and says who would like this bill? And people look around hesitantly  and then raise their hands . And he again says, who would like this? And suddenly one person gets up from the audience and rushes on stage and just grabs the bill.

Wow! Would that have dawned on us to do that?

And that is exactly his point.

We say we want something. But are we willng to move into action?

And that is the crux of our business also, isn’t it?

Are we truly willing to do what it takes to stay true to our own visions? 

There is a saying that “living a committed life” is truly getting the best .. And that commitment has to be so constant doesn’t it?

For Jack Canfield his mission is not to sell books. His mission is to inspire and activate people. So for everything that he has his hands in, his heart is right there encouraging and mentoring. And that is also why he is such a success.

144 nos before ONe Yes

We see Jack Canfield’s  authenticity of caring.  And we are so  grateful to the man that does that for us, Bo Tipton.

our inspiration to success

Bo Tipton, our trailblazers’ mentor is exactly that person . He has shown us action steps, caring steps, how to be successful. How important it is to learn new things daily, and always be on the famous NOW PLAN. And he does this solely from his big heart of just wanting to help folks.

Bo is an inspiration to all of us. He teaches us that we can change lives, starting with our own, one step at a time.

No matter the circumstance, Bo is always living his ethical and moral standards of what his vision looks like. There is no straying. Ever. And while he is teaching us, he is also raising our own sense of self and potential.  There are not enough words of thanks for the service he so readily gives.

And all he asks is that we pay it forward. Wow how do we pay this incredible gift forward? By doing!

That is  exactly the kind of  caring and legacy that we can all strive to emulate.  For if we can impact one life, we have started thousands of new seeds growing, yes? Talk about branding, yes?

NOTE: If you do not have someone like our Bo, in your life. Go out there and find a fabulous inspiring mentor. It will change your life. 

When we know each other’s stories, we find this comfort in commonality. And that truly builds connections and friendships.

And that is one of the tenets of Affiliate Marketing too isn’t it? That we develop relationships each step of the way.

Who are the people around us? 

Have you looked around at your circle of friends lately? Are they lifting you up and inspiring you? Or as Canfield says “expiring” you? And if so why are we letting them in our lives?

So find 5 people that are doing better than we are. 5 people that are inspiring themselves. And be part of their daily life. That will change how we think and interact. Being around positivity begets potential and new doors opening.

And each day review:

1.what is our mission

2. what is our vision

3. what is our action

And really like this quote, ready?


So even if life is really good, it can always be even better. So no settling for just ok or good. Because we are creating our own legend today, yes?

So what is your legend? Can you see it, feel it, touch it and do it? 

If not get to work. Make sure you have that really clear in your mind and heart.

Canfield uses this equation: E+R= O

E stands for event, R is for Response and O is outcome .

So when we have an event what is our response? Because that response is going to determine our outcome.  If we are asked to write an article as a guest post, but instead we decide no, I am not good enough, well we know what that outcome is yes?

But if we decide that indeed we can write that article, now what is the outcome? Yes indeed. More open doors. More backlinks and more visibility. So do stand tall in choices of responses.

If you have not yet read Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles, do hurry out to grab yourself a copy. It is a how to make it happen book, that inspires, educates and gets us into action. After Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack felt that he needed to really get back to his roots of teaching. And this is what came forward. A blueprint for how we can all be successful.

144 nos to get to one yes


And remember what we truly desire in our heart of hearts, is what we acquire. So if we don’t believe in ourselves, we will stay stuck. Desire the best of you. And then live it. You are so worth it!

And become proficient at asking. Yes I want this. Yes I am asking for the sale. Yes I am not afraid to ask. For the asking is our gateway to great success. So ask for what you truly want, and then act on it..and see it happen!

Get out there, we are on the NOW plan! YES WE CAN! Gorw our own success and know that each “NO” brings us so much closer to that one huge “YES”!

OH and if you need some inspiration or training do hurry over to our new site where we learn to earn. 


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time




10 thoughts on “144 NO’s And Then One YES, That Changed His Life!

  1. Hi Ariel,
    Bo is a tremendous person, and a great teacher and mentor. He breaks up his lessons learned in over 40 years of marketing and what 17 of them in internet marketing, in this subscription training platform. A huge value!

    1. Hello Annie, Yes he is our go to blessing indeed.
      It will be so exciting to see how this new training subscription program will work, won’t it?
      So glad you are here Annie. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hi Ariel, great post! Enlightening and authentic, just as you always are. Jack Canfield is incredibly motivational in his books. Did you know that every now and then the publishers for Chicken Soup for the Soul will come out with a new series and will ask for article/story contributions?

    I am honored and grateful to have Bo as a mentor and to be a part a group of like-minded individuals and where we can challenge each other and cheer each other on, both at the same time.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Ariel.

    1. Hello Sue, oh so many thanks! Your kind words mean so much. It is because of Canfield’s book that got me really started in this book.
      I had heard they do ask for submissions.. do you think we should apply? That would be really something, yes?
      Indeed our mastermind group headed by Bo is changing and challenging all our lives. It is quite a wonderful journey.
      Thank you so much for being part of this journey with me Sue!
      in peace and grattitude, ariel

  3. Great article, Ariel. You managed to put so many great people in one small space and they all mean so much and so different in the things they teach us – I think this is tremendous. However, the main thread is this – you can do it if you try. You have to believe in yourself and take that step forward. Much success to you on your journey.

    1. Hello Michelle,
      So many thanks for your support and stopping by. And as we have all been taught, if we can think it and dream it, we can make it happen. You are so right. And when we know that we can, we are like that little engine that could, nothing stops us!
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Ariel,

    It is indeed a blessing to be part of Bo’s group. I have always enjoyed the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books. That is amazing that it took 144 no’s before they got a yes. I bet those other 144 people that turned him down are now sorry they did. That shows you that it pays to be persistent.


    1. Hello Lisa, yes indeed the words that we are taught, persistant and consistent. When we lose those we lose the race. So here is to being so persistant and consistant in our success. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Hello Ariel,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I feel like a Pro each time I see those green dots. And yes, if Neil Patel and Bo Tipton use it, why not? They are masters in their own right and I am so thrilled to be connected to them in some way! All the best to you.

    1. Hello Michelle, you are so right. And we are off to our success path. Wishing you incredible joy and abundance in this journey.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

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